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Ectrópio - What it is, Symptoms and Treatments


Ectrópio - What it is, Symptoms and Treatmentsof this disease. Besides that,Ectropionis when your lower eyelid twists or sinks outward, away from your eye, exposing the surface of your inner eyelid. This condition can cause dry eyes, excessive tearing and irritationEctropionmay be due to several factors, including facial paralysis and injury. The most common cause is muscle relaxation due to aging.

If you have symptoms ofEctropion, you should see a doctor. Without treatment, theEctropioncan lead to serious problems with the cornea and even blindness. Ocular lubricants may help relieve symptoms, but surgery is usually necessary to get complete correction. Most people who have experienced surgery have a positive result.

Causes of Ectrópio:Among the different causes ofEctropionThey are:



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  • Aging;
  • Ectropioncongenital;
  • Scar;
  • Mechanical problems;
  • Allergy;
  • Paralysis of the facial nerve;
  • Eyelid tumors, both benign and malignant;
  • Fast weight loss;
  • previous surgery or radiation treatment of the eyelids.

Clinical manifestations include:

  • Inadequate drainage of tears;
  • eye irritation due to stagnant tears or dryness caused by the condition in question;
  • Excessive tearing;
  • Excessive dryness.

Symptoms of Ectrópio:When you blink, your eyelids help distribute tears that protect and lubricate your eyes. Tears drain the tear ducts that are inside the eyelids. When the lower cover flips out, it affects the way the tears drain away. This can result in a variety of symptoms, including:

  • Excessive tearing
  • Excessive dryness
  • irritation
  • Burning
  • redness
  • Chronic conjunctivitis (inflammation also known as "pink eye")

If you have symptoms ofEctropion, you need fast medical care. Delayed treatment of this condition can lead to serious complications. If you experience any of the following symptoms, they should be promptly addressed by your doctor:

  • Light sensitivity to light
  • eye pain
  • Rapid increase in redness of the eyes
  • Decreased vision

Ectrópio Treatments:While awaiting treatment forEctropion, lubricating eye drops can provide relief and protect your cornea from further damage. However, note that improper cleaning of your eyes may aggravate the problem. Always wipe from the outer eye to the nose, using the "up and in" movement.

The skin adhesive tape, an adhesive made specifically for the skin, can be used to lift the lower lid and hold it in place to relieve some symptoms. However, be sure to ask your doctor first for instructions and recommendations.


Cicatricial Tissue Stretch:If the problem is due to scar tissue, your doctor may recommend stretching the scar tissue. This involves steroid injections and massage into scar tissue. However, this procedure does not always work.

Surgery:Most of the time, surgery is needed. Surgery may occur during a hospital stay, but is usually done as an outpatient procedure with local anesthesia.



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During the operation, the surgeon usually removes part of the lower eyelid. This procedure requires stitches below the eyelid or the outer corner of your eye. In most cases, this surgery is quite effective and solves the problem.