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Losing Belly Diet in 30 Days


Losing Belly Diet in 30 Daysin a very simple and natural way. So, healthy weight loss is the only way to lose those extra pounds without creating risk for your body and still gaining overall health benefits. In addition, restrictive diets, when the consumption of only one type of food is indicated, avoiding other food groups, are not only inefficient, they can cause numerous problems for your health, besides causing that horrible effect accordion So let's talk about how to lose weight with health and without suffering with a diet to lose belly fast and healthy.

Exercises To Lose Belly:Physical exercise is essential and makes up one more tip. In relation to the type of exercise chosen is at your discretion, so that it is easier to meet the daily challenge of exercising regularly, without giving up. In addition, fast running thinner in less time than walking, for example.



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The type of exercise is not the most important, but rather take every chance to burn calories whenever possible. It is important that you practice an activity at least 3 times a week. In addition, some activities and daily choices can make all the difference, so try:

  • Climbing stairs instead of using the elevator;
  • Go down one stop before work or school and walk the rest of the way;
  • Go out for a 10 min stroll after lunch;
  • Take the dog for a stroll in the evening.

Tips For Losing Belly:Atdiet to lose bellyit is essential to expend more energy than the one you ingest and to practice localized physical activity to expend calories and burn accumulated fat. It is also important to drink plenty of water for good hydration and for the bowel to function properly, increasing the effect of diet to lose belly. Enough rest is critical to daily commitments and also meet the challenge of dieting. With the body rested there is more disposition to practice more physical exercises; are 6 to 8 hours well spent for daily rest.


Another valid recommendation is to always drink plenty of water daily. And it is important to avoid drinking water during meals, the indication is to ingest liquids within half an hour before. And after feeding, you need to wait another half hour to drink water. 1 to 2 liters of water are indicated daily.Foods To Lose Bellyfast and slim it is important to introduce in the diet foods that improve intestinal transit, reduce gas and allow the diet to have few calories, especially in fats. In addition, some foods that serve to lose belly and nutritionally enrich the diet, can be:

Oats:Oatmeal is a complete food that has fibers that help reduce hunger and decrease constipation. To lose belly, one can start the day with oatmeal for breakfast.
Ginger:Ginger helps to speed up the metabolism and can be used in salad shakes, tea can be made or even used to season foods.
Sesame:Sesame has diuretic properties and fibers that help regulate the intestine. One can use sesame in soups, salads and in yogurt, for example.
Pineapple:Pineapple facilitates digestion and is diuretic, helping to decrease swelling and lose belly. You can eat it naturally or in salads, make juices or be used in vitamins.
Eggplant:In addition to having fibers that lessen hunger helps eliminate fats, so to help lose belly, one can make Eggplant juice and drink throughout the day.

Juice To Lose Belly:A great choice of juice forto lose bellyis Pineapple with Green Tea because its ingredients combined with each other increase the peeing, eliminating excess body fluids and favoring fat burning located in the belly.


This is because pineapple is a good diuretic that increases the urge to urinate, helping to deflate. Green tea, on the other hand, increases body metabolism, leading to the burning of body fat, and sesame and flaxseed have fibers that improve intestinal transit. Coconut water is nutritious, rich in minerals and replenishes the minerals of the body.


  • 1 thick pineapple slice
  • 4 leaves of Mint
  • 2 tablespoons sesame or flaxseed
  • 1 glass of coconut water
  • 1 tablespoon of Green Tea Powder


  • Beat all the ingredients in the blender and take the next one, without straining.
  • If necessary, you can sweeten the juice with 1 tablespoon Stevia.
  • The best time to drink this juice is at breakfast or mid-afternoon.

A lean and toned body should be conquered little by little, through healthy living habits. As summer approaches, however, many overweight people try to make up for lost time with crazy diets and an exaggerated exercise routine.

Those who enter this type of restrictive diet do not eat all the foods that are good for their body, causing losses, including lean mass, and that is why it is so thin in the beginning. However, as soon as the diet is over, the individual regains lost weight, and on top of that, he / she carries sagging, weakness and even anemia. In this sense, it can not be said that there was a healthy weight loss. So, check out a complete menu that will help youLosing Belly in 30 Days.



  • DAY 1
  • DAY 2
  • 1 WEEK
  • 2 weeks
  • 3 weeks
  • 4 WEEK


Breakfast:½ teaspoon natural yogurt with 1 teaspoon honey + 3 apricots + 2 walnuts + 4 tablespoons unsweetened whole morning cereal.
Morning snack:1 banana kneaded with 1 tablespoon of oats and 1 pinch of cocoa and cinnamon powder.
Lunch:watercress salad with 3 tablespoons peas, 1 carrot and 1 beetroot, grated and seasoned with ½ orange, lemon and olive oil + 4 tablespoons mashed potatoes + 1 fillet of grilled hake with passion fruit sauce + 1 saucer (tea) grilled zucchini
Afternoon snack:2 red plums
Dinner:1 plate of soup made with yam, chuchu, tomato and pumpkin + 3 whole-grain toast


Breakfast:1 teaspoon coffee with skim milk + 2 slices of light whole-grain bread with 1 tablespoon (dessert) of ricotta cream + 1 kiwi
Morning snack:1 jar of 0% yogurt whipped with 15 strawberries
Lunch:s2 tablespoons finely chopped parsley with tomato, ½ onion, 1 tablespoon wheat grain and 1 almond slices seasoned with orange + 3 tablespoons brown rice + ½ bean ladle + 1 chicken fillet sautéed with leek, purple onion tomato.
Afternoon snack:1 apple
Dinner:2 slices of whole-grain bread with lettuce, tomato, tofu pate and turkey burger.



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Running Help:Wanderlei de Oliveira, coach of the sports consultancy Run For Life, in São Paulo, has created a beginner's training that will help her in the transition from hike to race without harming her health. Do like this:



  • Monday: 5 minutes walk + 15 minutes of running (total 20 minutes)
  • Wednesday:5 minutes walk + 20 minutes of running (total 25 minutes)
  • Friday:5 minutes from the walk + 25 minutes of running (total 30 minutes)
  • Saturday:5 minutes walk + 30 minutes of running (total 35 minutes)

2 weeks

  • Monday:10 minutes walk + 10 minutes of running (total 20 minutes)
  • Wednesday:10 minutes walk + 20 minutes of running (total: 30 minutes)
  • Friday:10 minutes walk + 30 minutes of running (total 40 minutes)
  • Saturday:10 minutes walk + 40 minutes of running (total 50 minutes)

3 weeks

  • Monday:5 minutes walk + 15 minutes of running (total: 20 minutes)
  • Wednesday:10 minutes walk + 20 minutes of running (total: 30 minutes)
  • Friday:10 minutes walk + 20 minutes of running (total: 30 minutes).
  • Saturday:10 minutes walk + 25 minutes run (total: 35 minutes)


  • Monday:30 minutes of running + 10 minutes of walking (total: 40 minutes)
  • Wednesday:40 minutes of running + 10 minutes of walking (total: 50 minutes)
  • Friday:30 minutes of running + 10 minutes walking (total 40 minutes)
  • Saturday:50 minutes of walking + 10 minutes of running (total: 1 hours)