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Say Goodbye to Stretch Marks and Cellulite with This Treatments


Say Goodbye to Stretch Marks and Cellulite with These Treatments, More before that, let's understand what is Stretch Marks and Cellulite, okay? Stretch marks are scars that form when there is destruction of elastic and collagen fibers in the skin, usually caused by stretching of the skin. The lines are formed because of the decreased thickness of the dermis and the epidermis. They may scratch and burn, but they usually do not show symptoms with their onset.

Lipodystrophy Ginóide is the technical and correct name of "Cellulite since the term also refers to the bacterial infection of the subcutaneous, but outside the medical sphere the term is already consecrated. Cellulite is an alteration caused by the accumulation of fat, water and toxins in the cells, causing these cells to become full and hardened, leaving the site with unevenness (undulations and retractions) and nodules, which manifests externally through the unwanted holes in and / or orange". It is caused by changes in the fatty tissue under the skin, together with changes in the microcirculation and consequent increase in fibrous tissue. See too

How to FINISH with Stretch Marks in a Simple, Fast and Totally Safe Way ...

Cellulite is not a serious medical condition, but it can cause discomfort in women because of the appearance it gives to the skin. Plus, skin without imperfections is every woman's dream, is not it? But here comes the annoying Cellulite and Striae, more and more common. In addition, the biggest victims of cellulite and stretch marks are women. let me tell you from passages that these evils are starting earlier and earlier and reaching very young people.



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And they spend a lot of money on creams, spa treatments and even surgeries to get rid of cellulite and stretch marks. However, what most of these women do not know - because there is no interest in them knowing and stop spending - is that there are great home treatments to lessen or even solve the problem. So Check It Out3 optimal recipes for the treatment of stretch marks and cellulite.

1 # - RECIPE: Honey and Egg Clear:This treatment is simple and very efficient. in addition, but it is important to use pure, good quality honey. So, check out how to use it there:

  • Mix the egg white with a spoon (soup) of honey.
  • Apply over desired portion and wait 20 minutes.
  • Then wash the skin with plenty of water and give a good moisturizer.

2 # - RECIPE: Sesame Oil and Salt:This two ingredients are excellent for the treatment of stretch marks and cellulite. Also, Buy a good cold pressed sesame oil that sells in natural food stores or on the internet. So, check out how to use it there:

  • Stir in a cup of water.
  • Add half a cup of sesame oil
  • Half a cup of salt.
  • Mix well and place in a tightly capped glass container.
  • The application is simple: just massage the desired location firmly for 10 minutes before bathing.

3 # - RECIPE: Mint and Mint Oil:The essential oil of mint you can buy in natural products stores. remembering that the clay too (can be any one). So, check out how to use it there:

  • Put in a bowl three tablespoons of clay,
  • ten drops of Peppermint essential oil and
  • Then add water to a paste.
  • Then apply over the desired part and
  • Leave on for 20 minutes.
  • After this time, wash the skin thoroughly with water.
  • Then apply a moisturizer.

All of these treatments can be done up to three times a week.



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  • Eliminate soft drinks and refined sugar
  • Eat plenty of dark green vegetables, as they are important allies in the fight against cellulite
  • Do not smoke or consume alcoholic beverages.
  • Exercise regularly. In addition, See AlsoHow to FINISH with Stretch Marks in a Simple, Fast and Totally Safe Way ...
  • Do not wear tight / tight clothing as they hinder the blood and lymphatic circulation.