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Research Reveals That Running Too Much Is So Bad When Not Exercising

What do you think is worse: not practicing any type of exercise or exercising too much? The truth is that one habit is as harmful as the other - at least if the activity in question is the According to a Danish survey carried out over 12 years with five thousand volunteers.

According to BBC Brazil, the study was done by researchers at the Frederiksberg Hospital in Copenhagen and among the participants during the period, one thousand were racers and four thousand did not exercise.

The scientists found that those who were running steadily for less than two and a half hours each week were less likely to die within those 12 years. On the other hand, groups of those who ran for more than four hours a week or did no physical activity recorded a greater number of deaths.

The analyzes that showed the results were done through questionnaires completed by the volunteers. It was from there that the researchers identified that those who ran intensely more than three times a week and at more than 11 km / h had the same chance of dying from those who stood still.

With this, they concluded that the best way to run is to maintain a moderate pace - of eight km / h - in a maximum of three times a week, which corresponds to two and a half hours of the exercise every seven days.

"Maybe, in fact, you should not practice so much (exercise). There are no recommendations in the world for a ceiling for safe exercise, but there should be, "said researcher Jacob Louis Marott, according to BB Brazil.

But why does this happen?

Although they can not explain what lies behind these results, scientists believe that the cause be the changes in the heart and arteries that the practice of more physical exercises brings throughout the time.

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"Research shows that you do not have to run marathons to maintain your health said the nurse who specializes in heart disease.British Hearth Foundantion(British Heart Foundation, free translation) Maureen Talbot, also according to BBC Brazil.


Do you know anyone who is addicted to exercise and who gets past the limits at race hours per week? Does this person seem healthy? Comment below your review.

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