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Acute Lumbago - What It Is, Causes and Treatments


Acute Lumbago - What It Is, Causes and Treatmentswhich can not be ignored. In addition, theacute lumbagoor acute low back pain is a type of sudden spinal pain that occurs when the spinal muscles are stretched excessively. The patient withacute lumbagohas motion block because of the pain that is similar to a stab or a shock. In the vertebral column (rachis) are the para-vertebral muscles. These muscles support the spine and the weight of the upper body.

The five lumbar vertebrae are connected by some very long ligaments that also cross the dorsal and cervical spine. The lumbar spine and muscles are very important to stabilize the pelvis and spine during movement. If lumbar rachis is affected, people have difficulty doing many activities. So, check outAcute Lumbago - What it is, Causes and Treatments.

Causes of Acute Lumbago:OAcute lumbagocan be caused by excessive twisting, muscular effort or trauma. One of the most common causes is incorrect weight lifting (for example, in bodybuilding) or an overload of the back muscles. Distension is usually caused by repetitive and prolonged movements over time, involving the muscles and tendons.



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The whip stroke is an injury that occurs during a car accident. The body bangs violently on the back of the car and then is pushed to the front of the steering wheel. Everyone thinks it only causes cervical pain, but actually the back of the car hits the spine and then the neck. These diseases stretch one or more muscles beyond physiological length and cause injury. There are several situations that increase the risk ofAcute lumbagoor sprain:

  • Fold only the lower back to collect objects,
  • Obesity or overweight,
  • Weakness of muscles,
  • Abdominal muscle weakness,
  • Pregnancy (due to baby's weight),
  • Hamstring contracture,
  • He practices sports like soccer, lifting of weights, etc.
  • These activities increase the risk of low back injury.

Symptoms of Acute Lumbago:The pain in the spine can be mild or severe and debilitating. The most frequent symptoms ofacute lumbagoare as follows:

  • The pain is felt in the lower part of the spine,
  • The central or lateral lumbosacral area may be painful to the touch,
  • The pain suddenly appears,
  • Rigidity and severe limitation of movements,
  • The patient should remain in an incorrect (forward-leaning) position,
  • Muscle spasms

The patient usually feels better when he is at rest and has difficulty standing for long periods of time or walking. Generally, acute low back pain caused byacute lumbagopasses quickly; the complications may be felt intermittently for a few weeks, it rarely becomes chronic.

Treatment for Acute Lumbago:To quickly improve theacute lumbago,take the right measures just feel the pain. Here are some tips on how to controlAcute lumbagoat first:

  • Do normal physical activity during the first few days, this helps relieve symptoms and reduceacute lumbago
  • Apply heat or ice to the area withacute lumbago. Try to ice for the first 48 to 72 hours and then use the heat
  • Taking analgesics such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB) or paracetamol (Tylenol) help relieve pain in theacute lumbago
  • During sleep, try lying down in a fetal position, with a pillow between your legs.
  • If you usually sleep on your back, put a pillow or towel wrapped around your knees to relieve theacute lumbago.
  • It may be necessary to reduce your activity only during the first two days.
  • Do not perform activities involving heavy work or twisting of the back during the first 6 weeks after the painacute lumbagobegin.
  • Start with exercises such as walking, biking and swimming are great examples.

Such aerobic activities can help blood flow back and promote healing, also strengthen the muscles of the stomach and back. The stretching and strengthening exercises foracute lumbagoare important for improving theacute lumbagofor a long time; however, starting them too soon after an injury can make the pain worse.



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A physical therapist can help you determine when such stretching and strengthening and how to start muscle. Avoid the following exercises during the initial recovery ofacute lumbago, unless your doctor or physiotherapist agrees:

  • ballet
  • soccer
  • golf
  • prank call
  • Raise legs when lying down
  • Sit-ups with legs stretched (instead of knees bent)
  • Lifting weights gradually resume exercise.