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15 Benefits of an Ice Cream for Health and Fitness

Have you ever been super relaxed under a shower of hot water, when suddenly the water cools and comes with everything on top of you? At that moment it seems that your world is over, right?

But the next time this happens, do not come out screaming to the four corners. Instead, enjoy this cold water because it may be just what you need.

It has been proven that cold water baths do extremely well to health and well-being. Something as simple as lowering the temperature of your bath can really make a big improvement in your life. So let's learn about the 15 benefits of a cold shower just below!

1. Cold baths build willpower

Although almost no one speaks of this benefit of a cold shower, they build an enormous willpower.

For someone who has never taken a cold shower, the amount of willpower required to enter underneath a cold water shower can be huge, so it tends to be a big leap for a men.

To do something that the person tends to resist, every day, especially when he wakes up, needs a lot of willpower. And over time, this mental strength and discipline will become an automatic habit that will echo in your life.

2. Improves emotional endurance

Do you feel disturbed, anxious or upset with ease? Cold baths can help you, since they train your nervous system to be more resistant to stress.

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As shown in a study, cold water baths act as a small oxidative form of stress in your nervous system, and over time your body adapts to it.

The first time you enter from under a shower of cold water, you probably will not be able to think right or breathe, but after a month you will be thinking about your day in a more zen way, which will translate into your daily life, leaving aside the stressful nonsense that normally spoils your humor.

This can be seen as an adaptation to repeated oxidative stress, which is postulated as a mechanism of body hardening. Hardening may be, for example, the exposure of a natural heat stimulus, which results in increased stress tolerance.

Remember James Bond. In his stories, he always takes what is known as a "Scottish Bath in which he begins with a shower of hot water and ends with cold water, so he becomes calmer and calmer.

3. It reduces stress

Along with increasing your adaptation to stressful situations, an ice bath will lower your levels of uric acid, increasing your glutathione levels in the blood, making it generally less stressed.

4. Cold baths increase your alertness

If you are one of the brave souls who has ever taken a cold shower, then you know that at first it is difficult to breathe.

But do not be alarmed, this extremely deep breath at: 0 every morning, causes it to increase drastically their oxygen consumption and heart rate, resulting in a natural dose of energy during all day.

And with that, that deep breath from the cold water will make you more alert throughout the day, instead of getting like a zombie in your work.

5. They improve your skin and hair

If the simple fact that you feel better during your day is not enough reason to join the cold bath, know that one of the best ways to improve your skin and hair is by taking cold showers.

According to dermatologist Jessica Krant, ice water can help improve the skin, preventing it from losing much of its natural oil, and your hair has the same benefit.

Also, one of the benefits of taking a cold shower is how this will help your hair stay bright, strong and healthy, keeping the follicles flat and increasing their adherence to leather hairy. This is great news for anyone who is scared of losing hair.

6. Stimulates weight loss

Another way of how cold showers will make you look better is by promoting fat loss.

Most people do not know this, but there are two types of fat in their bodies. Brown fat and white fat. White fat is bad, it is body fat that everyone hates, brown fat is good, as it is responsible for generating heat and keeping your body warm. Understand better here.

When you take a cold water bath, the brown fat is activated, resulting in an increase in energy expenditure to keep your body warm thereby increasing the calorie expenditure.

7. Cold baths increase testosterone

One of the coolest benefits for men regarding cold baths is that they will boost your testosterone levels.

It is difficult to say for certain how much it will increase, but according to this study, heat, even in small amounts, has an effect on DNA, RNA and protein synthesis in the testes.

A curiosity is that for this reason the testicles of men stay out of the body, to remain cold. This study corroborates this claim, showing that only 15 minutes of heat increase in the testicles of rats showed a large drop in testosterone levels.

All this, plus the fact that Russian weightlifters used to sit outside in the cold, before competitions, there is something about the cold shower and testosterone theory.

8. Increase fertility

Another interesting benefit of cold baths is that they increase the sperm count in men, thus increasing fertility.

It has been proven that taking hot baths can be an effective male contraceptive. Men who took a hot bath for about half an hour, every day for 3 weeks, were considered infertile for about 6 months.

In addition, a study by a university in the United States showed that men who stopped taking regular hot baths had an increase in sperm count of up to 491%.

So if you are trying to get your partner pregnant, it is best to change the hot baths for a good cold shower.

9. Cold baths increase immunity

One of the most important benefits of cold bath is the fact that they increase, that is, improve their immunity.

According to a study carried out in England, taking cold showers regularly increases the amount of white cells that serve to fight illnesses, compared to those who take hot baths regularly.

The hypothesis was that men tend to warm up during the cold bath, resulting in an increase in the metabolic rate and the rate of activation of the immune system. This leads to the release of more white cells.

10. Cold baths improve circulation

If you do not feel motivated to take a cold shower to feel better, or to look better, think that at least they make you healthier.

Cold baths improve your circulation by sending more blood to your organs so they stay warm. This stimulation of the circulatory system is optimal for your cardiovascular health.

11. They drain your lymphatic system

The lymphatic system helps your body cleanse your cells, and this is critical in defending your body against infections and when the lymphatic system is blocked, the person will experience symptoms such as frequent colds, infections and articulations.

Cold baths, when alternated with hot baths, will help your lymphatic system through when they are exposed to cold, and relax when exposed to heat.

This essentially pumps out the liquid that may be stagnant in your lymphatic vessels, resulting in a stronger and healthier immune system.

12. Cold baths help in muscle recovery

If you are an athlete, you know that taking a cold shower after an intense workout is one of the best things that can be done to recover faster, and a 2009 study confirms this.

But you do not need a high tech training center with cold water submersibles to be able to achieve these benefits, just take a shower of cold water.

Although not as effective as a bath fully submerged in cold water, it will improve your circulation, and help remove lactic acid. Try to alternate the bath between very hot and very cold, so as to let the blood come and go. Your muscles will thank you.

14. They wake you up

Obviously, a cold shower will wake you up in the morning.

It has already been said here how they will scientifically increase their agility, but leaving the science of side, if you are having trouble getting up and starting your day, cold baths can change that.

15. And after that, they put you to sleep

Ironically, although cold baths help you get up in the morning, cold therapy is one of the best ways to ensure an incredible night's sleep.

You do not have to start straight from the cold water

For many this is a great relief. You can get in your bath with the hot water, and enjoy it, but the last 3 minutes should be cold. As cold as you can get.

How to take the courage to take cold showers

Now that you already know how a cold shower can be impressive, good luck waking up in the morning and coming in from under a cold showerhead.

Regardless of how excited you feel right now, it's hard to get started.

Then look at some words that will encourage you.

  1. What would the best version of you do? No one will push you into the shower unless you have a silly older brother. The only thing you have to do is get in the shower, and every time you do that, the next one will get easier. If you want to be the best version of yourself, you have to get out of your comfort zone;
  2. Make this an experience. Thinking that every day for the rest of your life will take a cold shower can be scary. How to make any other change in your lifestyle that your mind perceives as permanent.
    So here is your experience. All you have to do is take a cold shower in the morning and see how you feel. You can start with the hot water, but finish with it cold and see how you are feeling. If you liked, then do it again the next day, and see how you feel after doing this for two days in a row. It is just an experience, not a permanent change of life.

Do you have a habit of taking hot or cold baths during your daily life? Did you imagine that an ice bath could bring as many benefits as these to the body? Comment below!

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