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10 Anabolic Foods for Muscle Mass Gain

Who does not want to reduce fat percentage and increase muscle mass in the body? That is, seeing people with muscles in evidence leads us to reflect on what supplements and habits are needed to sculpt the body in such a way. We must emphasize that not only intense training is responsible for the modeling of a body, but the food and a balanced diet is the differential that drives us to achieve change body.

Food rich in anabolic foods is essential for gaining muscle mass, so it is important to recognize our needs so we can adopt a metabolic diet according to the recommended amounts of calories, not forgetting the recommended portions of the main nutrient for muscle building, the protein.

Know Anabolic Foods

The high consumption of anabolic foods can contribute to muscle growth and also prevent catabolism. It is critical that you watch out for your intolerances or allergies to certain foods or food substances, thus avoiding adverse reactions.

1. Chicken breast

We can say that 99% of bodybuilders and who adopt a rigid diet include chicken breast as one of the main choices of anabolic foods. Chicken breast has lean protein, which can be considered classic for gaining muscle mass. It is important that you do not get stuck in the monotony of eating chicken breast with sweet potatoes at every meal as there are numerous cooking options today.

Chicken breast without the skin has less fat than a loin steak, roast beef, 80 or 90% less than a hamburger, pork chops, or ham, meaning it is the healthiest option. The chicken is naturally low in sodium. In 100 grams of skinless chicken breast, you can count on 31 grams of protein.

2. Red meat

Meats are the main anabolic food, so it is imperative to add a meat "Lean" to your diet for gaining muscle mass, as it can provide significant portions of proteins. In addition to being rich in complete protein for muscle building, red meat still contributes cholesterol to production of testosterone, the hormone present in the anabolic process, and still provides B vitamins and complex B, Zinc and Creatine for your body.

3. Oats

It can be added in vitamins and shakes, as well as in salads and porridges. Oats in your diet can stand out as a source of fiber, but can also favor with the vitamins, minerals, and especially, complex carbohydrates contained in its composition. It is notable for containing a soluble fiber, which is named as B-glucan. This fiber can help you feel satiated for a longer period of time.

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Oats can be one of the contributory foods with an energetic effect for your body, which leads to a better performance in weight training. You can include 3 to 4 tablespoons of oatmeal in your meal before bodybuilding (ex: 2 hours before), disposition and energy to their workouts, besides reducing the possibility of occurrence of fatigue, constipation and sleep irregular. You can use it at breakfast or any other snack. Oats are very well supplied with food and protein supplements because they digest slowly and do not cause insulin spikes.

4. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Recent research has investigated the anabolic effects of a phenol found in olive oil composition. They claim that the substance is able to contribute to increased protein and thermogenesis in the body. It is said that an expressive increase of catecholamines, adrenaline and noradrenaline may also be noted.

Tests performed with a protein diet allowed the identification of anabolic measures, including the composition body balance, nitrogen balance, arginase activity, and other positive hormonal behaviors for muscle growth.

Researchers suggest that consumption of olive oil may contribute to a significant increase in creatinine and casein. Another possible effect through regular consumption of olive oil is the reduction of corticosterone levels. The main point is that the oil can increase protein anabolism, decrease catabolic hormones such as cortisol, and even increase thermogenesis.

5. Banana

The post-workout meal can give a boost in the feeding of your muscles, so consuming banana during or up to 30 minutes after training can contribute to the anabolic effect, because the carbohydrates will be digested quickly, thus remaining available for the continuity of work of the muscles.

Banana can provide peaks of insulin levels, which helps in faster absorption of other nutrients, such as proteins, soon reaching the muscle tissue in the moment of need energy.

6. Skimmed milk

There are several diets that restrict the consumption of milk, but what few people know is that it can be one of the major anabolic foods. One liter of milk can contain up to 32 grams of protein, which can act quickly and still provide amino acids of greater importance to the vast majority of bodybuilders.

If you question any nutrition expert, he will state that the best diet to increase the percentage of lean mass is with 50% carbohydrates, 35% protein and 15% good fats. It is critical that you make certain and nutritious combinations with whole milk so it will only favor the anabolic effect in your body. Milk also stands out as a low-cost option.

7. Salmon

The fillet of this fish can contribute with significant amounts of protein, essential nutrient for the gain of muscle mass. Salmon is not only one of the best anabolic food for providing protein, but also for bringing omega-3 fatty acids to the body. It can be very effective in controlling the levels of hormones, especially Cortisol, which influences mood and mood. Consuming foods with Omega 3 may still favor the transport of glucose to your muscles.

8. eggs

They are one of the favorite anabolic foods for bodybuilders. Eggs can be easily prepared for consumption, and are still among the best protein contributors to the muscles. It is a mistake to say that we should only consume the egg whites, the yolks also contain proteins and nutrients, but we must warn that the consumption of the gems must be controlled, because in excess can result in imbalances of cholesterol. Eggs can provide several important nutrients for your muscles to be in evidence.

9. Tuna fish

Tuna is an excellent choice of anabolic foods for the night time period. The fish is low in fat. It can be an alternative for those who do not wish to eat red meat, but do not want to waste time on protein consumption. We may know little about, but tuna can also contribute with providing good fats, the essential fatty acids that can act positively on the action of proteins on the muscles. We can count on 23 grams of protein in a 100-gram serving of tuna.

10. Turkey breast

The turkey breast is a great food to prepare sandwiches and include in their snacks. Today there are many turkey breast options already sliced ​​in the market. You can make sandwiches with cottage cheese and have very tasty and anabolic sandwiches. Each 100g of turkey breast gets to have 23g of protein. But be careful with sausages, which may contain too much sodium.


What are your favorite anabolic foods, which you consume most in your day to day? Do you have a concern about ingesting a good amount of protein daily? Comment below!

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