Does Sibutramine Really Slim?

Weight gain comes at the speed of light and weight loss is at a very slow pace - anyone who is struggling with the scales knows well what we are talking about. But medicine has always countless features that aid in weight loss treatments.

Health professionals are always ready to indicate the best weight reduction program, for means of personalized diets - healthy and balanced and when necessary with medicines auxiliaries.

The use of any medicine in a weight reduction program should always be indicated by the doctor or nutritionist, who are the professionals indicated to evaluate the situation of each patient and to determine if there is the real need to use some product.

One of the substances that are currently indicated by these professionals as assisting in the treatment for weight loss is the sibutramine (sibutramine hydrochloride), active ingredient of medicines such as Sigran, Biomag, Meridia, Reductil and Saciette. But does sibutramine really lose weight?

What is sibutramine

Subtramine was created in the late 1980s to act as an antidepressant, but its effectiveness as an appetite suppressant has been proven. Thereafter it began to be used in the control of obesity.

The substance acts directly on the central nervous system, inhibiting the sensation of hunger, so it is indicated by doctors in some treatments for weight reduction.

Anvisa banned sibutramine in early 2011, at the time claimed that the drug did not yield results with high health risks, mainly heart problems and nervous system.

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A few months later, the agency released the substance, but under certain conditions: that patients who use it should be significantly overweight, patient and doctor should sign a term of responsibility - for the health risks that the use of the substance may present, and control of its sale - through the blue numbered prescription and with the retention of the recipe.

In which cases is the substance indicated?

Sibutramine is indicated for patients with high body mass index (BMI), which is when it is above 30. In some cases where the patient needs to lose weight for health reasons, patients with diabetes, for example, the doctor may indicate the use of the substance even with BMI from 27.

Does Sibutramine really lose weight?

Sibutramine is thin, but it should be seen as a support for the patient to food re-education - she is not the main actor in treatment, only one coadjuvant.

Sibutramine loses weight by its action on the central nervous system, as we have already said - this feeling of satiety, the patient loses the will to eat compulsively, and eating less, loses Weight. So this is the time when food re-education comes in through a well-balanced diet. Thus the body will accustom to eat small amounts, which will facilitate the maintenance of weight after treatment.

One thing needs to be clear - sibutramine is not forever, because the treatment is over, but the new eating habits will always follow.

Many people talk about weight bearing after treatment, but why? Exactly because of food - if the person goes back to eating rambunctiously or in larger portions after the treatment, all the work done by the doctor so far has not paid off. Energy, time and money spent.

The use of substances such as sibutramine in certain treatments help prepare the body, accustom it to new eating habits, because with the reduction of hunger, it is easier to include the menus with lighter and healthier foods, in the ideal portions and with few calories.

In this case, the process of slimming is an alliance - between sibutramine, a healthy diet and regular practice of physical exercises.

In some cases, weight loss simply does not happen. In that case, the doctor should be warned and use of the substance should be stopped immediately - until the doctor discovers the causes for which he did not act as expected.

Can you lose weight only with the use of sub-thinning?

Never a professional will only indicate the use of the substance without the diet and the recommendation for the practice of physical exercises. What can happen is the patient does not follow the guidelines correctly and only use sibutramine. In that case, there may even be weight loss, but as soon as you stop the medication, the whole weight will come back - and even worse, with the frustration of having gained weight again can go into depression and gain even more weight, in addition to what lost. That's why medical advice must be followed to the letter, so that everything works as planned.

Who has already had the sibutramine treatment can do it again?

I already did the treatment and stopped, yes you can, do it again. The difference is that the effects may not be the same the first time. The body may not respond in the same way - weight loss may be more time consuming than the first time, for example.

Side effects and contraindications

Some people may experience tachycardia, headaches, palpitations, insomnia, nausea, sweating, dry mouth, dysmenorrhea and dyspepsia, among other symptoms.

As soon as the patient has any of the symptoms, you should tell your doctor immediately.

It is contraindicated:

  • To people with a history of high blood pressure or heart disease
  • To people under 16 and over 60
  • To people with alcohol problems
  • During the pregnancy
  • For those who use antidepressants

This will be observed by the doctor, who will certainly have the patient's history for consultation and analysis.

Other information and warnings:

The drugs that have the substance subtramina as active principle can be found in pharmacies and cost from $ 3, 0 to $ 5, 0 - the difference in values ​​is due to the fact that some are generic drugs and the price variation between laboratories. But be aware of what we explained early on: these medicines are only sold with a prescription, they are controlled. They are available in tablets and the dosage - 1 or 2 tablets daily - will be indicated by the doctor, according to the treatment indicated to the patient.

There are many dangers regarding the indiscriminate use of the substance, so there is all this control and always the recommendation to have medical monitoring.

But there is the problem of illegal selling - especially over the internet. So before we do any thoughtless action, we must consider whether it is worth taking such serious risks as to cause such serious harm to our health.


Do you think sibutramine really thin? You already used? What do you think? Comment below!

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