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Most Popular Stretch Marks Treatments

Stretch marks are forms of skin scars that usually appear in women and are related to pregnancy, but also may appear in men at puberty or because of rapid weight gain, be it obesity or rapid mass gain through bodybuilding.

Striae form when the dermis, which is the middle layer of the skin, which gives elasticity, is stretched more than it should, thus forming small stretch stripes. The skin fibers break down, disrupting the production of collagen and thus causing these uncomfortable scars.

The scar initially appears reddish due to rupture and, after a time, if left untreated, it may become deeper and whitish, being more difficult to remove. However, this does not cause pain, it is only a more aesthetic problem. The only ways to reverse this situation is through the treatments for stretch marks.


Many people may suffer from stretch marks, whether men or women, but most cases of stretch marks are linked to pregnancy. Three out of four women will have stria during or after pregnancy, this is statistical and proven.

Striae usually appear on the belly, which is the region that most extends, but may occur in other regions of the body, it is necessary to perform treatments for stretch marks to remove these imperfections. People who have lost weight quickly or who have gained mass quickly, such as bodybuilders, can also give rise to stretch marks.


As already mentioned, both men and women are prone to develop stretch marks at certain moments of life due to everyday situations. The most common body parts are: thighs, hips, arms, buttocks, abdomen, sinuses and lower thighs. Some causes related to stria are genetics, puberty, bodybuilding, corticosteroids and ethnicities. Understand each one better:

  • Genetics:Women are more likely to get stretch marks than men, mainly due to pregnancy. If her mother has stretch marks during pregnancy or if the woman tends to have an effect on the face (fast gain and weight loss), she may have stretch marks easily;
  • Puberty:Abrupt growth during puberty related to increased hormones in the body can trigger stretch marks in both men and women. This is because the skin and its elasticity can not keep up with the rapid growth of the body;
  • Bodybuilding:The rapid development of muscle mass can lead to stretching of the skin more than normal;
  • Corticosteroids:Prolonged or exaggerated use of oral corticosteroids may stimulate the appearance of stretch marks;
  • Ethnicity:Brunette or Afro-descendant people are less likely to develop stretch marks than people with lighter skin.

Body Areas

Stretch marks can affect any area of ​​the body, the most common being the abdomen, but may arise in other regions that experience uncontrollable stretching. Any region that is subject to tissue expansion may develop striations, parts that become more visible tend to bother more than hidden regions such as buttocks, back and thighs.

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However, people who have stretch marks usually avoid beaches, clubs or places that require greater exposure of the body. This shame and dissatisfaction with the body can lead to severe depression, so it is often It is important to perform the treatments for suitable stretch marks accompanied by a psychologist to recover self-esteem. lost.

Natural Treatment

One of the treatments for striae simpler and not characterized as invasive is the use of creams, lotions and change of diet habit, in addition to practice regular physical exercises. There is currently a large variety of products on the market that promise to remove stretch marks, but this can be a long-term solution. In addition, these aesthetic products usually only take effect if they are used early in the onset, when the striae are still reddish and prominent.

A balanced diet, rich in vegetables and vegetables, as well as the practice of physical activities contribute to this process, in addition to avoiding the appearance of new stretch marks. These products can be an alternative for those who do not have enough income to carry out more expensive treatments and can be found in online or physical stores.

Laser Removal

This method is more effective than the previous one. In this treatment, a beam of light removes thin layers of skin around the stretch marks. Some lasers burn and cut the affected areas of the skin, generating some pain and a long time of rest for recovery. Others, more sophisticated, can use high energy to break the molecular bonds of the skin tissue, causing it to disintegrate through abrasion. With this laser, the recovery is faster, with the renewal of the skin more effectively and healthy.

After applying this technique it is normal for the area to become reddish; this occurs due to the extraction of the skin, healing and renewal of the tissue by a healthier, stretch-free. Certain blisters or burn injuries may appear, which is normal, and will soon heal. Recovery may occur in a few days or weeks, depending on the case and the depth of the stretch marks. The costs of these treatments for stretch marks can be high, it is worth researching different dermatological clinics.

Surgical Removal

This technique is the most invasive, however it is the only way to permanently remove stretch marks. The other treatments may camouflage or diminish the appearance and depth of stretch marks, but the only solution that eliminates them once and for all is surgery. The surgery for patients who have stretch marks in the abdomen is called abdominoplasty and can only be performed by patients with good health, nonsmokers and with excess skin above the stomach. This is the most expensive of all the treatments for stretch marks, but the cost varies according to the severity level of the surgery.

Non-surgical removal

Dermatologists have brought new proposals for reducing stretch marks with less invasive treatments such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion and blue light therapy. These are great options for anyone who wants to reduce stretch marks without undergoing risky surgeries and are also cheaper than laser surgeries.


What treatments for stretch marks appear to be right for you? Do you even need to fetch one? Where are the stretch marks that bother you the most? Comment below!

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