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Taking Albumin before bed is worth it?

Anyone who wants to gain muscle mass certainly knows that in addition to steady exercise in and following a specific diet, you may make use of supplements to achieve such goals.

However, in addition to defining which type of product to use, it is necessary for the consumer to know the best times of consumption, so that he makes the best use of his supplement.

In today's article we are going to talk about one of these products, albumin, and find out if taking albumin before bed really worth it.

What is albumin?

The supplement is prepared from egg white dehydration, and can offer B-complex vitamins essential and non-essential amino acids to the body and minerals such as iron, zinc, manganese, phosphorus and potassium. It is considered a product of high biological value, due to its good and slow absorption.

Albumin is found in egg - ovumbumin - in human blood - seroalbumin - and in milk - lactalbumin. The supplement is produced through the egg by the fact that the protein is found with abundance in the food

In the human body, it makes up a large part of the blood plasma of the human body, corresponding to 70% of its solid elements. Protein is produced by the liver and is essential for transporting hydrophobic compounds (which have water aversion) into and out of tissues.

It is a substance that can aid in the transport of nutrients into the bloodstream. Failure to do so may hinder the healing process.

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Taking albumin before bed is worth it?

Taking albumin at bedtime is worth bearing in mind that the supplement provides nutritional support to your muscles while you sleep, thanks to its slow absorption process.

That is, during your nocturnal rest, which is a period when the body goes fast, there will be a steady and gradual supply of protein to your body. With this, the substance will help prevent the unwanted effect of catabolism, which is the process of losing muscle mass, extending the desired anabolic effect to the health of muscles.

Another time also indicated for consumption of the supplement is the morning, just after waking up, for breakfast. It will support the anabolic after the first meal of the day.

Taking albumin after training is also positive. It is a rich source of protein, it just does not digest as quickly as whey protein. See also the article: Albumin or Whey Protein - What to Take?

If you are considering taking albumin before bed, pay attention to how your body reacts. Some people experience some stomach discomfort when taking albumin. And this reaction, especially before bed, can be very bad. If you feel this, you can think about taking casein before bed. It is a very good supplement, but it is much more expensive.

Benefits of albumin

The benefits of albumin to its biological value and easy digestion, which contribute to better absorption of nutrients. It even helps in repairing and gaining muscle mass, replenishing proteins, improves blood clotting, increases satiety, thanks to its and may decrease the symptoms of post-workout, according to research conducted by Ball State University in the United States. United.

In addition, the supplement can help the metabolism, it contributes to the sensation of satiety (thanks to the slow absorption, which can be useful for those who also want to lose weight), can help in the recovery of aesthetic surgeries (contributes to the decrease of swelling and collaborates with scarring, reducing the risk of fibrosis, which occurs when there is excess protein in the diet, also due to its absorption slow).

Unpleasant taste?

One of the main factors that discourages the consumption of albumin is its taste, but this is not an argument that convinces the desistence of its consumption. The supplement is sold with artificial flavors, but they are still not palatable.

Athletes and athletes who do not give up the benefits of albumin have sought alternatives to make tasting enjoyable. You can create combinations with foods that optimize the results of your specific diet. If you want to lose weight, you can combine albumin with fruits rich in fiber and oats for example.

The combination of albumin and unsweetened juices can also be an interesting help to vary your menu. It is recommended to mix a portion of 30 grams of albumin with 200 ml of water and powdered juice to taste.

Protein porridge can also be enriched with albumin, as it will still make it more consistent. Diets usually recommend reducing portions and calories at night, so take albumin before sleep can be an initiative for you, especially if in a few days you are in doubt when choosing the last meal of the day. day.

Hydration can support the use of the supplement in the preparation of more sophisticated recipes such as spices, pasta and tasty desserts. This hydration can be done with 15 grams of albumin and 200 ml of water, being processed in the blender, and then being taken to the microwave.

Contraindications and side effects

It is important to note that albumin may not be indicated for specific cases of people suffering from conditions, so it is important to have a nutritional assessment before supplementation.

Knowing that albumin is nothing more than egg white, its consumption can result in intestinal gas and harm people with intestinal sensitivity, as it can lead to diarrhea. Its consumption can still lead to the accumulation of gases with a more unpleasant odor than normal.


Have you thought about taking albumin before bed? What is your favorite protein supplement? Comment below!

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