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Modulip GC Works? What It Is, and Side Effects

Before we start to properly analyze if the Modulip GC works, we need to know what it is and what that product is for, is not it?

Well, Modulip GC is a product developed by the Exsymol cosmetics factory in Monaco, and presented by Biotec Dermocosmético, which promises to negate the negative effects of the hormone cortisol on the body.

When there is a situation of chronic stress, there is an increase in the production of cortisol, which is known just like the stress hormone and, among other functions, the drug serves to control the stress.

Elevation of cortisol causes effects such as loss of muscle mass, increased visceral fat (deeper layers of the abdomen), and craving for carbohydrate-rich foods. Other benefits promised by the product are: aid to weight loss, acceleration of fat burning and antioxidant effect.

But does Modulip GC really work?

The pharmaceutical and technical consultant of Biotec Dermocosmético, Mika Yamaguchi, argued that even when the person who uses the product is stressed and with high cortisol levels, your nervous system gets the message that you should continue with the break process of fats.

According to her, this causes the patient's abdominal fat accumulation to be decreased and that he controls his desire to consume sweets.

A publication of theMaxpressreports that even before the product was officially presented to pharmacists, it was already prescribed by some doctors to its patients, as was the case of the dermatologist Amilton Macedo.

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According to the matter, he stated that his patients' return to before and after use of Modulip GC is positive and that they said have benefited not only from the control of abdominal fat, but also from well-being, energy and good disposition.

The dermatologist also said that patients usually report the appearance of the results after 30 days of use of the product.

Even if the material that presents this information is credited to Holding Communications, which is precisely responsible for the press office of Biotec Dermocosmetic, responsible for product distribution, dermatologist's speech can be used to justify the idea that Modulip GC works for some people.

You see, we said to some people - not to everyone. Also because another matter of the own Holding Communication published in theMaxpressbrought the speech of endocrinologist Suzikelli Lisboa Souza, who prescribes the product to his patients, and stated that each patient requires an evaluation. This is important for the doctor to check which treatments should be used.

That is, none of this can lead us to conclude that Modulip GC works in all cases. Therefore, if you are interested in the product, before purchasing it, seek the assistance of a doctor of your confidence and check with him if the medicine really is indicated for you, if it can help you and if it will not bring any harm to your Cheers.

Without the support of the individualized evaluation of the professional, who is able to evaluate the composition of the product and determine what is indicated for its objectives and needs, it is difficult to ensure that it work.

The side effects of Modulip GC

The product may have side effects but these are not specified from any scientific source. although it is advised that the user respect the guidelines and dosage passed by the physician regarding Modulip GC for these adverse reactions to be avoided.

Therefore, if you experience any side effects while using the product, quickly seek your doctor's help to find out how to proceed.

Caring for Modulip GC

As with any medicine, the product should not be used without the advice of a licensed practitioner such as a physician and should be kept out of the reach of children.

Modulip GC should not be used by people who are hypersensitive to its components or by women who are pregnant without the doctor's authorization to use it.

In the same sense, the material published in theMaxpressabout the product emphasized that Modulip GC capsules should be handled in pharmacies of with a medical or nutritional prescription that indicate the proper dosage for each user.

The doctor should also be informed if the user is using any other type of medicine or you to verify that there is no risk of interaction between Modulip GC and the other substances in question.


Do you know anyone who has used and claims that Modulip GC really works? Feel like experiencing this product? Comment below!

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