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Acute Hepatitis - Causes, Symptoms and Treatments


Acute Hepatitis - Causes, Symptoms and Treatmentswhich few know. In additionAcute Hepatitisoccurs when the liver undergoes an injury with a resulting inflammatory reaction. The cause of the injury can occur in several different ways, and the findings of imaging are usually not specific. Ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging may be useful imaging modalities to suggest the diagnosis, but often the diagnosis is made from a combination of clinical presentation and values laboratory tests.

Causes of Acute Hepatitis:The causes ofAcute Hepatitiscan be:

  • Infection with the hepatitis virus, or E;
  • Cytomegalovirus, parvovirus, herpes, yellow fever;
  • Secondary syphilis, leptospirosis, salmonellosis, malaria, toxoplasmosis;
  • Abscess in the liver;
  • Medicines;
  • Autoimmune diseases;
  • Changes in Copper and Iron metabolism;
  • Circulatory changes;
  • Acute biliary obstruction;
  • Aggravation of chronic hepatitis;
  • Disorders of fat metabolism;
  • Cancer;
  • Toxic agents.

Symptoms of Acute Hepatitis:Symptoms do not always appear immediately. Symptoms can be noticed within 14 days in some people. Others may take up to six months to produce any signal. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the average period of delay is six to seven weeks. However, 75 percent of people who contract

Acute Hepatitisnever experience any symptoms. Symptoms ofAcute Hepatitisrange from very mild to severe. They include:



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  • Nausea.
  • Vomiting.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Fever.
  • Fatigue.
  • Abdominal pain.
  • Joint pain.
  • Dark urine.
  • Slight and clayey intestinal movements.
  • Jaundice, or yellowing of the skin and eyes.

If your doctor suspects that you haveAcute Hepatitis, they will make blood to check the antibodies againstAcute Hepatitis. Antibodies are substances that your body produces when it is fighting an infection. If you have HCV antibodies, your doctor may request a second test to confirm that the virus is still present. If your second test is also positive, you haveAcute Hepatitis.


If you are positive, your doctor may want to check your liver enzyme levels. This lets them know if the disease has affected their liver. Some people infected with the virus will have normal levels.


TreatmentAcute Hepatitis:In most people, no special treatment is required, although individuals withAcute Hepatitismay require hospitalization. After the first few days, there is recovery ofappetiteand it is no longer necessary to remain in bed. No significant restrictions are required with regard to diet or physical activities, or vitamin supplements. Most people can go back to work safely after the jaundice disappears, even though the results of the function testsAcute Hepatitisare not completely normal.

People withAcute Hepatitisthey should not drinkalcoholuntil they have fully recovered. A physician may need to discontinue a drug or reduce the dosage of a drug that could accumulate in the to harmful levels (such as warfarin or theophylline) because the infected liver can not process them (metabolize them). Therefore, people should inform the doctor about the medications they are taking (prescribed and non-prescribed, including any medicinal herb), so that the dosage can be adjusted.

If theAcute Hepatitisextremely severe form (fulminant), antiviral medications may help. However, liver transplantation is the most effective treatment and may be the only hope for survival, especially in adults.


Prevention:Early detection and treatment are the best ways to prevent the more severe form of the disease.



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Risk factors:The most serious long-term risk of an acuteAcute Hepatitisis to develop chronic hepatitis C, which can lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer. In 75 to 85 percent of individuals with the acute form, the disease will progress to more serious chronic hepatitis C.