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Meibomite - What it is, Causes, Symptoms and Treatments


Meibomite - What it is, Causes, Symptoms and Treatmentsthat we should all know. In additionMeibomiteoccurs when the glands ofMeibomite, responsible for the production of the fatty layer of the tear, accumulate this fat without expelling it and undergo bacterial action. "In addition to dry eye, it is commonMeibomitecalyx, a nodule located in the eyelid, sometimes confused with the horde (terçol), "explains the doctor. "The causes ofMeibomiteare directly linked to genetic and age factors, matureMeibomitemore often, "he adds.

In addition to eye redness, burning, presence of mucus, dry eye and sand eyes, typical dry eye symptoms,Meibomitecan bring calyx swelling and other irritations. "The upper and lower eyelids are covered by oily (almost foamy) debris around the base of the eyelashes that can lead to loss of eyelids. So check it out nowMeibomite - What it is, Causes, Symptoms and Treatments:

What is Meibomite:Your eyes need lubrication and moisture to function properly. Small glands on the eyelids known as Meibomian glands secrete the oil that covers and protects the surface of your eye. If these glands malfunction, they may become inflamed or produce an excessive amount of oil. This condition is known as

Meibomiteor posterior blepharitis.



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What Causes Meibomite:THEMeibomiteoccurs when the meibomial glands in the eyelids do not function properly. The excess oil released from these glands will accumulate in the eyelids. As the oil builds up, the bacteria that are normally present in the eyes and skin begin to multiply. Any condition that increases the oil produced by these glands will cause this disorder. Examples include:

  • Allergies:
  • Hormonal changes associated with adolescence:
  • Skin conditions such as rosacea or acne:
  • Eyelash mites or lice:
  • Medications that increase bacteria in the eyelids, including isotretinoin for acne:
  • Some contact lens solutions:
  • Eye Makeup:

In some cases, there is no identifiable cause for the meibomite gland malfunction, but it is not contagious. This condition is more common in adults than children.


Main Symptoms of Meibomite:Symptoms ofMeibomitecan be very uncomfortable and may include:

  • teary eyed:
  • Redness and swelling of the eyelids:
  • Burning and burning sensation in the eyes:
  • Eyelids with itching:
  • Exfoliating the skin around the eye:
  • Frozen lashes after sleeping:
  • Sensitivity to light:
  • Frequent sites, which occur when an inflamed oil gland along the edge of your eyelids causes a collision:
  • Blinking excessively:
  • blurry vision:
  • Eyelashes that grow abnormally, or misdirected eyelashes:
  • Loss of eyelashes:
  • dry eyes

Some people with this condition may experience only mild symptoms, while others experience symptoms that cause considerable irritation and discomfort. If you have any of these symptoms, you should make an appointment to see your doctor.

How Meibomite is Treated:If you receive a diagnosis ofMeibomite, there are several treatments that your doctor can recommend. To reduce the symptoms ofMeibomite, you should regularly clean the eyelids with a warm cloth. In some cases, this treatment may be the only method to control symptoms. Depending on the cause of yourMeibomite, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics or steroids to treat your condition. Antibiotics may be in the form of eye drops or creams applied directly to the eyelids, or they may be in the form of a pill. Steroids can help reduce inflammation.



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Your doctor may recommend artificial tears if you feel dry eyes as a result of the condition. If you wear contact lenses, you may need to stop using them during treatment. If you wear eye makeup, your doctor may recommend that you stop using it during and after treatment. If you have an underlying cause such as acne or rosacea, your doctor may prescribe medications to treat those disorders.