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Woman Being Ashamed By Husband Loses Half Of Weight And Divorces

A woman who was humiliated by her husband because of her weight earned the chorus "who laughs last, laughs best" when he lost almost half of his body weight - and ended up asking for his divorce.

The director of a kennel Hayley Bienert, 27, of Irvine, California, USA, described herself as being always a "little chubby" after growing up with the figure of an absent father in her life and being in an unhealthy relationship with her husband who humiliated her constantly.

Hayley says that this cycle made her fatter enough to reach 103 kg and to wear clothes from 48 to 50.

Before her drastic weight loss, Hayley ate a 30-cm subway sandwich, a packet of chips and four cookies at lunch, which would still be accompanied by a Coke.

After three years, Hayley traded fast food and sugars for meals with turkey breast, chicken, fish and vegetables. She is now weighs 6, kg and wears a size 38-40.

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She also got rid of her now ex-husband.

"Growing up with a father who prefers to play video games helping his daughter build a tree house can cause problems later in life Hayley said.

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"I know it was a junction of the way I grew up and the unhealthy relationship I got into. I was always a bit chubby and when my ex and I got married, we got out a lot and I ate really bad. "

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"I gained more weight and he did not like it. One night he was drinking and told me a lot of bullshit, that I was fat and he was not attracted to me anymore. "

"When I heard this, it was as if a change had come out in my brain, I've never seen my body in the same way after that. I felt inferior, I felt ugly and outraged. But then I started to eat even more. I drowned my sorrows in the food and got over 100 kilograms. "

"Having gathered forces to leave my ex, I realized that I needed to change something in my life. I could not change my situation overnight, but I knew I had complete control over my body and my health. "

"For so long, I felt like I did not have an identity, that percentage of body fat was my identity, which is all that people have ever seen, including my ex."

"But then I cut my hair, I painted red and I joined an exercise program that helped me, in three months, lose almost 20 kg."

Before losing weight, Hayley had never exercised, but now she attends the gym five to six times a week. Despite her new lifestyle and healthy diet, she still allows herself to take an ice cream or Diet Coke from time to time.

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"I would say the hardest part of losing weight, for me, was eating healthy. I've always been accustomed to buying fast food and sweets at the supermarket, "he explained.

"As soon as you get into the weight loss fight, it seems like the foods you should not eat are better than the foods you should be."

"Overall, I simply changed my body. I think people get overwhelmed with weight loss because they think they have to die running. People think they need to have a rigid workout routine and eat salad all day, and it's not like that. If you are primarily sedentary, then plan a brisk walk of thirty minutes, four days a week, and focus on eating healthy foods. "

"Slowly eliminate foods that you know are not helping weight loss and replace healthy foods that will make you feel good."

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Hayley is now more confident than ever and is currently studying to become a personal trainer a certified female weight loss specialist - and hopes she can inspire others to have the same success.

"I love myself, but I had to learn this by accepting what happened to me, where my body was and what it would be in the future. Accepting the now is the most important thing you can do while working better yourself, "she said.

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"I've been told that I've been inspiring at the beginning of other people's weight loss journeys. People who have not seen me in a while are shocked and that's a good feeling. "

"Just focus on eliminating the bad foods from your diet and replacing them with things that you know are good for you."


Do you believe that Hayley's decision was correct in ending her ex-husband? Would you have the same willpower as her to start all over again? Comment below!

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