Stretch Marks

How to Remove Stretch Marks Forever

Stretch marks. Who likes them? A better question would be, how to eliminate stretch marks permanently? Well, we've figured out a way to eliminate the stretch marks. This is a very common question for women. Not just pregnant women. The following information is proven ways to eliminate stretch marks.

Losing a few minutes of your time, you will save countless hours of frustration by avoiding "solutions" that simply do not work. You will also know what really works and what has been proven to work. You will not need to spend a lot of money and time on numerous creams and ointments against stretch marks.

Stretch marks can be very frustrating for women and also for some men. They are caused when the skin is stretched too much, getting too thin and generating small tears on the surface. These marks can usually be found on the belly or thighs when someone gains weight. In women, pregnancy is the most common reason for stretch marks because it causes the body to expand beyond a certain point.

Many people think that stretch marks are permanent, which is far from true. When treated correctly it is entirely possible to eliminate the stretch marks without getting into the knife.

At least half of pregnant women have stretch marks. Others get stretch marks by gaining weight fast, such as during puberty or simply losing count of pounds, so to speak. Each person's skin grows at a different rate, which can cause certain people to have worse stretch marks than others.

Before you start learning how to eliminate stretch marks forever, it is important to understand what stretch marks are.

Stretch marks

Stretch marks are a type of scarring of the skin, caused when it is stretched intensely for a long time, causing the dermis to rupture. These marks have elongated appearance and can appear anywhere on the body in both men and women. These marks are usually reddish or purple and brighter over time.

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The causes for stretch marks can be many. However, let's discuss the 4 main reasons.

Rapid Weight Gain or Obesity: Stretching of the skin occurs when the weight changes rapidly. A high body mass index is the major cause of stretch marks, typically 30 or more, which is a manifestation of excess weight gain, and consequently obesity. Excess weight is stored as fat, usually near the abdomen, thighs, under the arm, hips and buttocks, and in the breasts in women. This causes the skin to stretch to accommodate excess fat, creating stretch marks.

Weightlifting: Lifting weights increases overall strength and muscle mass, giving a muscular look to the body. Powerlifting, bodybuilding and sports weight lifting make muscle mass increase very quickly, so that the skin is not able to grow at the same speed. This difference between the growth of muscles and skin causes the stretch marks to appear. Weight lifters often consume steroids and muscle boosters, which causes the muscles to grow disproportionately fast, creating stretch marks. In other cases, the lack of water leaves the skin dehydrated and without elasticity, not allowing the skin to grow to accommodate the muscle.

Pregnancy: Stretching in the abdomen of pregnant women is a common thing. Statistically, 75-90% of all pregnant women develop stretch marks during the sixth or seventh month of gestation. When the fetus grows and they gain weight, the abdomen is gradually stretched more and more, causing the onset of stretch marks to occur. These stretch marks may appear on the thighs, buttocks and breasts as they get bigger and heavier. Usually they are red scratches and with time they look like scars, although they are not painful. These marks cause itching and a tingling in the abdomen. Striae during pregnancy are also said to be hereditary in nature and therefore unavoidable.

Hormones: Hormones are essential substances for the functioning of the body released by glands. Elastin, a collagen, is an important hormonal secretion essential for skin elasticity and connective tissue formation. However, it is believed that high levels of stress result in more cortisol and other glucocorticoids being released by the glands, which prevents the production of collagen, leading to stretch marks. These stretch marks can occur in any person, male or female due to hormonal imbalance.

Stretch marks are usually found in obese people and pregnant women, in whom the incidence is high. Other people who are also likely to have stretch marks are teenagers as they are usually stressed. This still has an impact on eating habits, leading to overeating and gaining weight.

Most stretch marks are not permanent, they can be effectively erased if the correct treatment is applied in a short time. However, it takes a lot of time to completely eliminate stretch marks. Of course there are several varieties of creams and lotions available on the market that claim to eliminate stretch marks quickly. Still, one realizes that these statements are not true and even if the stretch marks are masked or momentarily added, they come back when either cream or lotion is not applied.

In addition, these creams and lotions are not always clinically approved, and can cause more damage to the skin. Many of these creams and lotions have dangerous chemicals that can lead to an irreversible change in skin color. And your skin can also be allergic to these chemicals. Instead of buying these expensive lotions on the market, visit a dermatologist and apply prescribed remedies. Let's discuss some of the remedies you can use to eliminate stretch marks.

How to Remove Stretch Marks Using a Natural Stretch Marks Remover

Massage the affected area with Vitamin E oil to keep the skin moisturized. Using a home-made moisturizer regularly is a good solution. Prepare the moisturizer with three equal parts of wheat germ oil, olive oil and aloe vera.

There are reports that some essential oils significantly attenuate stretch marks when applied regularly. These oils are common home remedies, for example, roses, geranium, lavender, etc. These can be applied directly, mixed with coconut oil or an unscented moisturizer.

There are other oils and creams composed of Retin-A or glycolic acid. However, it is important to remember that these solutions bought in the market can cause damages and a dermatologist should be consulted.

It has also been suggested by dermatologists that 500mg of Vitamin C, taken orally, may help reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Laser treatments have recently become very popular, albeit expensive. And it is important to be careful, as such treatments can have side effects.

There is also the surgical option, called abdominoplasty. Surgical interventions are expensive and will probably take a long time to heal completely. In addition, complications may occur after surgery.

What we have to think is that once obtained, the striae can not be completely erased and some soft marks will continue, although they can be hidden.

Stretch marks are a common occurrence in society and do not generate any physical discomfort, although they have aesthetic implications. Especially for teenagers and young women, or professionals in the beauty and fashion business who need to maintain flawless skin and wear beachwear, and that is where some stretch marks can affect your life. Precautions should be taken in advance to reduce the effect of stretch marks, caused by pregnancy or weight lifting, etc. You still need to lead a stress free life and maintain a healthy body by eating properly and doing regular exercise.


What have you tried to do to eliminate stretch marks? Have you been more successful in what treatment? Comment below!

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