Does Biking Slim?

Cycling to lose weight is not only effective, but extremely fun. Cycling bends because it helps burn calories quickly and is much more interesting than walking or running. Most people claim that their heart rate increases much faster while riding a bicycle than when they walk or run.

If you are looking to find out if your bike is slimming, you will find many helpful and informative tips in this article. Find tips and tips for cycling and losing weight listed below.

Improve your bike

Make sure your bike is comfortable and suited to the type of terrain. If you are planning to ride a bike for a long time, you will need to make some changes to your bike, as quoted below.

  • Buy a comfortable seat, there are several different types like gel seats or leaks.
  • Install bicycle lights, many locations require this by law.
  • Install a 24-gear gearbox if you are planning to venture into different terrains.
  • Adjust your handlebars according to your height to avoid pain in your arms, you are riding a bike to lose weight without overloading your body.
  • Bike maintenance is important and should be done every season in a specialized store.

Install a speedometer and odometer

If you want to lose weight by pedaling, you need to start calculating. Installing a speedometer will help determine how many km / h you are pedaling. You should reach a high speed for a short interval and return at a low speed for a period, this way you will be able to exercise constantly. An odometer keeps track of how many miles you've traveled in each race. It is estimated that you can burn around 700 calories if you go 23 kilometers in an hour.

Varie the Land

Pedaling can be an exercise for the whole body, depending on the terrain where you pass. It's easy to imagine that riding a bike eviscerates more up a hill is than walking on a flat and paved surface. If there are hills in your area then you are in luck. Some tips for pedaling on different terrains are below.

  • Sand or dirt paths allow for much better exercise than paved streets.
  • Climbing the slopes should be done slowly so you can try harder.
  • If you are pedaling on flat terrain, always brake and start pedaling without speed from time to time.
  • Avoid stony ground to avoid damaging your bike and unnecessary wear and tear on your body.

If you are riding a bike to lose weight, look for terrain that will require more effort from your calves and thighs. The harder the better.

Reach high speeds at short intervals

When we talk about losing weight, "without effort, without gain" (no pain, no gain) is a good motto to follow. You know you're burning calories when you feel the pain in your muscles and the sweat on your body. Follow these tips while you are pedaling to lose weight by varying the speed.

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  • Use a heart monitor to be alert to your heartbeat.
  • Start pedaling at a speed over 20km / h for a period of 10 minutes and relax back to 15km / h for 10 minutes, do at least 3 repetitions of it.
  • Always take the complete pedal to work on your calves and tendon.

Transpire a lot and be happy about it. Losing weight with the recumbent bike is for dreamers, it's a great aerobic exercise, but it's not very good for burning calories.

Be Persistent

It is important to be persistent with the cycling plan. If you pedal for a week and stop for 3 or 4 days, you will be at risk of regaining all the weight lost in the exercise.

  • Create a pedaling routine for an hour early in the morning.
  • Keep your bike in good condition so you do not end up frustrated with constant bicycle repairs.
  • Seek to pedal along beautiful routes to make the environment interesting.
  • Get some friends to join you.

Habits remain as soon as they are deeply ingrained. Follow a routine for 30 days and you'll probably be able to make it automatic.

Follow Your Nutrition

Maintain a complete and healthy diet rich in whole grains, fruits, vegetables and lean meats. Avoid eating fried foods and dairy products to the fullest. Keep the following tips in mind.

1. Do not pedal on an empty stomach, two bananas or a few ml of natural orange juice will provide the energy for exercise.

2. Eating high-carbohydrate foods before pedaling is ideal, fruits and whole grains are also great for breakfast.

3. It is ideal to burn 30% of your calorie intake through physical activity. When this is done consistently, you will lose weight at a regular rate.

Riding a bike will certainly lose weight, and if you start pedaling to lose weight, you will discover other accompany this, such as toned calf muscles, a thinner waist, more muscular thighs and increased From others. It is no wonder that pedaling is known to be very effective for weight loss and fun.


What kind of physical activities do you usually practice to lose weight? Would you rather walk, run or ride a bike? Comment below your preferences!

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