Does Tae Bo lose weight? Tips for Results

There are numerous alternatives to physical activity that promise to help those who want to lose weight and lose belly. However, in order to know which one may actually fit your case, it is important to know better each type of exercises, in addition to count on the support of professionals like a personal trainer, obviously.

Thinking about it, let's get to know one of these activities better - Tae Bo. Does Tae Bo really lose weight? How does this practice work for people who want to lose belly?

What is Tae Bo?

Before we find out if Tae Bo slims, let's get a little more familiar with the practice, knowing what it's all about.

The activity is a mix of aerobics with martial arts like taekwondo, Thai boxing and karate. So much so that the name of the modality is a junction of the initials of taekwondo and boxing.

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The activity was developed by the martial artist Billy Blanks in the year of 1976. Blanks also considers the name Tae Bo an acronym for the words "

Total Awareness Excelence Body Obedience"Which means" Total Consciousness Excellence Body Obedience ".

In a Tae Bo class, students first stretch as a way to prepare for the exercises. It is only after that that they perform the movements of the martial arts in choreographed form, accompanied by background music.

The practice works the upper body - such as the shoulders, arms and chest the lower body - like the thighs - and the muscles of the central region of the body(core).

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One of the objectives of the activity is the increase of the functional strength, that is, the one that we need to use in the day to day. Proponents of training also point to resistance as one of its advantages.

Other benefits that can be brought about by Tae Bo are the improvement of agility, the development of agility and flexibility, the relief of stress and improving the functioning of the heart and the transport of oxygen to cells, as it is an exercise aerobic.

Does Tae Bo lose weight?

A study conducted by the American Board of Exercise has identified that an hour's lesson from an activity like Tae Bo can promote the burning of 350 to 450 calories.

Already according to Health Research Funding, a person with approximately 5, kg can burn 552 calories during an hour of class.

The same organization indicated that a practitioner weighing just over 68 kg can eliminate 687 calories in every 60 minutes of training and that in an hour of practice, an individual weighing between about 9, kg up to around 11, kg can reach the expense of 912 to 1137 calories.

However, Tae Bo teacher Adriana Mancilha Pivato explained that energy expenditure per class can up to 800 calories, depending on the metabolism of each practitioner and the correct performance of the movements.

In addition, the sex, body composition, and weight of each person determine the amount of calories she can lose during a physical activity session. Therefore, we can present estimates, but we can not define an exact value.

The fact is that by correctly doing what the teacher indicates during class, you will burn an amount significant amount of calories throughout his Tae Bo session. So, this automatically means that Tae Bo lose weight

Not necessarily. That's because weight loss does not just involve the calories we lose, but it also covers the caloric amount we provide to our body. Therefore, to lose weight with the aid of activity, it is important to follow a healthy, balanced, nutritious and controlled diet with a focus on weight loss.

Also because if the practitioner loses all those calories in an hour class of Tae Bo, but comes home and eats a pizza, a hamburger and other calorie treats, will return to the body the calories you lost during training and you will see no differences in your Weight.


For beginners, it is important to know that there are no restrictions to do the activity, which can be practiced even by senior citizens.

However, according to what Professor Adriana said, before starting to practice Tae Bo or any other sport, it is necessary to undergo a medical evaluation to know if you are fit for training.

This should include physical, clinical-cardiological, and orthopedic assessments. Depending on the person's age, she may also need to undergo an exercise evaluation.

The teacher further explained that even if a problem is detected during the evaluation, it may even be that the person is However, your workout should be different from usual, with appropriate changes to your workout. case.

People suffering with spinal problems need the doctor's authorization to do the Tae Bo, given that the activity requires the practice of many jumps and turns.

Once the endorsement for the practice of the exercise is received, it is fundamental to seek a good academy with competent teachers to take the classes. This is important to be safe during training, rely on help to learn the techniques of movement correctly and be rescued if you suffer any type of injury or injury.

Because it is an activity that spends a lot of energy and generates a lot of sweat, it is important to have a bottle of water in your hands and drink the liquid before, during and after Tae Bo class. The activity also requires the use of comfortable and suitable shoes to absorb the impact on the ground.

Such care is important to ensure the smooth running of the Tae Bo session and thus have good results from the practice of the activity.


Do you know anyone who has practiced and claims that Tae Bo slims? Feel like experiencing this practice to lose belly? Comment below!

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