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Mom Recently, Fitness Blogger Unleashes 'Back To The Old Body Is Not Always Possible'

The body of women changes significantly during pregnancy. Many believe that it is possible to "recover" the old body with adequate diet and exercise, but this is not always the case.

In a recent post on Instagram, fitness blogger Emily Skye opened up about weight loss during pregnancy. The new mother admitted that sometimes she gets frustrated that she is not thinner than before. "I still have not met my fitness goal and I do not know if I will Skye wrote in his post.

She also confessed that she has problems in comparing herself with other mothers who were quicker to lose weight. "I always preach self-love and your body, not martyrdom, not comparing myself to others, etc., but sometimes I just can not follow it she wrote. "I do not always feel confident and accept my failures."

Skye has consistently followed the diet and workout program she has created and she has seen significant results but still has difficulty accepting the ways pregnancy has changed her body. "I even started to believe what many people tell me, that I will never go back to form wrote Skye. "I know it's not true, but sometimes I doubt myself and my mentality gets a little out of focus."

I have not reached my fitness goal yet & I do not know if I will ever. That's the thing with living this lifestyle, there is no end goal for me, it's ongoing & all about setting & achieving smaller goals! I've had a few hurdles that threw me off track - but that's just life. I try to accept & adapt. Of course when sh * t happens it's frustrating & I get annoyed & upset but I try not to dwell on the things that are out of my control & choose from what IS in my control. I also try to get some perspective and practice appreciating what I do have. I have a beautiful family & they are my priority. I also have my health which I am SO grateful for. 🙏🏼 I am only human though I thought I would share with a few silly thoughts that go through my head sometimes in case you feel the same - you're totally not alone haha! 😝 A few times I've said to my partner Dec things along the lines of "why are not I getting leaner? "How eats other people get back I do not know what to do, but I do not know what to do. shape I know it's true, but sometimes I doubt myself and my mindset gets a little unfocused. I often preach loving yourself and your body, not beating yourself up and not comparing to others etc. but sometimes I do not exactly "walk the talk". I try to & WANT to but sometimes I forget. I want to set a good example for Mia & for you all who follow me. I just want you to know that I'm far from perfect in many ways. I do not always "love myself I do not always feel confident and accepting of my flaws. Sometimes I do not like myself and others do not feel "good enough". When I feel like this I remind myself of the things I preach to others - that I should treat myself how I would treat my daughter Mia. I should tell myself what I would tell her and love me the way I love her. It's SO hard to do but I believe that's how we should treat ourselves because if we can not love and care for ourselves how we suppose to love & care for others?! 🤗💗.. # 16weekspostpartum

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Thousands of women and mothers commented on the post, telling Skye that she was wonderful and thanking her for being an inspiration to them.

"Thank you for being so real and relevant commented a woman named Rochelle. "Believe me, your honesty and journey are incredibly powerful for mothers like me."

Many women shared personal experiences and assured Skye that their goals were attainable.

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"I thought the same thing after I had my little girl. I even bought all the new clothes, "wrote wearer Brandy Simmons. "But about five to six months literally, my body began to lose weight. I promise you will return to where you were! I think you look amazing! "

This is not the first time Skye opens up about her struggle to accept her changing body. During pregnancy, she shared that she was losing muscle mass and getting cellulite. After giving birth, she reported that her skin was flaccid in her belly and that it was difficult for her to regain her posture and core muscles.

Although her doubts arise from time to time, Skye continually reminds her to look at the overall picture. "I have to keep reminding myself that it took nine months to grow up Mia, so probably will take at least the same amount of time for my body to recover, "she wrote in another post.

My gorgeous little girl Mia is 2 months old today. We spent the afternoon laughing, playing and paddling outside in the pool. It's crazy how fast she's growing. Every day Dec and I are noticing something new that she's doing is cool to experience!. Body update: While Mia is growing I'm shrinking haha! 😂 My training has been going great. I've been sticking to the home workouts from my FIT program so far this week I'm hoping I'll be able to get to the gym to start the gym training program. All my body measurements are coming down week by week and I'm feeling really good! The hardest thing for me is to have been correcting my posture and retraining my core to be tight and strong. So I'm finding that my tummy just wants to hang out. I have to be aware of it all the time otherwise my posture is not good and my belly sticks out and I look like I'm 4 months pregnant! 🙈 It's something that I was expecting to happen after giving birth, but I did not imagine it being hard to retrain myself. I have to keep reminding myself that it took 9 months to grow Mia so it's probably going to take at least the same amount of time for my body to recover. 😊. Persistence and patience is key! 😉👍🏼.. # 2monthsold #babymiaelise.

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Even after her body recovers, Skye plans to continue living the most adequate life. "That's the way to live that lifestyle, there's no ultimate goal for me. It is continuous and based on setting and achieving smaller goals, "she wrote.

Skye's lifestyle may be more focused on good form than many mothers, but the unrealistic expectations of "recovering" she faces are no different. Their experience shows that regardless of how much attention is given to dieting and exercise, women's bodies do not always look the same after pregnancy - and this is normal and acceptable.


Have you ever been a mother and have suffered or are suffering now to regain normal weight? If you still have not given birth, does this fight go through your head? Comment below!

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