10 Benefits of Pilates for Fitness and Health

Not all people are attracted to weight lifting or bodybuilding. It is common to come across people who just want to keep the body in shape, without aiming for a significant gain of lean mass or extreme hypertrophy.

The benefits of Pilates can be enjoyed by those who want a physical activity with reduced intensity and without large lesions. He has long been confused with yoga, and there are practitioners who reconcile the practice of Pilates with other exercises like yoga.

Before you start to move your body, it is best to know the benefits of Pilates, so you feel safe and aware of the contributions of the exercises. Check below:

1. Body awareness and better posture

Physical fitness professionals claim that the greatest benefit of Pilates is body awareness, because after adopting the practice, you will be able to relate the aches and pains caused by day-to-day tasks with the movements made in class.

Pilates allows you to become more aware of how to behave, how to position yourself or sit, different activities, such as answering the phone, using the computer, or even resting the neck.

Pilates provides support for your spine as stretches and movements allow for more space between the vertebrae, which only shows that you are taller, but it also contributes to better mobility, thus turning your spine stiffness. This new flexibility obtained can avoid degenerative problems in the spine, thus also favoring a move with more ease and less discomfort.

2. No impact on joints

If you are one of those people who is out of shape, Pilates can be recognized as a great way to prepare you for more intense activities. The exercises do not put any stress on the joints and do not generate wear on your ligaments and cartilage around your joints, especially when referring to shoulder joints and knees

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Pilates can be considered a body rehabilitation or a light physical therapy session. Differing from more intense exercises, Pilates can be practiced every day as it does not generate overload on muscles and joints. By practicing regularly, you will be able to recognize the benefits of Pilates from the third week from then on, you will become aware of the importance and stand firm in your purpose.

3. Healthy mind

The benefits of Pilates are not only limited to better fitness, but also encompass emotional health. Soft, firm movements can help calm the mind and nervous system. Stretching and movement can strengthen muscles, thereby improving blood circulation and reducing tension more fully.

With each workout you can feel more calm, balanced, possibly more rejuvenated and without stress. It is critical to focus to allow all tension to be eliminated, this is how your body achieves physical and mental health.

4. More balance and more motor coordination

Women make up the majority of Pilates practitioners, and the 40-year age group is a phase that requires more attention to them, because it is possible to identify the deterioration of balance and weakening of muscles and nerve receptors, thus reducing sensitivity.

They seek support in Pilates as it can reverse the aging process and favor better stabilization. The practice can work small and deep muscles, which are necessary to maintain the body, especially the spine, conditioned for walks and activities more dense.

The movements performed in Pilates can favor your physical preparation for numerous other activities, as well as preparing you to evolve even more physically, with more capacity for balance and better coordination motor.

5. Less pain and stiffness

If you are one of the people who suffers constantly with pains of osteoarthritis, arthritis and fibromyalgia, then you will be happy to know that by stretching your body in Pilates classes, you will recognize that pain will relieve. Choosing the right exercise is vital for managing arthritis as it increases the flexibility of the entire body for performing stretches in addition to significantly reducing fatigue.

Pilates stretches help to pump vital nutrients into the tendons and muscles, helping them stay healthy and less likely to injure themselves. There is also a valid stimulus for the production of lubricants (synovial fluid), which act on the adhesion. With better circulation, shoulders, legs, back and neck are released and then it will be possible to identify the reduction of pain and stiffness, since it eliminates the tension.

6. Post-pregnancy

The benefits of Pilates can also extend to ex-pregnant women. It is common to know some women who do not feel satisfied with the lower part of their abdomen after giving birth. The now moms can practice the exercises with some movements that tend to collaborate so that the abdomen get a flat structure again, and this occurs due to the efficiency of muscle memory.

It is important to emphasize that this benefit is more common with physically active women, who have dedicated themselves just to get a little more toning.

7. Correct breathing

Many people get better quality of life just by understanding the best breathing techniques, and this can be improved by practicing physical exercises. Those who deal with a diaphragm block may note the benefits of Pilates in better control of the respiratory muscles, that is, better control of inspiration and expiration.

8. Flexibility

Stretching not only helps you get better posture or reduce aches and pains with your joints. When practicing Pilates, you may notice that your flexibility will be optimized, especially from the back of the body, which is responsible for most flexibility issues.

9. Can be practiced anywhere

Like yoga, the movements made in Pilates are smooth and should be performed slowly and reflexively, thus requiring concentration and focus. Even with the use of small accessories, you can practice Pilates not only in gyms, but outdoors, at home, or at anywhere, which is very interesting for people who travel and do not want to interrupt the practice of Exercises.

10. All ages

The benefits of Pilates can be very convenient for seniors. The movements and the mild environment provide reflection and rest for those who seek a better quality of life through the practice of physical exercises. There are gyms that provide special classes for this audience, where instructors analyze the limitations and awaken the attention of the practitioners, motivating them and building a class focused on overcoming each student.

The benefits of Pilates can be noticed from the third week of dedication, among which the elderly may recognize that they will sleep better and feel more comfortable.


Were you aware of all these benefits of Pilates for our health and fitness? Have you ever practiced it? Why? Comment below!

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