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Man Loses 14 Kg Eating Ice Cream Only, But Quotes Side Effects

Anthony Howard-Crow decided to embark on a drastic ice cream diet for three months.

That's it. Your daily eating plan was based on 100 days of eating , 00 calories of ice cream and 500 calories divided between protein powder and alcohol - this is because he also wanted to overturn the myth that it is impossible to drink while in a process of loss of Weight.

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Anthony said, "I will not stop drinking for this. Many people think they can not drink while you are losing weight. That is not true either. "

Over the 14-week period, the 32-year-old vlogger lost an impressive 1, kg and visibly appeared with the more defined abdomen after finishing his bizarre challenge.

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The Colorado resident in the US wanted to prove thatcaloric deficitis the most important factor when it comes to losing weight with a diet.

He has already tested his theory through a 30-day fast food diet, during which he lost almost 1 kg a week and was also set. In his videos on YouTube, he intends to show that "no matter what you eat" and that "there is no bad food for a diet."

But despite an ice cream-based diet that works for weight loss to seem like the best idea in the world, Anthony has gone through tough times to complete the 100 day period.

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About halfway, he says that he gave up everything and abandoned all his hobbies - including, left the gym last month, with no energy to practice activities physics.

The filmmaker also tells that he used to spend between four and seven hours working on his YouTube every day, but while on a diet, I could only work on it at most by some minutes.

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"This diet was undoubtedly the most miserable food adventure I've ever embarked on in my life said the American.

"I was always in a bad mood and it just was not good company for anyone."

But it's worth pointing out that you probably should not try this at home, because eating nothing but ice cream (and protein) is not good for your body at all.

"The overall goal of my designs is never to present them as healthy and real ways to lose weight Anthony added.

After all, with so many fad diets that promise short-term results, it really seems like losing weight and does not necessarily have a relationship with maintaining good health.


Would you try a crazy diet like that, even knowing all the side effects that Anthony felt? What did you think of his adventure? Comment below!

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