4 Greatest Winners of Mr. Olympia

Mr. Olympia is perhaps the biggest competition of all bodybuilding as a sport. The contest, which was founded in 1965 by Joe Wieder, confers on a weekend the title of Mr. Olympia to the best bodybuilder.

Around Mr. Olympia, the competition for maximum prestige in the world of bodybuilding takes place: in the list of its winners lies the cream of this sport. Naturally, it was in the contest of this coveted title that also developed the most intense rivalries among bodybuilders. His characters, both the winners and losers, have marked the history of bodybuilding forever, so that even the vanquished are idolized to this day.

1. Lee Haney


Lee Haney is one of Mr. Olympia's record-winners. Between 1984 and 1991 Lee Haney accumulated eight titles, so that his name became inscrutablely marked in the history of the sport.

Lee Haney earned her first weights as a gift from her parents at age 12. However, strength training would not be a regular part of Haney's life until his American football were hampered by two leg fractures between 15 and 16 years of age.

Haney turned to the weights to regain his strength and was surprised by the results, so that soon bodybuilding became his passion. Quickly, he began to accumulate the bodybuilding contests he attended, foretelling his long series of victories in Mr. Olympia.

Lee Haney's reign remained intact for eight years and was never spotted: unlike other athletes, Haney retired upon reaching the peak of his development, so that he left the stage of Mr. Olympia without ever being defeated.


Haney vs. Gaspari

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Lee Haney and Gaspari probably did not know that after their co-existence as training partners they would meet again on Mr. Olympia's stage. While Lee Haney was considered invincible, Gaspari accepted the challenge of facing it and did it gloriously between 1986 and 1988. Gaspari took second place on all those occasions, so the attempts were unsuccessful.

However, it is a cordial rivalry remembered for his role in raising the level of world bodybuilding: the high-level challenges that Gaspari presented to champion Haney forced him to present better results year after year. If there was no Rich Gaspari, Lee Haney would probably be champion in the same way, but the world of bodybuilding would be far less developed than it is.

2. Ronnie Coleman

Ronnie Coleman

Ronnie Coleman shares with Lee Haney the record of victories in Mr. Olympia. Ronnie Coleman also won the contest eight times, retaining the title from 1998 until 2005.

Coleman began his sporting activity playing football while graduating in accounting. His bodybuilding career began when the owner of the Academy Coleman attended gave him an offer: Coleman could use the gym for the rest of your life, if you would allow yourself to be trained for a bodybuilding Texas. Coleman accepted the agreement, and won the tournament by even defeating his coach.

His career continued and Coleman went on to compete professionally. His arrival at Mr. Olympia, however, is still considered an immense surprise. Ronnie Coleman had never been considered a potential Mr. Olympia when, in 1998, he performed in the competition. Many say that the physical development achieved by Coleman in this tournament was the most impressive one ever seen in a Mr. Olympia.

This meteoric victory was crowned by seven others, in a sequel that ended with the bodybuilder competing beyond its limits, to be defeated in Mr. Olympia in 2006 and 2007. These defeats, however, do not detract from the brilliance of this athlete who is considered by many to be the greatest bodybuilder of all time.

Cutler vs. Coleman

Since 2001, Coleman has been challenged by Jay Cutler at Mr. Olympia. In an extremely fierce competition, Coleman won the first race of a series that lasted until 2006, when Jay Cutler finally got the title. But the drama ended in 2007, when for the first time since 2001 the first two places were not occupied by a combination of Coleman and Cutler. It is one of the closest and longest rivalries in the history of Mr. Olympia, which marked the sad end of the long Coleman dynasty.

3. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger approaches the record-holders, taking in his glorious curriculum 7 Mr. Olympia victories. Schwarzenegger is the only one of the greats who has not gotten all his victories in a continuous sequence. After winning the contest six times and announcing his retirement in 1975, Schwarzenegger had a triumphant return and earned his seventh and final title in 1980.

Austrian born in 1947, Arnold Schwarzenegger moved to the United States when he was 21 years old. Schwarzenegger began training between the ages of 14 and 15, as there are statements by the athlete that contemplate both dates. From the outset Schwarzenegger was obstinate, becoming known for invading the academy in which he trained when it was closed.

His obstinacy and declared desire to become the world's greatest bodybuilder led him to a fast career Schwarzenegger challenged the then Mr. Olympia Sergio Oliva in 1969, occasion. The following year, however, Schwarzenegger clearly defeated Oliva, and became the youngest Mr. Olympia the 23-year-old has ever seen - a record he's proudly maintained to this day.

The series of victories of Schwarzenegger continued until 1975, when after his sixth victory announced his retirement. In preparation for this tournament, Schwarzenegger was accompanied by filmmakers who documentary on bodybuilding, in order to take the first step in the film career of Schwarzenegger.

In 1980, during the filming of Conan, Schwarzenegger surprised the world by deciding to compete once again. His decision was kept secret until the last minute, so Schwarzenegger had already been hired to comment on the event. In gaining his seventh victory, Schwarzenegger crowned his career with a triumphant return and announced - this time definitely his retirement.

Since then, his career as an actor and politician have kept the bodybuilder in notoriety in the media. For bodybuilders from around the world, however, he is an unforgettable hero.

Schwarzenegger Vs. Olive

sergi vs arnold

The rivalry between Sergio Oliva and Arnold Schwarzenegger is historic because it marked the early period of bodybuilding as a world-class sport. Oliva was a myth when he was defeated by the young Schwarzenegger in 1970, and the revenge was only executed in 1972, when Schwarzenegger defeated Oliva again.

Oliva claimed that the title was stolen, and the dispute maintains its bitterness to this day. At the same time that Schwarzenegger was accumulating his Mr. Olympia titles, Oliva won tournaments of parallel organizations and maintained his narrative of injustice. The story seems to have favored Schwarzenegger, but the dispute appears to be as timeless as the fame of its characters.

Schwarzenegger Vs. Mentzer

mike mentzer

The dispute between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mike Mentzer lasted only one Mr. Olympia. In 1979, Mentzer had won the Mr. Olympia heavyweight category, and quickly became a benchmark in the world of bodybuilding. What made the race so intense was the training philosophy of Mike Mentzer, known as Heavy Duty: short and intense workouts.

Mentzer publicly questioned Schwarzenegger's well-known long training that, challenged in his own reign, returned to the stage to defeat Mentzer. The tension, which generated discussions and almost provoked a fight between the two competitors, did not end when Schwarzenegger was declared champion with Mentzer four places back: until today the result is questioned and, more importantly, the two philosophies of training are still intensely discussed.

4. Dorian Yates

Dorian Yates

The style of Mike Mentzer would have, however, its champion in 1992. Adopting Mentzer's short, intense training, Dorian Yates won Mr. Olympia six times between 1992 and 1997 to become the fourth-highest winner ever.

His career ended mainly due to a series of injuries, so that despite his victories, many see Yates as a negative example of Mentzer Heavy Duty drills. One such injury hit the triceps of Dorian Yates shortly before the 1997 Mr. Olympia, which Yates won after all.

After his winning career, Yates became a businessman in the bodybuilding business, and along with Mike Mentzer and Ray Mentzer founded Heavy Duty Incorporated, which continues to promote the style of training that challenged Arnold Schwarzenegger. Yates is thus not only a successful athlete, but an important character in the long and continuous history of bodybuilding.


List of Winners

  • Mr. Olympia I (1965, New York, USA): Larry Scott
  • Mr. Olympia II (1966, New York, USA): Larry Scott
  • Mr. Olympia III (1967, New York, USA): Sergio Oliva
  • Mr. Olympia IV (1968, New York, USA): Sergio Oliva
  • Mr. Olympia V (1969, New York, USA): Sergio Oliva
  • Mr. Olympia VI (1970, New York, USA):Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Mr. Olympia VII (1971, Paris, France):Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Mr. Olympia VIII (1972, Essen, West Germany):Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Mr. Olympia IX (1973, New York, USA):Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Mr. Olympia X (1974, New York, USA):Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Mr. Olympia XI (1975, Pretoria, South Africa):Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Mr. Olympia XII (1976, Columbus, USA): Franco Columbu
  • Mr. Olympia XIII (1977, Columbus, USA): Frank Zane
  • Mr. Olympia XIV (1978, Columbus, USA): Frank Zane
  • Mr. Olympia XV (1979, Columbus, USA): Frank Zane
  • Mr. Olympia XVI (1980, Sydney, Australia):Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Mr. Olympia XVII (1981, Columbus, USA): Franco Columbu
  • Mr. Olympia XVIII (1982, London, England): Chris Dickerson
  • Mr. Olympia XIX (1983, Munich, West Germany): Samir Bannout
  • Mr. Olympia XX (1984, New York, USA):Lee Haney
  • Mr. Olympia XXI (1985, Brussels, Belgium):Lee Haney
  • Mr. Olympia XXII (1986, Columbus, Ohio, USA):Lee Haney
  • Mr. Olympia XXIII (1987, Gothenburg, Sweden):Lee Haney
  • Mr. Olympia XXIV (1988, Los Angeles, USA):Lee Haney
  • Mr. Olympia XXV (1989, Rimini, Italy):Lee Haney
  • Mr. Olympia XXVI (1990, Chicago, USA):Lee Haney
  • Mr. Olympia XXVII (1991, Orlando, USA):Lee Haney
  • Mr. Olympia XXVIII (1992, Helsinki, Finland):Dorian Yates
  • Mr. Olympia XXIX (1993, Atlanta, USA):Dorian Yates
  • Mr. Olympia XXX (1994, Atlanta, USA):Dorian Yates
  • Mr. Olympia XXXI (1995, Atlanta, USA):Dorian Yates
  • Mr. Olympia XXXII (1996, Chicago, USA):Dorian Yates
  • Mr. Olympia XXXIII (1997, Los Angeles, USA):Dorian Yates
  • Mr. Olympia XXXIV (1998, New York, USA):Ronnie Coleman
  • Mr. Olympia XXXV (1999, Las Vegas, USA):Ronnie Coleman
  • Mr. Olympia XXXVI (2000, Las Vegas, USA):Ronnie Coleman
  • Mr. Olympia XXXVII (2001, Las Vegas, USA):Ronnie Coleman
  • Mr. Olympia XXXVIII (2002, Las Vegas, USA):Ronnie Coleman
  • Mr. Olympia XXXIX (2003, Las Vegas, USA):Ronnie Coleman
  • Mr. Olympia XL (2004, Las Vegas, USA):Ronnie Coleman
  • Mr. Olympia XLI (2005, Las Vegas, USA):Ronnie Coleman
  • Mr. Olympia XLII (2006, Las Vegas, USA): Jay Cutler
  • Mr. Olympia XLIII (2007, Las Vegas, USA): Jay Cutler
  • Mr. Olympia XLIV (2008, Las Vegas, USA): Dexter Jackson
  • Mr. Olympia XLV (2009, Las Vegas, USA): Jay Cutler
  • Mr. Olympia XLVI (2010, Las Vegas, USA): Jay Cutler
  • Mr. Olympia XLVII (2011, Las Vegas, USA): Phil Heath
  • Mr. Olympia XLVIII (2012, Las Vegas, USA): Phil Heath
  • Mr. Olympia XLIX (2013, Las Vegas, USA): Phil Heath
  • Mr. Olympia XLX (2014, Las Vegas, USA): Phil Heath

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