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6 Benefits of Krill Oil - For Which It Serves and Properties

The numbers of deaths caused by cardiovascular diseases are increasing quite significantly around the world, generating health authorities, mainly due to the increase in public expenditures with hospitalization and also to the loss of workers' productivity affected.

According to the Society of Cardiology of the State of São Paulo (SOCESP), in 2016 there were 349 thousand deaths from cardiovascular diseases in Brazil, with an increase of 9% in relation to the year 2015. Therefore, it is important that there are ways of preventing and also reducing the risk of these diseases, the adoption of healthier eating habits and also the use of supplements that can help prevent many diseases.

Know below six benefits of krill oil for health, know what this food is for and learn about the innumerable properties of this oil that can help prevent various diseases.

What is krill oil?

Krill is one of the crustaceans found on the Antarctic continent that lives in the open sea, reaching size of 7 to 8 cm in length and with interesting features like the emission of a blue light greenish This animal is widely used as a food source, mainly in the part of the tail, being very valuable for the local population. Krill is very similar to shrimp and feeds on small algae, being found both on the surface up to 2000 m deep.

Krill is also a source of food for many animals in the region, such as whales, fish, penguins, cetaceans and some mammals, which have high biological and nutritional value. Its meat is rich in vitamins such as vitamins A, B (B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 and B12), vitamins C, D, E, H, containing also many minerals, such as calcium, selenium, zinc, sodium, manganese, potassium, copper, phosphorus, iodine, fluorine, magnesium, others.

This food is a great source of protein and has numerous important properties, helping to improve the cardiovascular system, blood pressure control, the reduction of risks of sclerosis, thrombosis and infarction.

Among the many products that can be obtained through krill is krill oil, which is considered an excellent supplement of healthy fats, bringing different health benefits.

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What are the benefits of krill oil?

This animal is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, containing around 60% to 80% of this healthy fat in its composition. The benefits of krill oil are numerous and this can be found as a nutritional supplement, in capsules or liquid.

This oil is formed by three main fatty acids: alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

Alpha-linolenic acid is an essential acid of the omega 3 group that can not be synthesized by the body and therefore is essential for food. Most of the seeds and also of the oils and vegetable oils contain this fatty acid, among them the seeds of vegetables, such as watercress, kale, lettuce and spinach. Studies show that ALA is associated with lower risks of cardiovascular disease and also prostate cancer.

Eicosapentaenoic acids and docosahexaenoic acid are obtained from marine animals, such as fish and seafood, having larger structures than ALA and also greater efficiency in absorption. These two fatty acids are part of the healthy omega 3 fats group and bring numerous health benefits. Because they are essential fatty acids, they are not produced by the body and must be obtained through diet.

Here are 6 benefits of krill oil and know what this oil is for:

1. Helps in weight loss and weight control

By making a meal, our body releases a hormone called leptin, produced in adipose tissue, and also releases a hormone called insulin, which is produced by the pancreas.

Leptin helps regulate appetite and insulin carries the glucose present in the bloodstream into the cells. These two hormones work together and are responsible for controlling the appetite and signal to the brain that our body is satisfied.

When we have an unhealthy diet, we cause a process of inflammation in the nerve cells that are responsible for transmit this information and the body loses the ability to control appetite properly, causing weight gain and obesity.

The krill oil is rich in omega 3, which helps in reducing the inflammatory process and helps restore the cellular activity of the brain. The krill oil stimulates the control of the leptin levels, favoring the control of the appetite and helping to regulate the burning of the fat deposits.

2. Promotes the reduction of bad cholesterol

Cholesterol is a substance naturally produced in the body and plays a key role in maintaining the functioning of cells. However, when this substance is in excess, many problems can occur.

Bad cholesterol, called LDL, should always be kept at levels lower than good cholesterol, called HDL, since it can be deposited in the arteries, causing the clogging of them and causing an increase in blood pressure and triggering numerous cardiovascular diseases.

Several studies show that omega 3 helps to reduce triglyceride levels and bad cholesterol levels, while also promoting an increase in good cholesterol in the body. It also promotes blood viscosity reduction and blood pressure lowering through dilation of blood vessels. This means that omega-3s are critical in reducing cardiovascular disease rates, making it one of the benefits of krill oil.

3. Helps in the prevention of several types of cancer

Many studies associate the consumption of omega-3 supplements with the prevention and reduction of various types of tumors, such as breast, prostate, colon and lung cancer, among others. It is believed that these fats have the ability to inhibit tumor metastasis to other tissues of the body. In addition, omega 3 also stimulates the control of estrogen activity that favors the appearance of the breast tumor and its proliferation to other organs through the bloodstream.

4. It has anti-inflammatory properties

Among the many benefits of krill oil is aid in reducing inflammation and reducing symptoms of many problems, such as arthritis, reducing pain and improving mobility in the local.

A study published with 90 participants with heart disease or arthritis, and who used the krill oil for 30 days, presented a considerable reduction of the levels of inflammation in the organism, besides the significant reduction of pain and level of stiffness in the region affected.

5. Helps counter the symptoms of premenstrual tension

The effect of krill oil on the control of PMS symptoms has also been evaluated in some studies. One of these studies showed a group of women who used krill oil and who had a significant reduction in PMS symptoms, including pain in the breasts, swelling, joint pain, as well as symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, irritability and lack of control emotional. It is believed that this effect is related to the influence of fatty acids on brain function.

6. Helps fight the symptoms of hepatic steatosis

Hepatic steatosis is characterized by the accumulation of fat in the liver, accompanied by an inflammation of the liver cells. One study showed that patients with chronic liver disease and who used krill oil showed a significant reduction in the amount of total fat present in the liver, as a function of the amount of fatty acids present in its composition and also in function of its action anti-inflammatory.


Product obtained from crustaceans, there are innumerable benefits of krill oil for health, which can aid in many aspects, helping to reduce in the process of slimming, reducing inflammation, preventing various diseases such as cancer and also helping to reduce symptoms of PMS. Its use should always be accompanied by a healthy diet and also adequate physical activity.


Did you already know the supplement and benefits of krill oil for health and fitness? Want to try out your properties? Comment below!

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