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Paleo Diet: Lose Up to 3 Kg in 6 Days!


Paleo Diet: Lose Up to 3 Kg in 6 Daysin a 100% natural way. In addition, the Paleolithic Diet, also known asPaleo Dietis based on the emulation of the diet of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. Includes whole and unprocessed foods that resemble their appearance in nature.

Our ancestors were genetically the same as modern humans. They thrived by eating these foods and were free of diseases like obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Several studies suggest that this diet can lead to significant weight loss (without calorie counting) and major improvements in health.



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  • What is the Paleo Diet:
  • The Paleo Diet Slim:
  • Paleo Diet Menu:
    • Monday:
    • Tuesday:
    • Wednesday:
    • Thursday:
    • Friday:
    • Saturday:
    • Sunday:
  • Avoid These Foods During The Paleo Diet:
  • Foods to Eat During the Diet Paleo:
  • Disadvantages of the Paleo Diet:

What is the Paleo Diet:

The Paleolithic Diet orPaleo Dietis a contemporary diet consisting of a diet based on wild plants, meat, fish and eggs, habitually consumed by Homo sapiens during the Paleolithic period, during which time the agriculture.

It became popular in the mid-1970s through gastroenterologist Walter L. Voegtlin and was promptly studied by numerous authors and researchers and exposed in several books and academic journals and journals.


Built on the principles of Darwinian medicine, this nutritional concept is based on the premise that humans are genetically adapted to the diet of their paleolithic ancestors and that human genetics has changed little since the time of agriculture.

Therefore, according to theory, thePaleo Dietis ideal for human health and well-being should resemble that of their Paleolithic ancestors.

The Paleo Diet Slim:

THEPaleo Dietlose weight Yes, thePaleo Dietcan lead to weight reduction, as it promotes the reduction of carbohydrate consumption, ie it is a diet considered low carb.


Carbohydrates such as breads, pastas and rice are digested in the stomach quickly by raising blood glucose levels. blood flow; excess glucose is metabolized and converted to fat, leading to tissue accumulation adipose.

Refined carbohydrates are excluded from this diet, thus contributing to weight loss. THEPaleo Dietprovides for the elimination of consumption of industrialized foods in general, with gluten or lactose; since consumption of these foods is related to weight gain, onset of inflammation, endocrine disruption, and metabolic diseases.

Paleo Diet Menu:

This sample menu contains a balanced amount of all paleo foods. Feel free to adjust this based on your own preferences.



  • Breakfast:Eggs and vegetables, fried in coconut oil. A piece of fruit.
  • Lunch:chicken salad with olive oil. Handful of nuts.
  • Dinner:Burgers (no bread), fried in butter, with vegetables and some parsley.


  • Breakfast:Bacon and eggs, with a piece of fruit.
  • Lunch:Leftovers from last night's burgers.
  • Dinner:Salmon, fried in butter, with vegetables.


  • Breakfast:Meat with vegetables (leftovers from the previous night).
  • Lunch:Lettuce leaf sandwich with fresh meat and vegetables.
  • Dinner:Ground beef sauté, with vegetables. A few berries.


  • Breakfast:eggs and a fruit.
  • Lunch:leftovers from the previous night. A handful of nuts.
  • Dinner:fried pork with vegetables.


  • Breakfast:eggs and vegetables, fried in coconut oil.
  • Lunch:Chicken salad with olive oil. Handful of nuts.
  • Dinner:Steak with vegetables and sweet potatoes.


  • Breakfast:Bacon and eggs, with a piece of fruit.
  • Lunch:Leftovers of steak and vegetables from the night before.
  • Dinner:Roasted salmon with vegetables and avocado.


  • Breakfast:Meat with vegetables (leftovers from the previous night).
  • Lunch:Lettuce leaf sandwich with fresh meat and vegetables.
  • Dinner:Grilled chicken wings with vegetables and parsley.

There is usually no need to trace calories or macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates or fat) in thePaleo Diet, at least not in the beginning. However, if you need to lose a lot of weight then it is a good idea to cut out carbohydrates and limit the consumption of nuts and potatoes.


Avoid These Foods During The Paleo Diet:

Avoid these following foods duringPaleo Diet:

  • Sugar and high fructose corn syrup:soft drinks, fruit juices, table sugar, sweets, savory, ice cream and many others.
  • Grains:includes breads and pastas, wheat, spelled, rye, barley, etc.
  • Vegetables:Beans, lentils and more.
  • Dairy products:Avoid most dairy products, especially low-fat dairy products (some versions of paleo include whole-grain dairy products such as butter and cheese).
  • Vegetable Oils:Soybean oil, sunflower oil, cottonseed oil, corn oil, grapefruit oil, safflower oil and others.
  • Trans fats:found in margarine and various processed foods. Generally referred to as "hydrogenated" or "partially hydrogenated" oils.
  • Artificial Sweeteners:Aspartame, Sucralose, Cyclamates, Saccharin, Acesulfame potassium. Use natural sweeteners instead.
  • Highly processed foods:All labeled "diet" or "low fat" or have many strange ingredients. Includes artificial meal substitutes.

A simple guideline: if it looks like it was made in a factory, do not eat it! If you want to avoid these ingredients then you should read lists of ingredients even in foods that are labeled as "healthy foods".


Foods to Eat During the Diet Paleo:

Check out the following foods to eat during thePaleo Diet:



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  • Meat:beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, pork and others.
  • Fish and Seafood:Salmon, trout, haddock, shrimp, seafood, etc. Choose a wild fish if you can.
  • Eggs:Choose free-grazing eggs, fortified grasses or omega-3s.
  • Vegetables:broccoli, cabbage, peppers, onions, carrots, tomatoes, etc.
  • Fruits:Apples, bananas, oranges, pears, avocados, strawberries, blueberries and more.
  • Tubers:Potato, sweet potatoes, turnips, etc.
  • Nuts and seeds:almonds, macadamia nuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and more.
  • Healthy Fats and Oils:Extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil and others.
  • Salt and spices:sea ​​salt, Himalayan salt, garlic, saffron, rosemary, etc.


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Try to choose grass-fed and organic pastures if you can afford it. If not, then just make sure you always go for the least processed option.


Disadvantages of the Paleo Diet:

  • Excessive consumption of high-protein foods (such as meat) can damage kidney health and remove calcium from bones
  • Fruits are rich in fructose, and fructose is a type of sugar, so the recommendation is not to overdo it. If you follow thePaleo Dietwithout guidance, may end up exaggerating the portions of fruits and vegetables and ingesting an enormous amount of calories
  • Fats are important for health, however, you need to consume moderately. Will followPaleo Dietwithout guidance can lead you to consume a lot of fat, which can lead to weight gain and damage to health
  • Some more radical versions of thePaleo Dietpreach the adoption of a strategy that is based on the idea that in the past our ancestors could not find food every day, then they ended up being long fasting periods. Thus, the proposal is, from time to time, to stay from 16 to 24 hours without ingesting any food. This can be dangerous because prolonged fasting can lead to problems such as hypoglycaemia, irritability, headache, difficulty concentrating, and other complications.