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Pronokal Diet: Does It Work? Benefits and How to Do It!


Pronokal Diet: WorksReally. In additionPronokal Dietis known as a method that is carried out in a personalized way, based on a high protein diet. It is one of the most famous diets, and considered effective because it is not only a great alternative that leads to but it also helps to adopt a new lifestyle through a healthy change in weight. habits.


  • What is the Pronokal Diet?
  • Pronokal Diet:
    • This eight-step method for weight loss is divided into three stages:
  • Food Stabilization or Maintenance Stage:
  • Is the Pronokal Diet a Hyperproteic Diet?
  • Does the Pronokal Diet Work?
  • Can I Do the Pronokal Diet?
  • Who Can not Take the Pronokal Diet?

What is the Pronokal Diet?

It is a diet that is performed by a method, which was created as a multidisciplinary treatment for an effective weight loss, basically a diet rich in proteins, which involves the adjustment requirements or the protein intake based on the ideal weight is carried out, This diet is low in carbohydrates (carbohydrates) and fats, making it a low diet calorie. The caloric intake obtained varies between 800 / kcal per day (this will vary depending on the stage of the diet)

The main objective ofPronokal Dietis to lose weight by reducing sugars and fats in the daily diet, but at the same time focuses on maintaining protein intake by taking care that this is in accordance with the needs of the body, thus protecting the lean mass and to ensure that the body works properly.



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This diet is divided into eight stages, which we will see here.

Pronokal Diet:

PronoKal is not only the name of this type of diet, but also specializes in combating overweight and obesity by working in a multidisciplinary to achieve the objective of precise and efficient way, this same company created its own company of products and These are suggested to be consumed during the eight stages of this diet.

  • Purpose of the phases:recommended to ensure and ensure weight loss, suggested and monitored by a professional and other experts.
  • Promise of weight loss during these phases:7 to 10 kg per month, approximately
  • Method to lose weight:ketosis, which is a metabolic state in which the body enters, reducing or eliminating the intake of carbohydrates (carbohydrates), depleting the body's reserves
  • , or, by burning body fat.

This eight-step method for weight loss is divided into three stages:

  • Active Stage
  • Food re-education stage
  • Maintenance stage or food balancing


  • Phase 1: Foods based on the products that Pronokal sells
  • Phase 2: A meal or dinner based on protein foods is added

this step the protein diet takes, and the duration of this stage of the stage will depend on how much weight you want to lose or what the expert has observed. Weight loss is possible in the beginning, because Pronokal products are consumed beyond those allowed. The body is in a controlled ketosis state (it will expend reserve energy while still maintaining muscle mass).



  • Phase 3: A breakfast is added
  • Phase 4: You can consume one piece of fruit in the morning and another in the afternoon, such as a morning and afternoon snack.
  • Phase 5: bread can be eaten, and more vegetables are added as allowed
  • Phase 6: Consumption of cereals, legumes, starches is allowed (they contain carbohydrates or carbohydrates such as starch)
  • Stage 7: fat is added at this stage

At this stage, the body is no longer in a state of ketosis, it is designed to lose the remaining weight, most of the weight lost occurs in stage 1 (stages 1 and 2), at this stage is to add food progressively, these foods are of all groups, are added per phase, and as the name says, the goal is to adopt a new healthy lifestyle by modifying and changing habits. To maintain the ideal weight.


Food Stabilization or Maintenance Stage:

Phase 8: In this last phase, you can consume food from all groups, but in moderation, taking care of the portions.
This step is very important because it is the maintenance, it is monitored periodically not only to help maintain the weight achieved during thisPronokal Diet, but also avoiding the rebound, as it helps that this loss is achieved in the long run. This phase is adapted according to the energy needs of each person and includes a balanced diet, in addition, consist of the combination of foods that are normally consumed in the daily diet, along with Pronokal.


It isPronokal Dietoperates through a board that its trained staff and professionals such as nutritionists, physical activity experts, and who assist in the area emotional support and with which this company has, support not only the beginning of the treatment, but also after finishing it, in order to reach the goals in a appropriate.

It should be noted that before starting thePronokal Diet, there is a medical check-up or review as they provide and offer a personalized assessment and information.


Is the Pronokal Diet a Hyperproteic Diet?

As mentioned, thePronokal Dietis based on the sequence of a high protein diet, and often to hear this term, they can be Confusion with other diets like high protein are very popular and also used as an option to lose Weight. However, PronoKal diet is not based on these diets which as its name says, its focus is the intake of increase protein intake dramatically reducing intake or intake of other nutrients such as carbohydrates and fats or lipids. Almost consuming mainly proteins, then there is a big difference in what a protein diet consists of.

The term known as protein diet has been created and has been used by Pronokal, which not only takes its name in this diet, but it is also a company specialized in the control, fight against excess weight and obesity,



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Does the Pronokal Diet Work?

As with any diet, plan or program to lose weight, discipline and perseverance are necessary to be able to see positive results and achieve the goal of each stage, if there is one, or run it and finish it properly. Currently, there are many weight loss methods that can help you lose weight, and what thePronokal Dietproposed is a very complete system and can be effective if it is followed to the letter and steps are taken as indicated.


The advantage of this diet or method, is that there is a medical advice and support, which not only help to do it properly, but it is also made with custom design to achieve the ideal weight, which will no doubt vary from person to person. person.

The importance of a professional to advise, guide and monitor will ensure that thePronokal Dietwill work, just enough to put all the effort and will to follow you, preparation before you start is essential.

But it is important to mention that no matter how effective this diet is, it is not exempt from having a rebound effect, this can happen if it is considered a miracle and quick diet, it is best to take the necessary time at each step and carefully follow each recommendation given by the specialist. In addition, it is important to remember that the best and healthiest way to lose weight, is to diet balanced, exercise, moisturize the body, mention some factors that are important in weight loss.


Based on several clinical studies that have been done in recent years, this diet has proven to be effective and safe, since it leads to the supervision and guidance of health professionals.



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Some experts suggest that this type of diet, taken as a correct and appropriate method, is more effective than any other conventional diet such as protein and hypocaloric.

Can I Do the Pronokal Diet?

  • Recommended for all people who want to lose weight and maintain an ideal weight
  • Because it is under medical control, virtually everyone is able to try this method as an alternative to lose weight
  • How Contraindications Decrease Because From Home Or Have A Medical Assessment And Do not Get Fast Do You Suffer From Some Sickness Or Doctor Will Suggest A Best Way To Consume
  • THAT diet so that it does not have side effects that affect Body Health.
  • Even if there are people who are not in a position to follow aPronokal Diet, or doctor will determine

Who Can not Take the Pronokal Diet?

  • Who is under 16;
  • Psychiatric Disorders;
  • Emotionally unstable people;
  • Who has kidney failure, type 1 diabetes and heart disease.