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Home Remedy to Treat Sinusitis and Rhinitis at Home


The Home Remedy to Treat Sinusitis and Rhinitis at Homeis done simply and naturally. In additionrhinitisis an inflammation of the mucosa of the nose and can have several causes. A cold, for example, is arhinitis, of the infectious type. But usually when people talk aboutrhinitismore (or at least recurrent) complaints caused, for example, byallergic rhinitis. THEsinusitisis an inflammation of the mucosa lining the sinuses (also called paranasal sinuses). The breasts of the face are species of tubes of air that are around the nose, lined internally a mucosa very similar to the one of the own nose.

Types of Renitis:There are two types ofrenit, allergic and non-allergic:

Allergic Rhinitis:people who haveallergic rhinitis, the immune system detects a harmless substance as an intruder, it is called an allergen. The immune system reacts to the allergen through the release of histamine and chemical mediators that usually cause symptoms in the nose, eyes, throat, ear, skin and mouth more than can be treated withHome Remedy To Treat Sinusitis And Rhinitis At Home.



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In addition to the allergen, symptoms can occur through irritating substances such as smoke and strong odors, also by changes in temperature and humidity of the air. THErhinitisSeasonal allergy, also known as hay fever, is usually caused by air pollen during different times of the year. Many of the people with this type ofrhinitisare prone to allergic conjunctivitis.

Non-Allergic Rhinitis:one in three people withrhinitis, has no allergies.RhinitisNon-allergic usually affects adults causing year-round symptoms, runny nose and especially nasal congestion. Different fromrhinitisallergic because the immune system is not involved.


Symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis:

  • Sneezing;
  • Nasal discharge;
  • Itching in the eyes / nose / throat and often on the skin;
  • Lacrimejo;
  • Nasal congestion;
  • Sinusitis;
  • Headache (headache);
  • Cough.

Symptoms of Sinusitis:THEsinusitischronic disease andsinusitissymptoms have similar symptoms, butsinusitisacute is temporary and often associated with a cold. For example, fever is only a common symptom ofsinusitisacute and not from asinusitischronic. At least two of the following symptoms must be present for the diagnosis ofsinusitischronic

  • Mucous catarrh, greenish-yellow in the nose or throat;
  • Obstruction or nasal congestion that causes difficulty in breathing through the nose;
  • Pain, tenderness, and swelling around the eyes, cheeks, nose, or forehead;
  • Reduction or loss of smell and taste;
  • Duration of more than 12 weeks;
  • Earache;
  • Upper jaw and tooth pain;
  • Cough;
  • Sore throat;
  • Bad breath;
  • Fatigue or irritability;
  • Nausea;

Types of Sinusitis:THEsinusitischronic andsinusitishave similar signs and symptoms, but thesinusitisAcute infection is a temporary infection of the breasts often associated with a cold. Already therhinosinusitisThe chronic inflammatory process corresponds to an inflammatory process with a prolonged duration (greater than 12 weeks) and can berhinosinusitiswith chronic polyposis and chronic rhinosinusitis without polyposis, in thisHome Remedy to Treat Sinusitis and Rhinitis at Homewill be essential to relieve temporary infection.


An allergy specialist can identify what is causing the allergy andTreating Sinusitis and Rhinitisas soon as possible, and also determine if your symptoms arerhinitisandsinusitisnot allergic. You will see your complete history of health and make allergy tests, which can be cutaneous and blood tests are the most used methods to determine the causes of this problem.

Treatment for Rhinitis and Sinusitis:Treatment forrhinitis and sinusitisdepends on the degree of the symptoms. In small degrees of to combat with continuous use ofHome Remedy To Treat Sinusitis And Rhinitis At Home.Treatment usually focuses on relieving symptoms such as sneezing, stuffy nose and runny nose. So trustHome Remedy To Treat Sinusitis And Rhinitis At Home.



  • 1 Handful of the following herbs: mastruço, sucupira bark, eucalyptus, mint, shaved cat's claw
  • Drops of propolis
  • 1 spoon Honey
  • 1 liter of water


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  • boil the water, add the herbs and boil for another 3 minutes.
  • Expect to cool, coil and take 1 cup of sweetened tea with 1 tablespoon of honey
  • and 30 drops of propolis, 5 times a day, for 30 days.
  • Children should drink 1 cup (coffee) with 15 drops of propolis