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15 Ex-Gordinhos Share Your Best Tips For Getting In Shape

Nothing like learning to face a challenge - precisely what slimming down and getting into shape represents for many people - listening to advice from people who have passed through it and succeeded, is not same? So we gathered testimonials with tips from 15 ex-chicks who managed to lose weight. Interested? Check out what they said next:

1. Exercise in the morning


This is the advice of Cat Fuentes, 28 years old. She said that she rarely practiced any kind of physical exercise, but even so she knew that she had I had to start, because I needed an escape from stress, besides not being able to sleep right.

As Cat did not want to train after work, because she preferred to go out with friends or go home, relax and watch the television, she knew that if the exercise were to be embedded in her daily life, it would have to happen in the morning.

"This is how I do it: when I get home from work I separate my gym clothes, fill a little bottle of water and put it in the refrigerator. I also separate the clothes I will wear at work the next day, I will arrange everything - makeup, shoes, clothes - and after everything is done, I'll call the alarm for the next morning. I do everything I need before I start to relax. It forces me to just wake up and work out, and I do not have to take time to find everything and I do not make excuses for not going, "she says.

2. Learn how to control your portions


The second tip comes from Emily Abate, 26, who in seven years has managed to lose more than 31 pounds and is about to run the New York marathon, the second race she participates in.

Emily says managing the portions is crucial for those who need to lose weight. She says she never wanted to take a food completely from her diet, so she learned to eat a little of everything and so did not stop going to restaurants. It was the way Emily found to feed herself better without completely sacrificing her lifestyle.

"Another tip: I make snacks during the day to maintain my energy. I keep healthy things on my desk. My trick is to make sure these snacks are in the proper portions, so I do not keep eating without thinking all day, "he explains.

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3. Have a good night of sleep


The main tip of Rachel Miller, 29, is to sleep well every night. She says it is not possible to feed herself or be motivated during the day if she does not have a good night's sleep. Rachel has a set time to go to bed every day and she keeps on following that schedule.

To maintain discipline, she gives some tips: "Putting the alarm on the cell phone is very good for creating a bedtime routine. If you need to be asleep at 11 pm, set the alarm at 1: 5 pm to remind yourself to stop looking at Facebook and go wash your face. It is also good to disconnect before going to bed. I put my phone on airplane mode to sleep better. "

4. Do not seek perfection


In 2007, Laura Prescott, 30, lost about 36 pounds. Except that in 2012, she practically gained all that weight again. Since he wanted to get back into shape, he started running every day, a maximum of km. The problem was that she was not very good at it and ended up giving up the activity three times.

However, Laura had a friend who managed to lose more than 45 pounds with the help of the races. This friend encouraged and advised her and one day she sent her a message on Facebook, which became her motto: "You do not have to be good at it. You just have to do it. " That's when she ran back daily.

"Today I run probably three times a week, go to an indoor surf class three to four times a week and also swim three to four times a week. And I'm very happy to do that, I feel great, "he says.

5. Find a training you love and this will not be a must for you


Ben Ronne, 34, says he had never been a very active person. He also says that he had even gone to the gym, but collected frustrated attempts, most of the time because of falls on the treadmill.

But after his doctor told him to stop drinking, Ben knew he would need an escape that would help him stay sober. He even went to look for a hip hop class, but he did not like it at all. Until the Krav Maga (personal defense technique) came into his life.

"I always went through a Krav Maga gym every day on the way to work. One day, I did an experimental class and enrolled that day. Feeling able and motivated, I went four times a week, I had been hooked. Not long after I started, I was invited to participate in a training program. After weeks of exhaustive training, I managed to complete that program, something I'd never have imagined in the past when I was 20 years old and almost 100 pounds. "

6. Exercise at least 30 minutes a day


Kit Rich, 31, suffers from a condition called body dysphoric disorder - a condition in which the person becomes obsessive and excessively with some defect in the physical - and due to the problem ended up mistreating the own body. Besides, she ate too much, wrongly, emotionally and drank too much.

Even after she became a coach, those bad habits continued in her life, which made her feel like a great hypocrite. As time passed, Kit realized she had an obligation to her clients and that she needed to change her life.

Today, the coach says steadiness is the key to everything: "The rule I set for myself and my clients is as follows: 30 minutes a day of some type of exercise or five exercises that last five minutes each, with intervals between each one their. Or even walk about 5 km in some activity such as walking or treadmill. An hour may seem like a lot, but 30 minutes is achievable. "

"For the last eight years, since I started focusing on my health, I've been consistent: my body remains the same weight. I'm healthy, I have a normal weight, I'm thin and I kept it that way, and that's what matters to me. "

7. I have a healthy style and do not make temporary diets


By the time she reached a sixty-five-pound weight, Delores Curtis, 59, realized that weight was disrupting her life. She-who was once a sexy, vibrant woman-no longer wanted to go anywhere or do anything. Delores also took medications against blood pressure, diabetes and acid reflux. It was then that she realized that the situation had already passed the limit.

Delores had already tried to make some diets in the past like Atkins, Weight Watchers and counting carbohydrates, for example. The problem was that they did not have much effect: she lost a few pounds, but then they were recovered again. So she decided to make a change that would last forever and began to wonder what she could do to make healthy eating fit into her lifestyle and become a habit.

"Everything changed when I learned how to make food work in my favor. I started reading the labels of everything and I was much more careful about what I'm eating. I still eat everything I like, like bacon, but I limit the portions. It's worse if you give up everything because you're going to sit down and get angry that you can not eat this or that. It's all about moderation, he explains.

"After I lost nine pounds, I started going to the gym every day. And I went from the slower pace to weight lifting. I've lost more than 68 kg since I started and I do not take any of those medicines any more, "he says.

8. Make workout a social activity


Julia Pugachevsky, 23, says that working out has never been a top priority in her life. After she graduated from college, she even enrolled in a gym, but it was a simpler and cheaper one, where she only went once a week and did not feel guilty about it.

Until she made friends at work with a person who goes to the same gym that she and the company stimulated increasing attendance at the gym: "Now I go three times a week and I also do classrooms. I'm willing to try everything. I've tried yoga and climbing and recently completed my first 5 km. Sometimes going to the gym alone can make you feel like you are sacrificing your social life - you have to choose between workout and go out with friends - but if you go with a good friend, especially if you are in the same class, you have the best of both worlds, "he says.

9. If you need to, get distracted


The tip of Jeff Rubin, 32, is to be distracted from the effort he makes while working out. He says he had never been to the gym until a friend introduced him to him."24 Exercise Plan". It is a training in which the person watches a television program while knitting.

In that case, the chosen one was the series 24 hours, starring Kiefer Sutherland, for a session in the bicycle. "The idea is that 24 hours is so engaging that you will continue to pedal just to see what Jack Bauer will do this time. The best part of24 Exercise Plan"Is that you do not have to choose 24 hours, it works with any other television program that is engaging he explains.

10. Learn how to lift weights


Mackenzie Kruvant, 24, started getting very fat without even knowing why. Until after doing some tests, she discovered that it was a hormonal condition in her body that caused the problem. So she sought out a nutritionist and a personal trainer to control her weight.

"My personal trainer is the best thing that ever happened to me. He taught me how to lift weights and it changed my taste for exercise and my level of confidence. I do not see training as a way to lose weight mainly, it is more a means of gaining strength, confidence and power. When I can lift my weight I feel it's worth it. "

11. Use social networks to get support


Jamie Goodwin is 28 years old and has been in a wheelchair for 21 years due to an accident he suffered when he was 17 years old. She says that after getting married and having three children, she became fat and two years ago she was over sixty pounds and feeling terrible. Jamie says he had trouble getting out of the wheelchair and knew he needed to change, but he also had a clue that he could not do it alone.

She reports that she tried to participate in weight loss reality shows like The Biggest Loser and Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition, but could not. So he was sad and exposed his frustration on Facebook and Instagram. Until a young woman, a nutritionist and coach who lives near her town, sent a message offering her help to Jamie. It's free!

She was very happy and received the instructor in her house. The girl tidied up her pantry, told her what she should and should not eat, and indicated some exercises she could do with her arms.

"She brought the idea of ​​starting a Facebook page (Wheelin 'Weightloss) to show my progress. When I started, I thought I would just have a few of my Facebook friends cheering me on. Now there are over 5 thousand people who see what I'm doing to lose weight, what I eat, my victories and defeats. Responsibility is the key to me. They keep me engaged and I can inspire and motivate them. Many people in wheelchairs have come to me, and of course many who do not have physical problems as well. It is this responsibility to them that helps me get through everything, "he says.

12. Set a series of healthy habits and progressively add them to your routine


The 41-year-old mother of four, Josie Maurer, says she started trying to lose weight after having her third child. But as she became pregnant again, she had to start from scratch again. She says that the second attempt taught her many lessons, since at first she thought it was enough to take walks, counting the calories and eating everything you wanted, as long as it did not exceed the number of calories allowed by day.

The problem was that although she managed to lose weight, she did not feel well. Then, after having the fourth son, Josie decided to have a healthier diet, which made her feel better and more energetic.

"I always talk about creating a basis. I did not start eating totally healthy overnight. For me, it worked to cut soda and fast food. Do one or two things you can do for one to two weeks. And once you get into the rhythm, add something else. And then another. Finally you will see that you are doing more healthy than unhealthy things, that you are feeling good and that you want to continue on this path, "he teaches.

13. Eat more fiber and lean protein


After graduating from college, Arjun Chandrasekaran, a 29-year-old, wanted to join the Navy, but he knew that in order to do that he would need to improve his form a lot. He also knew that in addition to getting stronger, he would have to lose weight, so that he could be faster in the race, which is part of the physical tests to enter the corporation's school.

"I started trying to eat more fiber. And I'd eat oatmeal for breakfast and salad for lunch or dinner. And I told myself I could eat whatever I wanted, but I had to feed myself a large salad before. And the crazy thing about it is that afterwards I was not even hungry anymore. I ate the salad first and my appetite diminished. And I also made sure to eat good sources of protein, focusing on foods that have a good ratio of protein to calories such as tuna or turkey. I managed to lose 9 to 1, kg and went to the corporation's school in the best way of my life, "he says.

14. Keep a food journal


When he was in the final year of high school Javier Moreno suffered a car accident. He had several injuries, such as a concussion, which left him with vertigo and headache for months. As she got into bed, she ended up winning around 20 kg. When he recovered, he also wanted to get back into shape and something that helped him in this task was to keep a food journal.

"One of the great things for me was focusing on my diet. I cut off soda completely. It replaces all the sweetened drinks with water and I started to drink more water during the day. I also started to write everything I ate during the week. You do not realize how much you actually eat. Small things may sound like nothing at the moment, but they all add up. When you write everything down, you may notice that you eat more than three or even four times a day. Jotting down what I was eating helped me be honest with myself and check if I was eating because I was hungry or because the food was in front of me. "

15. Celebrate how exercise makes you feel and do things to feel sexy


Theresa Stevens, 41, says she had gained a lot of weight in her first job after finishing college as a teacher. She even tried to go to the gym, but she always felt exhausted and unmotivated. Until one day she went with her boyfriend to a dance class to play instruments for the class. Theresa was intrigued by the women who did the activity, because they were sexy and had beautiful bodies.

So she decided she was going to try to dance. With sensual music and a fun dance style, Theresa was hooked and started attending classes several times a week, which also encouraged her to eat better.

"What helped me was that I not only found a physical activity I loved, but also that it made me feel sexy and beautiful while I was doing it. And I had a great group to which I belonged, who kept me with the responsibility of continuing to attend. Today I've been dancing for 14 years and I love it. "


What did you think of these tips that ex-chicks provided about getting fit? Which one is your weakness? Comment below!

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