All About Mahamudra Training

Whether it is to lose weight, whether to improve health and fitness, or even to socialize, is that some people seek to practice some kind of physical training. And besides the more known modalities like bodybuilding, running, swimming and other types of aerobic exercises, the fitness market has innovated and every season new training programs for the most varied tastes

One of them is the Mahamudra training. It is part of a philosophy of life called Mahamudra, whose main goal is development focused on the constant evolution of the human being, according to the Mahamudra Brazil website. The meaning of the word is "great gesture" in Sanskrit, an Indian language and the expression is also used to refer to self-knowledge in Tibetan Buddhism.

Supporters of the movement believe that it is important to maintain the health of the body, mind and spirit in the same proportional and integrated, and that none of these three areas is more others.

The health of the body in Mahamudra training

To evolve bodily health, philosophy brings the Mahamudra training, which preaches that physical health begins with breathing. Therefore, one of the parts of the program that is the result of this movement, respiratory techniques are worked which aim to increase body awareness, provide greater energy, vitality and concentration.

After the breathing exercises, the workout brings series of physical activities. According to Mahamudra Brazil, the intention is to take the student out of the comfort zone, stimulating her to perform exercises that he thought he could not perform.

Classes include yoga, functional training, running, cycling, muay thai, kung fu, jiu jitsu, boxing, artistic gymnastics, calisthenics and military training circuits. There are three levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. In each of them, there are different movements, number of sets and repetitions, which vary according to the evolution of the student and their physical limitations.

How Training Works

In Brazil, it is possible to take classes in Mahamudra in São Paulo - SP, Salvador - BA, Londrina - PR, and in ABC Paulista, which encompasses cities such as Santo André, São Bernardo do Campo, São Caetano do Sul and Diadema, in the state of São Paulo.

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For example, the student who lives in the capital of São Paulo can take classes in the Ibirapuera Park. In São Bernardo do Campo there are groups in the Raphael Lazuri park. In Salvador the classes take place in the Lagoa dos Patos, and in Londrina they are held in Lake Igapó.

There is also the so-called "Aulão which happens once every month and brings together all the students and teachers so that they train together, in addition to Maha Ride, which is a bicycle and mountain bike training and Maha Fight, focused on the martial arts and racing.

The workouts happen three times a week and last approximately one hour and 15 minutes. They can occur in the morning, afternoon or evening, and each class is composed of 25 participants.

Each session is divided into three parts. The first period is the so-called quiescence, which includes breathing exercises, stretching, and yoga movements.

The second stage of training is where the exercises happen, which can be done with the aid of bars, sandbags, kettlebells, rings and elastic and do not follow a specific routine. In the training also can appear acrobatics and activities that use the body of the own student like addition to exercises that mimic the movements of animals such as earthworms, bear, crabs and alligator.

Already in the last part of the session happens called Deep Sleep, in which the students have a period of relaxation for the mind and the body.

The training can still bring the Challenge of the Day, in which the teacher goes through psychological challenges, such as being a whole week without making any kind of complaint or asks the students to try to perform a complicated series of being performed.

The personal trainer and former model, Cesar Curti, who is also one of the founders and founders of Mahamudra Brazil, classes are not tedious, as they said that students do not know what the day will be like until they arrive at the training site.

For him, even if the training of the day does not please everyone, it is important that it be done properly, because this is the secret to evolution. However, this does not mean that the practitioner will be forced to do what he can not: the classes are prepared according to the conditioning of each person.

In the video below, Cesar explains about Mahamudra Brazil:

Benefits of Mahamudra Training

It is possible to lose weight with Mahamudra training, if it is allied to a healthy, controlled and balanced diet, obviously because each session burns 700 to 2 thousand calories. According to the idealizer of the exercise program, in addition to the corporal question, the method also aims to benefit the work of a specific skill of the student, the focus, the emotions and the conscience.

It's not just the body

Mahamudra training not only works the body, but also focuses on mental and spiritual issues. In relation to the mind, the program brings yoga exercises, mentalization and physical challenges, in order to raise the mental power of the student, freeing him from information he does not need to reprogram his mind toward his foci.

The spiritual aspect is worked out from issues such as gratitude, the law of attraction and karma. It is important to know that the term Mahamudra also designates the set of teachings the practices of Tibetan Buddhism, so the method is also associated with a specific religion, which can become a hindrance and / or annoyance for those who follow other religions and have other types of beliefs.

There is also the social part of the project, which is seen as the most important of the idealizers, and determines that the participants fulfill their social role in practice. This means giving time to needy people, participating in charity races, giving clothing and toys and visiting nursing homes, hospitals, orphanages and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Classes are played

In May last year, the Mahamudra waiting list had already reached 400 people, according to Vogue Magazine. Today the method already has 700 students. To get more information on how to participate in the training, just go to the Mahamudra Brazil website.


As with all physical activity, before starting Mahamudra, it is important to consult a physician and see if you are fine with the body and if you are able to do the practice.

Also, before entering a class, the organizers of the training require the presentation of a certificate proving the authorization to practice exercises, in addition to completing a questionnaire on the history of injuries, health conditions and symptoms felt during the performance of activities physics.

The only contraindication refers to pregnant women from the third month of gestation in relation to conventional training.

Some videos about Mahamudra

1- Report of the Globo Network program called Globo Esporte.

2- Presentation of Mahamudra by some of its creators.

3 - Training of Miss American Continent 2012 Camila Serakides, which shows a little more than the Mahamudra training.


Have you ever heard of Mahamudra training? Do you agree with your concepts and ideals? Do you want to be a practitioner? Comment below!

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