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Research Concludes That Children Get More Benefits Than Daughters When the Mother Exercises in Pregnancy

A study of mice conducted by the University of New South Wales in Australia found evidence that when a mother practices during pregnancy, the puppy gains greater benefits in relation to the positive effects that the exercises offer if it is of the sex male.

The research, which was published in the scientific publication PLOS ONE, also came to the conclusion that mothers who practice moderate exercises throughout pregnancy contribute to their children have a lower weight, as well as lower insulin and blood sugar levels, which is important to lower the risk of developing diseases such as type 2 diabetes over the course of life.

To achieve these results, the researchers subjected female rats to a high-fat diet that included pies, cakes and cookies for six weeks prior to mating and throughout the gestation period and breast-feeding. In addition, they were separated into two groups: the first one who practiced exercises voluntarily, starting 10 days before from mating and going until the birth of the puppy, and the second, in which the mice did not do any type of physical activity.

Then, 19 days after the birth of the pups of these mice, their genetic expressions related to glucose, metabolism, and inflammation in adipose and muscle tissue were collected.

According to the professor and head of pharmacology at the University of New South Wales School of Medical Sciences, Margaret Morris, who led the study, the activity by mothers during pregnancy reflected in decreased fat deposits in the pup's abdomen and improved glucose and insulin metabolism during the breast-feeding.

However, Professor Margaret and her team realized that the way this happens is different between males and females: "Maternal exercise has improved glucose and insulin metabolism in male offspring, while in females the improvements presented were modest, "he said.

The researcher can not explain why the process is different between males and females: "This is a mystery that we hope to solve with further research he added.

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As for the relevance of the study done by her and her team, Professor Margaret explained that the results presented are useful to highlight the importance of maintaining good nutrition and exercising during pregnancy as a way to ensure drink.


If you have had children, did you keep your exercise routine up to date during pregnancy? If you have not already, do you want to do this? Comment below!

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