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Buddy Valastro, the 'Cake Boss Reveals the Secrets to Your Weight Loss

Buddy Valastro, the famous "Cake Boss" from the TV cooking series, has just changed its image from "Cake Boss" to head of weight loss.

On Monday, TV star and restaurant owner "Cake Boss" posted a picture on the Instagram with his wife, Lisa. While it was no surprise to see Buddy look good in a photo, he looked especially thin.

"A lot of people have asked me how I recently lost weight, so I just wanted to share that I used the Optavia program Buddy wrote next to the picture. "I'm not getting paid to say this and it should be noted that I think every body is different and you should do what's best for you, but that's what I'm doing and I'm very happy with the results until now!"

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This weight loss program, as well as many others available, provides coaches who help clients not only reach their ideal weight, but also to develop habits for a healthy and continuous lifestyle for future weight maintenance ideal.

Looking at old Buddy Instagram posts, as he is paying homage to his late mother, Mary, on his birthday, it is noted that the difference in his physique is astounding.

Spending today remembering just how much we love and miss our dear momma. Wish we were all together celebrating but hope she's having a great time with dad. Happy birthday!

A post shared by. Buddy Valastro (@buddyvalastro) on Apr 17, 2018 at: 1pm PDT

Buddy's followers are excited about how well their favorite confectioner feels these days.

"Absolutely stunning couple! I had to start following, I always loved his show and family is everything in life, "commented a fan.

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"Wow!!! This is an incredible transformation, "said another.

"Wow, this is great for you. You look 20 years younger. You guys are awesome! "Someone posted.

Now, we can not wait to see what new taste, creativity and health conscious the boss will prepare soon!


Have you ever seen the body transformation of 'Cake Boss' Buddy Valastro? Do you know his show and are you a fan of the confectioner? Comment below!

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