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Shake Bioslim Lose Weight? How it works?

Before placing any type of substance inside our organism it is fundamental to do a good research with the objective of information about what such a component can cause in our body and whether the effect promised by it will actually be fulfilled.

And if this serves both medicines, beverages and food, it should be applied on a large scale also in relation to products that promise to help the weight loss process, as is the case with shakes, especially since they usually replace one or more meals to promote weight loss - which can pose health risks if the chosen shake does not provide the proper amount of nutrients the body needs for its proper functioning.

Let's talk about one of these products, the Bioslim. How does it work? Does the Bioslim shake really lose weight without damaging the consumer's health?

What is it and how does Bioslim work?

Available in the strawberry, vanilla, chocolate and apple and banana flavors, Bioslim is a line of diet shakes that promises to contribute to the decrease in body weight by replacing meals by consuming a portion of a cup of the product, which has 202 calories.

The Bioslim shake works as follows: the user should stop feeding himself normally on one or two meals that he usually performs on his day and take a shake cup instead. The idea is that this leads to a reduction in the amount of calories consumed and, consequently, the decrease in body weight is experienced.

And to provide for the removal of the nutrients provided by normal food, the shake brings in its composition elements such as dietary fiber - which according to manufacturer, comes up with a rate equivalent to 18% of a person's daily needs for vitamin A, vitamin B12, calcium, iron, selenium and proteins.

One pack of Bioslim comes with 400 g, which yields 11 servings of 300 ml of the drink. To prepare the shake, simply mix three tablespoons of the powder - corresponding to 35 g - with 300 ml of skim milk and beat in the blender.

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Among the flavors made available by the brand, the apple and banana brings the addition of other ingredients: collagen and soy.

Shake Bioslim Weight Loss?

According to what the nutritionist of the Federal University of São Paulo (Unifesp) Juliana Lopez states, the average consumption of an adult by lunch is in the range of 600 to 700 calories, which may vary according to the health, weight and frequency of physical activities that each person practice.

If we take this value as a basis and imagine that the person will exchange this meal for a 300 ml portion of the shake, we will save 398 to 498 calories daily. And if we take into account that over a given period of time this caloric deficit will be accumulated, we can conclude that the shake Bioslim really slims, since one of the keys to losing weight is to reduce the number of calories ingested, naked and raw.

However, it is worth emphasizing here that for this effect to be truly observed it is necessary that this decrease in the amount of calories consumed is not compensated in other meals. For example, if the consumer stops eating lunch to take the shake, but eats too much in his afternoon snack, doubling or even tripling the caloric value of your portions, you will probably have many difficulties lose weight.

And if by replacing your complete lunch with the shake, he continues to feel hungry and his body complains that he is not satisfied, we may have a signal there that perhaps this method is not the most pleasant or healthy for your body.

Beware of shakes

Same knowing that through the calculation of calories presented above the Bioslim shake slims, choosing a shake in place of a meal can be a risky decision from a point of view nutritional. As nutritionist at Unifesp Eliana Cristina de Almeida warns, even if these products bring important nutrients, they do not carry the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals. minerals present in a balanced meal and so their recommendation is that they be used with caution, as a dietary supplement and not substitute for meals.

Reinforcing what the expert said, a test conducted by the Brazilian Association of Defense of Consumer - Protest - in February 2013 showed that continued use of shakes is not advantageous to health. The experiment carried out by the organization analyzed five brands, among which Bioslim was included, and one of its conclusions was that they did not offer an adequate nutritional balance.

One of the points of concern about the Bioslim shake was in relation to the large amount of carbohydrates and proteins and the small fats found in the product, which can cause loss of muscle and water rather than elimination of fats. In other words, no matter how true the Bioslim shake is, you can end up doing it incorrectly.

The disadvantage of loss of muscles is that it also causes a reduction in the strength of the individual, disrupts his movements and still weight loss, since the more muscles a person has, the more calories she is able to eliminate daily metabolism.

Already the danger of water loss is that dehydration occurs, something that is associated with several health problems.

Another problem found by Protest was the excess of protein in the composition of the shakes, something that for the nutritionist Eliana Almeida can compromise the functioning of the kidneys or the liver. Therefore, when buying your shake, make sure that your protein rate does not exceed 10 to 15% of the energy value.

In contrast to the results presented by the association, the representative of Bioslim said that the nutritional values ​​of the brand shake are within what was stipulated National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) and World Health Organization (WHO) and that if it caused health problems these organs would not have authorized their sale. In addition, it also states that it is necessary to know the criteria adopted by Proteste in its analysis.

Whatever your conclusion regarding the survey, at least the alert has been made. And if you choose to use the shake, the safest is to talk to the doctor you trust to understand how Bioslim works and make sure that the product will not harm the supply of nutrients to its body.

Also, it does not hurt to remember that the safest way to lose weight for the body is the old combination of healthy eating and regular exercise.


Do you believe that the Bioslim shake actually slims? Do you want to use it to lose weight, even knowing the nutritional risks? Comment below!

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