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22-year-old almost dies after steroid addiction

Alerts on the danger of using drugs to accelerate the process of gaining muscles or improving performance in physical training are what they do not lack, but even though we still hear of cases of people who have greatly harmed their own health by making use of these substances, in order to gain the "body ideal". This is what happened to the Englishman Ryan Harriss, who at the age of 22 almost died of a heart attack due to the consumption of a steroid cocktail.

Harriss had started taking the drugs after noting that despite training a lot, he could not get the same muscular physique as his friends who were already using the substances. "There were guys next to me who did not seem to be working as hard as I was, but they had a lot better winnings he told the Daily Mail.

harris2Harriss before starting to take the steroid cocktail

These friends were the ones who told the young man that he would not achieve the same effect without using steroids and that's when he started using drugs. "I did not even think about it. When my salary arrived I went to a friend of a friend and made the order. Most guys did not suffer from any kind of problem, "he said.

Seeing the instantaneous difference in his body, the Englishman admitted to being addicted to the substances and confessed to having increased the dosage of drugs, to get bigger and bigger. Same constant chest pains, he ignored the problem and continued to attend the gym.

harrisThe young man soon became addicted to drugs and wanted to get bigger and bigger.

Then, six months after starting using steroids and getting addicted to them, the young man spent very badly during a night out with his friends. "I felt short of breath, I was very hot and I was sweating. At first I did not know what was happening, it seemed like a panic attack. But as my chest got tighter, I realized what was happening to me. Everything was foggy and I fainted, "he said of the Daily Mail.

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At the hospital, doctors found that Harriss's heart had swollen and was much larger than normal and her blood pressure was too high.

He woke up in a hospital bed and found his girlfriend holding his hands, while crying. The Englishman was hospitalized for five days for the exams and heard from the doctors that at the speed that his heart was beating, he was lucky to be alive.

They even warned the young man that he would die if he continued to expose his heart to the effects of drugs. That's when he made the promise never to take the steroids again.

"I was terrified. I had never been through anything like that and I pray this will not happen again, "he said.

Despite failing to have a larger body, the Englishman kept his promise and today, at the age of 24, two years after the near-fatal experience, he never again injected steroids into his body.

Why are steroids so dangerous?

According to Talk to Frank, steroids are drugs that mimic the effect of natural hormones in the body, responsible for controlling the body's development. There are two types of steroids: anabolic and corticosteroids.

The most misused type is anabolic, which mimics testosterone and can stimulate growth improve endurance and performance during training and give fast.

The problem is that the use of this drug can also leave the user paranoid, angry, aggressive, violent and cause mood changes, in addition to bring acne to the face and atrophy the testicles.

And the losses do not stop there. For younger people, anabolic steroids can impair the development of the body. For men, the possible effects are problems of erection, sterility and breast growth.

For women, what may occur is the appearance of masculine features such as on the face, a thick voice, a decrease in breast size and hair loss. They may also experience clitoris enlargement, menstruation problems, and changes in sexual appetite.

There are even more serious damage like increased blood pressure - which carries greater risks of liver failure, stroke and heart attack, as it did with Harriss.

In addition, injecting drugs in general carries risks such as damaging veins, ulcers and gangrene - tissue death - and the danger of having HIV or hepatitis C transmitted.

In Brazil, Law No. , 65, of April 27, 2000, establishes that the sale of anabolic steroids can only be made by presenting and retaining the prescription in pharmacies and drugstores.


Do you know anyone who has a Harriss-like story? Have you ever considered giving in to the dangerous use of steroids? Comment below!

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