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How to Be Less Tired After a Labor Day

If you want to be more focused on work and feel less tired at the end of it,take a walk at lunchtime, suggests a new study ofJournal of Occupational Health Psychology.

The researchers wanted to see if people could make the most of their half-hour lunch break by changing it.

They researched about 100 workers in a variety of fields about their usual lunch hour routines. Then they told themchange what they didduring that time for 10 consecutive work days.

Half of the participants made aslow walk in a parkand focused on its natural environment, while the other half found a quiet place inside the building. your office to do a series of relaxation exercises, including mental and breathing techniques deep.

Both activities took 15 minutes, and people did so after a quick lunch.

In the weeks before, during, and after the experiment, people rated their enjoyed their lunch break and how much they were able to forget about their work.

In general, people in both groups said that they focused better, had less tension and greater well-being in the afternoons that walked or relaxed compared to when they followed their routines normal.

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The people in the first group enjoyed more of their break times on the days they walked in the park. These higher levels of pleasure were directly related toimprovements in concentration and fatigue, according to the authors of the study.

People in the other group did not enjoy their lunch times any more on the days when they did relaxation exercises, comparing to their normal routines. Instead, their benefits seemed to be directed to higher levels of "detachment from work."

The effects of these interventions were lasting. "We were not certain beforehand if the benefits would be observable a few hours after lunch said lead author Marjaana Sianoja, a psychology researcher at Tampere University. But the researchers found thatthe effects were evident late in the afternoon, about 30 to 60 minutes before people leave their work to go home.

Rest periods can also help people get off work more energy, says Sianoja, which can bring benefits to their personal and social lives.

The study focused specifically onslow paced walks in green surroundingsor natural, and it can be difficult for people in large cities to reach this kind of space on their lunch break. In these cases, the researchers suggest that relaxation exercises may be easier to fit into the routine.

For those who think that their day at work is too chaotic to take 15 minutes for themselves, Sianoja suggests that the time lost can be compensated with abetter efficiency in the afternoon. "These types of activities may have the potential to maintain productivity throughout the work day she says.

The research inspired Sianoja to go hiking or meditation breaks when she is particularly busy with work. "When the weather is good, I like to do short walks in a park close by she says, "but for what this is beneficial, I have to go it alone, since the key is to focus totally on the natural environment. "


Do you feel very tired after a day's work, usually? Are you able to take a walk at lunch time to improve this? Comment below!

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