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Banaba Emagrece? What It Is, Benefits, Side Effects and How to Take

Do you know what Banaba is? It is the name of a plant native to the Philippines and Southeast Asia, with scientific name ofLagerstroemia speciosaand which can also be used as a supplement.

Does banaba lose weight?

One of the known uses of banaba as a supplement is precisely to aid the process of weight loss. But does banaba really lose weight?

According to theLivestrong,the banaba leaf contains a substance called corosolic acid, which has been shown to have an effect on the decrease of insulin by the pancreas. The publication clarified that when blood glucose levels are high, as it happens When we eat bread or sugar-filled foods, the pancreas releases an insulin overload in the body.

The problem, according to theLivestrong,is that a common effect of having too much insulin in the bloodstream is weight gain or obesity. When glucose levels are high, this glucose is then stored as fat, and thus, lowering blood sugar rates has an effect in relation to weight loss.

The leaf of the plant is also composed of tannic acid, which was pointed out in a 2005 study as useful for obesity associated with Type 2 diabetes (the use of banaba by people with diabetes requires care and medical follow-up, as will be detailed in the course of this article).

The publication also talked about a 1999 study from Tokyo, Japan, in which mice received the banaba extract.

Among the results observed were a lower weight gain and a 65% decrease in hepatic lipid content, thanks to a reduction in triglyceride levels. OLivestrongexplained that low hepatic lipid levels are associated with weight loss and that the research suggested that banaba leaf has a beneficial effect in obese rats.

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However, this does not necessarily mean that we can say that banaba is emaciated, since the evidence for the use of banaba in this insufficient, and further evidence is required to be considered efficient in Weight.

We would like to record here that it is more important than banaba whether banaba is or is not to remember that there are no magical products or substances that promote weight loss, although some of them may to help.

Therefore, the ideal for those who want or need to lose weight is to look for ways to achieve this goal healthily. For this, it is necessary to have a healthy diet, controlled, balanced and nutritious, with the assistance of a good nutritionist.

It is also worth practicing regular physical activities, as they increase calorie burn by with the help of a good physical educator to ensure the safety and trainings.

Benefits of banaba

Now that we have analyzed whether or not banaba is slimming, we will check some benefits that have already been associated with it:

- Metabolic syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is described as a group of conditions - high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol, high triglycerides and inflammation - which increase the chances of a person suffering with heart disease and stroke (stroke), explained the nutritionist Traci Joy.

The nutritionist also spoke about a study carried out by researchers from Japan who tested the extract of banaba leaf in various conditions of the metabolic syndrome and was published in a 2005 edition of the PublicationLife Sciences.

The observed result was that, at the end of 10 weeks of treatment, fat metabolism had normalized and body inflammation had decreased. Anyway, talk to your doctor before using banaba within your treatment for metabolic syndrome.

- Cancer

Still according to nutritionist Traci Joy, a study by researchers in China and released in 2009 in the publicationCancer Letterstested the corosolic acid, present in banaba leaf, against human cervical cancer cells.

Research has indicated that corosolic acid has stimulated the release of killing enzymes from cancer cells. However, this should be carefully considered because it is such a serious and person with cancer should discuss with your doctor whether and how the banaba may be helpful for your treatment.

We also warn that abandoning treatment to adhere to the use of banaba is extremely dangerous, especially when we speak of a serious illness such as cancer.

Side effects and care with banaba

One of the side effects of banaba is that it can lower blood pressure. Thus, in theory, its use may make the pressure very low in people who already suffer from low blood pressure or take drugs to lower blood pressure.

Banaba can also affect your blood glucose control. Therefore, those who suffer from diabetes should check with their doctor before starting to use banaba, since it is recommended that those diagnosed with the disease closely monitor their sugar blood.

The banana leaf extract contains numerous steroidal ingredients whose side effects can vary greatly, including adverse skin reactions such as increased acne.

For those who know that it reacts adversely to the ingestion of chemical steroids, the recommendation is to avoid banaba leaf extract supplements, at least until you talk to your doctor.

When experiencing any side effects after using banaba, quickly seek the help of a doctor to know how to proceed.

Short-term oral use of banaba is considered safe, however, the safety of its long-term use is unknown. Therefore, it is essential to consult your doctor before using it to see if it is really suitable for the case, if you can not do it, what dosage should be used and for how long the banana can be used.

This recommendation is for all people, especially children, adolescents, the elderly and people suffering from some type of illness or specific health condition. Do not use the plant or its supplement in substitution for any treatment indicated by the doctor because this can seriously damage your health.

You also need to talk to your doctor to see if banaba can not interact with any medications, supplements or medicinal plants you are using. For example, it may interact with medicines used to treat diabetes.

As there is insufficient information on the use of bananas for pregnant women in the process of breastfeeding of their babies, it is recommended that these women act safely and avoid using the product, always consulting the doctor.

Because it affects blood glucose levels and makes controlling these rates more difficult during and after a surgical procedure, it is recommended to stop using the banaba at least two weeks before the scheduled date for the surgery.

How to take the banaba

As the plant does not grow in western countries, its use happens in the form of supplements. If you are interested in buying the product, talk to your doctor and check with him the dosage indicated for your case, in view of your needs.

You will find on the internet pots of 60 capsules of the banana leaf supplement to buy for the price of $ 5, 9. The instruction is to take one capsule of the supplement twice a day, however, confirm with your doctor if this dosage really is adequate and safe for you.


Have you ever heard that banaba slim? Are you curious to try supplementation with this plant? Comment below!

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