14 Benefits of Bodybuilding for Fitness and Health

There are many benefits of bodybuilding to health. Many people stay away from the weights at the gym. The biggest reasons are: they do not know how to use the weights and, secondly, they are afraid they can get very muscular. Then they take their long aerobic classes, spinning, kickboxing and a lot of time on the treadmill and on the bikes.

They also have yoga classes to lose weight and increase flexibility. Even if yoga helps in its flexibility and is a great stretch, nothing is better than picking weights intensely. Yes! Lifting weights will challenge you and your muscles.

If you are determined to lose that stubborn fat on your hips, calves, arms, belly, back and etc., try training with weights as well. You have no idea how many bodybuilding benefits there are for fitness and health. Women need to lift weights as much as men. Other terms for strength training are resistance training and weight training.


• Pay attention to your posture when working out. An incorrect posture can lead to some pain and this is not legal. Have a friend at the gym that can help you with the lift or if you have the money, hire a personal trainer. Youtube videos are a great place to base yourself and practice the right postures to lift weights.

• Do not work the same muscles on two consecutive days, work different muscle groups on different days. A 2-day break is needed before you start working the same muscle again. This is necessary because the muscle tissue takes 48 hours to recover.

Benefits of Bodybuilding for Health

1. Build more muscles and prevent muscle loss

One sad fact is that as we get older, we start to lose muscles. This process can begin as early as 20, but after 35 or 40, it really does. This muscle loss is also known as Sarcopenia. Lifting weights is therefore important to prevent the loss of muscles that normally happens in the aging process. Strength Training (TF), therefore, can not only prevent muscle loss but also build new muscles.

Women are usually afraid of weight training because it can make them muscular and masculine. This is far from the truth. Women simply do not have the hormones to gain that kind of muscle mass. So let go of your fear and grab weights at the gym or invest in a couple of alteres.

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2. Burn More Fat

Strength Trainings will burn fat faster than any cardio-respiratory exercise. Bodybuilding builds muscles and burns fat. So, put aside your long, boring cardiorespiratory exercise sessions and start lifting weights.

How does strength training burn fats? When we lift weights, our muscle tissue breaks. After exercise, it's time to rebuild those muscle fibers. Muscle building (cell repair) burns a tremendous amount of calories, which helps burn body fat and is one of the greatest benefits of bodybuilding to fitness.

3. Create a later burning effect

The term for the later burning effect is EPOC (Oxygen Consumption in Excess after Exercise). Refers to the amount of calories you continue to burn after exercise. Research has shown that strength training burns more calories after exercise than slow cardio-respiratory exercises.

4. Increase your Strength

With a consistent workout, you'll notice an improvement in your withdrawals. And you do not have to be a genius to realize that strength training will make you stronger.

5. Get more beautiful, defined and with more muscle tone

Let's say you took all the fat out of your body on a strict diet, but you do not have any muscle tone. This will not result in your ideal body. TF gives you muscle tone and builds a body full of curves that will make you more beautiful.

6. Build more bone density and fight osteoporosis

Lifting weights not only builds muscles but also increases the density of your bones. Research shows that one of the health benefits of bodybuilding is helping to cope with osteoporosis, along with a good diet. Resistance training may promote bone development and some studies demonstrate a 1 to 3% increase in bone mineral density.

7. Decrease your chances of injury, back pain and arthritis

With more muscles and stronger bones, you decrease your risk of injury. Resistance training can also help reduce back pain and ease the discomfort of arthritis and fibromyalgia, and it has been shown that it reverses some specific factors in the muscles skeletal.

8. Reduce your risk of diabetes

Strength training increases your muscle tissue. The muscles will use the blood sugar as fuel and create reserves of sugar in the form of glycogen. This means that the more muscles you have, the lower your blood sugar levels, lowering your risk of getting type 2 diabetes. Therefore, one of the benefits of bodybuilding for health is to help in the prevention and control of type 2 diabetes because it visceral fat, reducing HbA1c and increasing the density of the "transporter" type 4 glucose, in addition to increasing the sensitivity of insulin.

9. Increase your confidence and self-esteem

Regular strength training coupled with a healthy diet will provide the fat loss you've always dreamed of. This will automatically boost your confidence and self-esteem. You will get that feeling of "Yes. I can".

10. Improve your mood and fight depression

Strength Training offers a feeling of well being on a chemical and hormonal level. It increases the levels of endorphin in your brain, and endorphins have a molecular structure similar to of morphine, being known as the "happy" chemical compound, as it increases your sense of well-being be. Endorphins are natural blockers of pain and stress.

11. Focus on your problem areas and achieve a curvilinear shape

Although there are no magic solutions for the reduction of localized fats and it is a fact that we need to exercise all our muscle groups, more one of the benefits of bodybuilding is being able to eliminate those problematic areas such as flaccid arms, back fat, chest fat, "tire etc.

12. Better use of your time in the gym

We all have little time and we do not have time to lose. TF offer a better result, burning more fat and building more muscles.

13. Decrease the effects of aging

Strength training can prevent the diseases of aging and thus decrease the health effects of it, making you leaner and younger.

14. Have the same benefits as cardiorespiratory exercise

Cardiorespiratory exercises (also known as aerobic exercises) are great for your cardiovascular system. Any exercise, such as walking, jogging, biking, elliptical trainer, and paddling can be great cardiovascular workouts that increase your heart rate. When you lift weights quickly with little or no pause between sets, you can also raise your heart rate. It's like killing two birds with one stone.

Get started today to lift weights and achieve all of these bodybuilding benefits for fitness and health.


Did you believe that only aerobic exercise was beneficial to your health? What did you think of these benefits of bodybuilding for fitness? Which were you most excited about? Comment below!

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