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Technological Bracelet Promises to Automatically Calculate Consumed Calories

Are you one of those who can not get organized with diet when noting or registering in a mobile application the amount of calories you consumed at each meal? Then you'll probably be interested in GoBe, a technology bracelet that promises to measure the calories ingested by a person just by being in contact with your skin.

According to those responsible for the production of the bracelet, the equipment not only can calculate the number of calories consumed but also measures the amount burned on a day of training sleep, and the speed of metabolism and sends the results to the user's cell phone, without the user having to make any kind of data recording or having to assume any of these information.


Bracelet promises to automatically calculate the amount of calories consumed by a person in their meals

GoBe is made up of three built-in sensors: a pressure sensor that measures blood flow and heart rate, another that measures the flow of fluids in tissues - the change of glucose concentration in cells helps to identify the number of calories consumed - and a third that has the function of evaluating the movement and activities performed by the body.

Exhibited at a technology fair in Las Vegas, USA - theInternational Consumer Electronics Show(Electronic Consumer Goods Show, free translation) - the bracelet has received quite a few criticism by the medical community that the product can not function the way it is. disclosed. There are still those who reject the device and see it as a fraud.

On the other hand, one of the founders of the GoBe production company, Healbe, George Mikaberidze, says that worked on technology and product testing with several medical institutions in the United States and Russia. It also ensures that the bracelet is 84 to 93% accurate.

Here is a video explaining how the wristband works:

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In April of last year, the accessory raised more than $ 1 million - which corresponds to more than $, million - on a collective financing site. The sale price of each bracelet is $ 29.9, which equates to approximately $ 786.


Would you get a bracelet like this for this value, even though you know the measurements may not be totally reliable? Comment below!

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