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What is the Best Exercise to Lose Belly?

In weight loss game, not all fat is created equally. If you are trying to lose the belly fat that is hiding your squares, you know that it is a particularly stubborn fat.

But do not be afraid: a recent study found that a workout is particularly effective for burning belly fat, also known as visceral fat.

Visceral fat is not only annoying, it is also very harmful to your health, since it is located in the abdominal cavity and involves several important organs. Thus, the researchers looked at how certain types of training could act in this particular area.

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In the study, which was published inJournal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, the participants did four workouts per week, doing several types of exercise. One group did four continuous aerobic exercises and bodybuilding exercises, while another group did two continuous aerobic workouts and two high intensity interval workouts (HIIT).

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hiit sprintWhat has been proven is that the HIIT training is really the king of the exercises: the people in the high intensity interval training group not only lost more weight overall, also lost more inches to their waistline, showing a significant reduction in visceral fat as compared to the group that got stuck in the gym routine traditional.

As a bonus, the HIIT group saw an increase in cardiorespiratory fitness, while the other group did not gain improvements in physical fitness.

Researchers say that the fact that HIIT exercises are short and intense, allows you to body to the limit, it may be the reason for the workout to do such an important and efficient work to burn fat visceral.

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Did you ever imagine that HIIT training would be the most effective exercise to burn belly fat? Do you practice it? Comment below!

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