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Japanese Diet: Does It Work? Menu? Benefits and Recipes!


THEJapanese dietis a very effective diet for weight loss, in addition to theJapanese dietcan be very easy to do. Also, diet should be synonymous with healthy eating, right? And we know that Japanese cuisine is packed with foods rich in nutrients. THEJapanese dietcan provide better health and still stimulate you to stay in shape.

But thisJapanese dietthat we are talking about is not rich in fish, rice and everything. What it looks like is a "crazy diet" known in Japan and not the traditional Japanese food. At least that is the theory of the origin of this diet. It is seen as an emergency diet that gives a caloric shock in the body and causes a very rapid weight loss.



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THEJapanese dietis extremely restricted and promises to reduce from 6 kg to 8 kg in a week. The diet is strict and you can not get out of line. From now on, understand the operation of theJapanese dietand see if this diet makes sense in your quest for the body you want.

It is worth remembering that restrictive diets can cause great loss of muscle mass and malaise. The idea of ​​this diet is to follow it only for 7 days and then move on to a healthy, not so restrictive diet.


It is as if the body felt the drop in calories, and also became detoxified from heavy foods, and after a while you return to normal in the direction of calories, but eating healthy. Please find below more details on how theJapanese diet.


  • What is the Japanese Diet?
  • Japanese Diet
  • How Does the Japanese Diet Work?
  • Benefits of the Japanese Diet:
  • Foods of the Japanese Diet:
    • Foods Allowed in the Japanese Diet
    • Prohibited Foods in the Japanese Diet
  • Japanese Diet Complete Menu:
    • Monday:
    • Tuesday:
    • Wednesday:
    • Thursday:
    • Friday:
    • Saturday:
    • Sunday:
  • What is the Reason for Most Japanese Being Slim?

What is the Japanese Diet?

THEJapanese dietis indicated for those people who want to lose weight very fast. THEJapanese dietis restricted and promises to reduce from six to eight pounds per week. Like everything else that is Japanese, the diet is very strict and the person can not get out of the line if they really want to lose weight.


It is important to say that diets that restrict many things can make weight loss, but cause a lot malady, so the tip is to follow them for a maximum of one week and then go on a diet healthy.

Japanese Diet

THEJapanese dietIt works very effectively for seven days (you can lose up to 6 pounds). But, after the end of the period, you must be careful with the accordion effect. This effect occurs when the individual returns to unhealthy eating patterns and, as a consequence, recovers all the pounds lost.

How Does the Japanese Diet Work?

THEJapanese dietconsists of reducing carbohydrate intake and increasing protein intake, and the amount of calories and food eaten per day is reduced. It is considered a "starvation" diet and should not be followed for more than seven days.


Similar with the USP diet there is a table with foods that should be consumed strictly during theJapanese diet, just as no food should be added.

Benefits of the Japanese Diet:

Before you beginJapanese diet, we would like to talk about the benefits it has over your body and for your whole body. These are results that go beyond weight loss and are linked to all areas of your life, which is magnificent, is not it? So let's get the benefits?

  • Your body will be free of toxins and other substances that cause you to be slow in action, since the foods allowed by theJapanese diethave astringent action.
  • The risks of stroke, infarction, diabetes and other conditions linked to poor diet will be minimized (drastically reduced).
  • The retained fluids will be released and you will lessen the sensation (and the effects) of the swelling in your body.
  • You will consume all the vitamins you need to live healthy.
  • Your body will work better and will be more efficient in the digestion of food.
  • They have the proteins you need to give energy to the body.
  • All dishes have the necessary nutrients for our organism.


According to what we have presented to you, it is almost impossible not to conclude that this is a complete diet, capable of giving you the realization of all the yearnings you desire, whether it be a beautiful and enviable body or the impeccable health that will days.



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Foods of the Japanese Diet:

Foods Allowed in the Japanese Diet

Various teas, coffee, fish, water and salt biscuit, fruits, vegetables, chicken, eggs, dairy products, red meat, among other light foods.


Prohibited Foods in the Japanese Diet

All greasy and caloric foods, like fritters, inlays, fast food, snacks and various delicacies and sweets. You should also not drink any type of alcohol during theJapanese diet.

Japanese Diet Complete Menu:


  • Breakfast:coffee or tea with sweetener;
  • Lunch:Two boiled eggs with salt and vegetables;
  • Dinner:A large steak and cucumber salad and lettuce.


  • Breakfast:coffee or tea with sweetener and a biscuit water and salt;
  • Lunch:Vegetables and fruits and a large steak;
  • Dinner:Just ham at ease. Can be replaced with turkey breast.


  • Breakfast:coffee or tea with sweetener and a biscuit water and salt;
  • Lunch:Two boiled eggs, salad and tomato at will;
  • Dinner:Salad of cabbage, carrot and chuchu at will.



  • Breakfast:coffee or tea with sweetener and a biscuit water and salt;
  • Lunch:A boiled egg, raw or boiled carrots and a slice of cheese muzzarella;
  • Dinner:Fruit salad at will and a natural yogurt.


  • Breakfast:coffee or tea with biscuit water and salt;
  • Lunch:Tomato at will and filet of fried fish;
  • Dinner:Steak and fruit salad at will.


  • Breakfast:coffee or tea with biscuit water and salt;
  • Lunch:roasted chicken at will;
  • Dinner:Two boiled eggs with salt.


  • Breakfast:coffee or tea with biscuit water and salt;
  • Lunch:A large steak and fruit at will;
  • Dinner:Eat whatever you want within that regime.

What is the Reason for Most Japanese Being Slim?

THEJapanese dietfor being based on a huge variety of tofu, vegetables and fish. It causes the person to have an absent feed of fattening foods. One of the main foods of Japanese cuisine is rice, ingested only a small portion (a small bowl) most often at the end of meals with pickles and soup.



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In Japan, cooked, raw and grilled foods predominate, while frying is rarely used. They hold the belief that it is necessary to ingest a considerable variety of foods of different colors at each meal, forming the basis of a healthy diet. There is an abundance of water in this country which is good for growing vegetables and sustaining seafood in rivers and seas. So there are a lot of fresh seasonal products.