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Practicing Exercises Can Make Your Work Less Stressful

Stress can be harmful to your health, contributing to various conditions, from high blood pressure to nausea. Now a new study suggests that exercising can be an effective way to alleviate the health problems often caused by stress at work.

In a new report published in the journalMedicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, researchers analyzed 200 Swedish workers and assessed their stress levels using the Nordic Questionnaire for Psychological and Social Factors at Work. Participants were also assessed for heart health by blood pressure, weight, and cholesterol, in addition to having their estimated physical fitness levels.

The researchers found that people who were more stressed had higher levels of risk factors for heart disease. But people who were more physically active were less likely to have these risk factors.

This means that people with high stress levels had higher levels of bad cholesterol compared to stressed people who were more active. The exercises may act as a mitigator of some of the health risk factors that are known to be caused by too much stress, according to the authors.

Bearing in mind that study participants were asked about their overall stress levels, not specifically on work-related stress, the study also addresses the ability of the exercise to combat the effects of stress on general.

The researchers did not ask participants directly whether exercise relieved their stress, but other studies suggest yes. "However, after a stressful day at work, people are more likely to do sedentary activities, probably because these activities need fewer resources than exercise, "says study author Markus Gerber of the University of Basel, Switzerland. "So while exercise can be a good remedy against stress, it will only have an impact if it really was practiced."

More research is needed to determine if there is an ideal time to exercise in order to relieve stress, but Gerber says that some evidence suggests that the four-hour window after exercise is when it provides the greatest protection against stress.

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Are you very stressed about your job? And how often do you practice physical activities? Do you think this can reduce stress? Comment below!

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