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5 Benefits of Vitamin C for Hair

Vitamin C (or ascorbic acid) is an essential vitamin for the maintenance of immune system and important role in the synthesis of collagen - a protein responsible for the composition of nails, bones, hair and for "holding" our cells together in the place. It is also a powerful antioxidant and a water-soluble vitamin, that is, it dissolves in water.

Vitamin C is not stored in our body - the unabsorbed / used amount is always discarded and therefore needs to be periodically through diet or food supplements, since humans can not synthesize it internally.

After reading about the importance that vitamin C has in our health, it is easy to be motivated to keep it in the diet, but the advantages do not stop there. Let's take a look at the benefits offered by vitamin C for hair? After all, a healthy interior will always be reflected by our exterior too!

Strengthening of wires

Vitamin C strengthens and can still prevent hair loss, which is not surprising considering its cell repair properties and the fact that it increases iron absorption. Vitamin C deficiency can damage yarns, resecting, thinning and creating double ends.

Antioxidant action

The antioxidant action of this vitamin prevents the peeling and irritation of the scalp and on top promotes "cleansing" as ascorbic acid eliminates shampoo residues that may be impregnated into the wires.

Vitamin C also fights the action of free radicals, harmful molecules that can form in the face of sun exposure and pollution, for example, and which are extremely harmful to the health of the wires.

Increase in collagen

As we have already mentioned, this vitamin helps to synthesize collagen and this is perhaps the greatest benefit of vitamin C for hair, since collagen plays a fundamental role in the hair structure, in addition to having moisturizing and rejuvenating.

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More brightness

Permanently adding vitamin C to your diet can give you brighter tresses! This is because it closes the cuticle of the wires, which makes the light reflect better on them, and helps in maintaining the natural color of the hair.


Vitamin C in cosmetics such as creams and shampoos has a moisturizing effect, due to the presence of hydroxyl in its composition, which attracts water molecules and keeps them to themselves. Say goodbye to the dry threads!

The use of beauty products with vitamin C certainly helps, but the best source of vitamin C is food that, in addition to helping the appearance of tresses, benefits the whole body. You can get your daily dose of this vitamin through fruits like strawberry, papaya, orange and lemon.

If for some reason, you can not implement enough vitamin C in the diet, supplements are a good idea!


Did you already know most of these benefits of vitamin C for your hair? Do you consume an ideal amount of this vitamin in your diet or do you also want to use supplementation? Comment below!

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