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The 23 Benefits of White Clay for Health


The Benefits of White Clay for Healthare many and may vary, but it can work miracles for overall body and skin health. In additionWhite clayis originated from silica-alumina sedimentary rocks and rich in various mineral compounds, but mainly in aluminum, silica and kaolinite, which are responsible for its properties.

THEWhite claythat we use on the skin, which comes in powder, is nothing more than a product composed of small particles of silicate - in this specific case, it also has aluminum. Among all available clays, the white is among the lighter ones, since it has a pH close to that of our skin.



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It promises to revitalize the skin, help lighten blemishes, soften and heal, and help reduce inflammation. It also helps to renew the skin, as it does a light exfoliation, removes the oil without dehydrating the skin and absorbs toxins and impurities. So, check out the followingThe 23 Benefits of White Clay for Health:


  • 1. Helping in Healing:
  • 2. Reduces Yarn Oil:
  • 3. Remove Skin Spots:
  • 4. Fighting Streaks:
  • 5. Recover Hair:
  • 6. Good For Irritated Skin:
  • 7. Lightens the Armpits:
  • 8. Detoxifies the Body:
  • 9. Works As Detox For Hair:
  • 10. Purifies Pores and Skin:
  • 11. Help in Hair Growth:
  • Other benefits:

1. Helping in Healing:

It has healing power and helps soften and moisturize the skin. Helps revitalize skin due to its large amount of trace elements (minerals). It has antiseptic properties, treats acne skin and is therefore very suitable for irritated skin.


2. Reduces Yarn Oil:

THEWhite clayit can also help give more shine and wipe away the greaseiness of the yarn and is good for anyone who wants natural and neutral products for the locks.

3. Remove Skin Spots:

You who have melasma or sun spots on the skin may have good improvements with the use ofWhite clay. It also helps remove oil from the skin, perfect for those who suffer from this problem.

4. Fighting Streaks:

The white stretch marks are the most uncomfortable for women who feel discomfort with them, since in their healing stage, that is, it is difficult to obtain good results to alleviate their appearance. ButWhite clayIt proves to be quite efficient for this!


5. Recover Hair:

THEWhite clayhas the power to return the lost keratin to damaged wires, giving more life and health to the locks. It is no wonder that the process that uses the compound to care for the hair is popularly known as "capillary plastic which is nothing more than an immediate aid for those wires that are in need of a deep treatment, such as those damaged by flat iron and dryer and chemical properties.


6. Good For Irritated Skin:

Whether it be insect bites or red rashes, clay can help. Simply run a warm bath, then play 1 cup of clay and 2 cups of colloidal oatmeal. Stir well and soak for at least 15 minutes to get relief.

7. Lightens the Armpits:

Many women feel uncomfortable with underarms and dark groin, derived from the process of hair removal done by blades. For them, the use ofWhite claycan help lighten the area, reducing discomfort.


8. Detoxifies the Body:

In the body, theWhite clayacts as a natural detoxifier, which catalyzes the metabolic functions of the body. Therefore, it is widely used to eliminate the unwanted fat located in the abdomen. It's not too much? So you can use it on the whole body to get all the benefits promised to the skin, plus lose a few pounds on the scales!

9. Works As Detox For Hair:

Hair detox helps hair regrowth by eliminating toxins from hair and also boosting hair growth. It also helps to unclog the scalp, eliminating dead cells and dirt that the products usually can not solve.

10. Purifies Pores and Skin:

As it has detoxifying effects, clay sucks out impurities such as dirt, grease, pollution and pore germs. This clears the pores and prevents them from clogging and causing leaks.


11. Help in Hair Growth:



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White claycan help the growth of the locks in a healthy way, since their properties help unblock the pores of the hair bulb and strengthen the new wires, replenishing the necessary proteins and hair.

Other benefits:

  • Stimulates the growth of the wires, as it acts in the circulation;
  • Promotes exfoliation of skin and scalp;
  • Eliminates bacteria and has calming effect;
  • Eliminates oiliness of skin and hair;
  • Helps return lost keratin;
  • Returns the softness of the locks;
  • Softens and softens the skin;
  • It promotes integral cell reproduction by thinning and whitening the skin;
  • Brings shine to wires;
  • It makes capillary, facial and corporal metabolic detoxification;
  • Helps moisturize and nourish wires;
  • Absorbs toxins and impurities;
  • Promotes tissue reconstitution.


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