10 Best Exercises For Inner Thigh

Beside the triceps and calf muscles, the musculature of the inner thigh is considered to be one of the regions of the body, that is, whose sagging is difficult to combat even physicists.

Hence the importance of including good inner thigh exercises that work well in the region and stimulate their definition and muscular development.

10 exercises for inner thigh

In the list below, we will know some effective exercises for the inner thigh. They were not organized in order of preference or from the best to the worst. Check out:

1. Crouching cossack


Coach Jon-Erik Kawamoto explains that this variation of the squat stimulates the lower body and defines all angles of the thighs and butt.

How to make:start standing with your feet apart at a greater distance than shoulder width, as the above assembly demonstrates, leaving your arms relaxed along your body. Crouch the left leg as deep as you can, while the right one is extended, with your toes pointing upwards, as the photo shows.

At the same time, bring the torso slightly forward as a way to maintain balance and extend the arms forward with the tips of the fingers pointing outwards. Return to the initial position and change the side of the squat.

2. Ball exercise for the inner thigh


This exercise, taught by instructor Sadie Lincoln, is low-impact and works the legs, with special emphasis on the inner thigh.

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How to make:stand with your feet apart at a distance equal to the width of your hips, with your toes pointed straight ahead. Stand in the distance of a forearm next to a sturdy bench or chair, holding it gently with your right hand.

Then put a small, soft ball or a small pillow between the inner parts of the thighs. Position the left hand on the hip and lift the heels of the feet as in the first image. Bend the knees and lower about, cm. At this time, press the inner parts of the thighs into the ball, keep the shoulders stacked over the hips, hips stacked over the ankles and the central part of the body(core)rigid

Raise your hips and bring your left hand above your head, as in the second image, tightening the ball with the inner parts of the thighs. Lower the, cm and repeat another 29 times. After, change sides and do another 30 repetitions.

3. Inclined tree lateral advancement


According to the physical instructor and owner of a Michelle Dozois fitness center, in addition to being one of the important inner thigh exercises, it alsocorethe hips and the lower part of the body. According to her, the movement works the muscles in a dynamic way, while at the same time improving range of movement, strengthening and resistance.

How to make:position yourself standing with your two feet together and your hands over your head. Bend the spine to the side so that the shoulders and arms are to the left and the hips point to the right, as in the larger image.

Bring your arms down, making a half circle down towards the right, while making a deep lateral advance, with a one leg bent, the other bent, the left hand resting on the folded leg with the flexed elbow, and the right hand resting on the ground, at the center.

Exit the floor and return the arms to the previous position, while the left foot returns to the right. Repeat nine more times, change sides and do 10 repetitions.

4. Plié squatting


This variation of the squat triggers the inner thighs without the obligation to use weights. However, if you wish, you can hold a dumbbell or kettlebell while doing the exercise.

If you have trouble balancing while squatting, hold onto a bench, chair, or mobile.

How to make:stand up and place your feet in the plié position - with fingers pointing out, hard core and feet shoulder width or in a position that leaves you comfortable to perform appropriately.

With the pelvis straight and the upper body also straight, lower the body until the thighs are close or parallel to the floor, but without forcing. Hold the position for a moment while compressing the glutes. Finally, return to the original positioning.

5. Side feed with kettlebell


Here we have another version of the lateral advancement as one of the best exercises for the inner part of the thigh. This time he appears with the kettlebell as a way to add weight to the movement.

How to make:stand with your feet together, holding a kettlebell with both hands and arms outstretched. Take a big step to the left with the left leg, as in the larger picture, keeping the body pointing forward and the left foot slightly directed outward, while the right leg is Tripe.

Then bend the left knee and return from the pitch, leaving the left thigh parallel to the floor, while the right leg remains straight. Pause for a moment and return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise with the other side.

6. Adductor compression with pilates ring

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This pilates exercise strengthens not only the inner parts of the thighs but also the glutes, which are weakened when the person spends a lot of time sitting.

How to make:lie on your side, put a pilates ring between your ankles, extend one arm while the other is folded, with your fingers flat on the floor and your head relaxed. The next step is to exhale and press down on the leg that is up and inhale the air when releasing the pressure. The movement must be slow and controlled.

To make exercise difficult, you can extend the arm that is bent upward toward the ceiling.

7. Plié jump


This exercise, taught by Nichelle Laus, to the inner parts of the thighs also triggers the buttocks and abdominals.

How to make:stand with feet apart at shoulder width, toes pointed out, arms extended at side of body, and thighs parallel to floor. The next step is to jump as high as you can, keeping your legs wide apart and your arms stretched up, over your head. To land in the initial position, of squatting.

8. Medical ball sumo squat

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Here we have another variation of the squat. In this exercise, the feet are separated by a distance greater than shoulder width, which forces the muscles of the inner thigh to work harder.

How to make:with feet apart at a distance greater than shoulder width, hold a medicinal ball in front of the body. Bend down until the legs are parallel, triggering the abdominal muscles during the movement. At this point, the head should be held erect and back straight.

For those who suffer with problems of limitation of mobility, it is allowed to squat in half.

Raise while exhaling air. Raise the ball above the head, triggering the abdominal muscles, keeping your elbows soft and shoulders relaxed and down, while compressing the glutes. Pause for a moment and return to the squat position.

9. Clams


The ninth item on our list of inner thigh exercises is done in the lying position and does not use loads.

How to make:lie on your side with your legs folded and bent and with your head, shoulder, butt and heel touching the ground. Open the knee from the top toward the full rotation, keeping the heels together, as in the photo.

Repeat the movement up and down for one minute and switch sides; however, start with heels raised at the height of the upper hip.

10. Adductor squats with dumbbell


This squat that helps to work the inner parts of the thighs is performed with the aid of a dumbbell.

How to make:with your back straight, stand upright with your feet apart a greater than the width of your hips and hold a dumbbell in the middle with your arms locked. Then, lower the body in a squatting, leaving the thighs parallel to the ground.

Hold the position for a moment and then return to the starting position.


Before you start following your inner thigh exercises series, check with your doctor if you are fit to practice the workout. It is also important to have the assistance and follow-up of a physical education professional who can advise you on the correct techniques and help if any problem occurs.

If you choose to work out alone with the help of internet videos, be careful to pay close attention in the explanations of the videos and watch several times until you are sure how the movements should be made.

In addition, when feeling an injury or getting hurt, do not delay to seek the care of a doctor.


Do you have the habit of doing exercises for the inner thigh? Which are your favorites? Comment below!

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