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Insomnia - Causes, Remedies and Home Treatment. Know what to do


Not sleeping at night or not meeting the need for 6 to 8 hours of sleep per day is a problem that affects about 40% of the population, according to data from the World Health Organization (WHO).


The insomnia has typifications, which are established according to the duration and intensity of the disorder. The most common isinsomniaintermittent, which occurs occasionally and enables an invigorating sleep for the person when they are not present. The most dangerous is theinsomniachronic, because it happens for a very long period of time, which can lead to health risks.


Transient insomnia, which lasts only a few days and can reach a maximum of three weeks,needs remedies; already the chronicle can last more than three weeks. Finally, there is the intermittent, which is that of short duration, but that happens in a variation of time. In this case, it happens only when there are peaks of stress or anxiety attacks.

Causes of Insomnia

In addition to eating, other causes for insomnia may involve neurological, emotional, and environmental problems

. But, this can only be diagnosed by a professional in the area.

Some clinics have specialized in treating disorders like these, doing pre and post-sleep exams- are the so-called "Sleep Clinics". Some patients are invited to participate in an assisted night, in which they sleep in rooms that will be monitored by doctors, so that they are diagnosed with greater precision.

Psychologist Kerolen Monteiro explains that most sleep disorders deserve attention, as they are sometimes indicative of even more serious illnesses. "We must learn that our body gives us signals of the most varied about its conditions, being thatsleep is also indicative of health. Insomnia can point to many diseases, soit is necessary that the person in this condition seek medical advice, report your situation and take the tests to prevent and treat the problem, "explains the specialist.

Some diseases that may be related to insomnia are diabetes, depression, respiratory problems, among many others. Insomnia has neither age nor gender - it affects women, men, the elderly, children, and even babies. It is important for parents to be vigilant in the case of children and for adults to be open to seeking help.

Stress is the main cause

According to the American Stress Research, from the American Psychological Association (APA),43% of adults say that stress makes them stay up at night, and more than 50% of adults report feeling slow or lazy after a night's sleep.

When in a state of stress, the mind becomes full of thoughts instead of hanging up.This causes inhibition of important functions involved in memory, muscle repair and mood. When we do not get enough sleep,the immunity also decreases.People who experience stress constantly are more vulnerable to suffering from insomnia, and every factor of additional stress increases the risk of the disorder by 19%, according to recent research published in "SLEEP."


  • Difficulty falling asleep;
  • Awakening at night;
  • Do not feel rested after a night's sleep;
  • Tiredness or drowsiness during the day;
  • Irritability;
  • Difficulty concentrating;
  • Headache (localized and / or recurrent);
  • Gastrointestinal problems (diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, etc.).

Remedies for Insomnia

Fortunately,insomnia has a cure. After recognizing your causes, it is time to seek the ideal treatment for your case, and in some situations, remedies will be prescribed for short, medium or long term assistance.

However,sometimes only a few changes in habits can help. Perhaps seeking therapy can help you in cases where the disorder is due to psychic issues, be it anxiety, depression or the like. There are also methods such as relaxation through hypnosis, meditation or natural treatments, which are based on medicinal herbs in capsules or teas to aid in the nocturnal rest.

The main trade names for insomnia remedies are:

  • Lexotan
  • Bromazepan
  • Rivotril
  • Lorax
  • Front
  • Buspar

The use of medicines for insomnia should be controlled, since studies prove their relationship due to problems of memory and concentration.

Home Treatment - What to do?

  • When you wake up to go to the bathroom at dawn, do not turn on the light, because it stimulates the brain and ends up producing the sleep hormone, melatonin. If you have trouble seeing at night, use a flashlight with a red light;
  • Add foods rich in tryptophan amino acids, example: brown rice, oats, almonds and sesame. In addition, green foods, egg and banana also stimulate sleep;
  • Some teas can have immediate effect, such as chamomile and passion fruit;
  • Avoid gym at night- the ideal is to go during the day or opt for lighter exercises, such as pilates and stretching;
  • Avoid watching horror movies, adventures and newsreels with bad news;
  • Do not take a cold shower before bed;
  • Wear the "bluerayblocker "blue ray blocker,because it stimulates the production of sleep hormone.

If these tips are not enough to give you more quality sleep, then it is time to seek the opinion of a doctor. It is often advisable to use punctual remedies to help on days when getting to sleep naturally is impossible.