Hyaluronic Acid in Hair Works?

Before we try to answer if hyaluronic acid in hair works, what we are going to do now is to understand what that substance is, hyaluronic acid.

Well, hyaluronic acid is a compound that is naturally present within the human body, being found in high concentrations in fluids present in the eyes and in the joints.

It is a molecule that is also present in the skin and connective tissue of our body. The substance acts as a buffer and lubricant for joints, eyes, nerves, hair and skin.

Hyaluronic acid is used in the cosmetics industry thanks to its ability to retain moisture, since lack of moisture is a major cause of skin aging.

Already the hyaluronic acid used as medicine can be extracted from the crest of the cock or produced from bacteria in laboratories.

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But does hyaluronic acid in hair work?

Hyaluronic acid is part of the composition of a kit of products of the brand Phyto Ativo, called the Capillary Vaccine.

According to the page, the manufacturer's promise is that the so-called liposomal hyaluronic acid present in the product acts attracting water to the hair fiber, ensuring that the wires are hydrated and prepared to withstand future aggressions.

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Dermatologist Shirlei Borelli has confirmed that hyaluronic acid actually leaves hair more protection against future damage, as well as contributing to the elimination of frizz and wires.

However, the hairdresser Deborah Rocha warned that although the products with hyaluronic acid give back some of the water to the still need to maintain shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatment appropriate for each type of hair.

Smoothing with hyaluronic acid

Continuing to understand if hyaluronic acid in the hair works, let us now know the application of the substance in relation to the treatment of hair straightening.

Well, the so-called Hyaluronic Acid Brush, whose active principle, obviously, is hyaluronic acid, is one of the non-formaldehyde straightening alternatives to the wires.

The result is smooth hair, however, with balance and movement and the treatment requires a retouch every four months.

The brush with hyaluronic acid can be used when the goal is to loosen the curls, to let the root of smooth hair and the wavy ends, and in cases where it is desired to achieve smoothness definitive.

The process of applying the brush with hyaluronic acid works as follows: first, the hair is washed with a low pH shampoo. Then the excess moisture is withdrawn and the product is applied.

The next step is to dry the wires completely and apply the flat iron. The process is finished with the placement of a rebuilder product, which is left to act for 10 minutes in the hair.

However, it is not all professionals who believe that the hyaluronic acid brush on the hair works. Some claim that shampoos, conditioners and masks of treatment with the substance can even be used, however, discourage the application of the brush with hyaluronic acid, because a medium with an acid pH tends to dissolve.

So, for those who want to straighten their hair and become interested in hyaluronic acid, the way to do it is to have the help of a good hairdresser, who is reliable, and take all doubts with him to know if the product can actually promote the desired effect on the wires and if it is suitable for the type of hair in question.

Care of hyaluronic acid

The substance is possibly safe when given through injections in pregnant women, however, there are no sufficient information on the safety of hyaluronic acid consumed orally or applied to the skin for pregnant women.

The compound is possibly unsafe when given via injection in women who are breastfeeding, not breastfeeding. reliable data on the safety of the substance ingested orally or applied to the skin infants.

In both cases, it is recommended to stay on the safer side and avoid using hyaluronic acid. However, in cases of doubt, it is always best to consult a doctor before using the substance or any product containing it in its composition.

If you experience any side effects when using hyaluronic acid, consult your doctor to find out how to proceed. Also ask him or her to identify if the product can not interact with any other medicine you are using.

In addition, before using the product to assist in the treatment of any disease, injury or health condition, talk to your doctor to make sure it is you. And be sure to follow the other guidelines passed by the doctor to deal with the problem in question.

The same goes for yarn care - talk to your reliable hairdresser to find out if the hyaluronic acid product you want to use is suitable for your hair type.

To ensure the desired effects with the substance, it is important to make sure that the product purchased is of good quality, it is not about some kind of fake or that the salon and hairdresser you hired are reliable and work with quality and good products of origin.


Do you know anyone who uses and claims that hyaluronic acid in hair works? Are you curious about trying this product? Comment below!

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