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How Green Coffee Can Help You Lose Weight and Lose Weight with Health

Did you hear? Coffee, in its raw, unroasted form, can be a beneficial part of your healthy weight loss plan. In April, Dr. Joe Vinson presented his findings at the 243 National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS) in a survey on the relationship between green coffee and weight loss.

In the study, participants were given different doses of green coffee and measured: their weight loss, BMI (body mass index) and percentage of body fat.

Participants eliminated more weight when they consumed 50mg of green coffee per day than when they took the placebo. The study was extended for 22 weeks, time enough to observe some significant results for participants.

This may sound like pseudoscientific nonsense, but the results of the study are clear. Participants did nothing but follow their usual routine. They did not change their eating habits, nor did they increase their physical activity. It was just the addition of green coffee in their diet that helped them lose weight.

This information was enough to catch the attention of the scientific community, the media, and, of course, the major food companies. So do not be surprised if you see some green coffee products in your supermarket soon.

What exactly is Green Coffee?

Green coffee is not green at all, it's just raw. The coffee you buy at the grocery store or take in your favorite coffee consists of beans that have been toasted before they become this delicious drink. Toasting is a form of cooking; cooking and heating coffee makes a great drink but does not help in your efforts to lose weight.

Green Coffee, on the other hand, refers to coffee that has not been processed in its natural grain form, remains exactly as it is removed from the plant. If you grind the beans and then make a drink, you will notice that it does not have the same complex taste of the normal coffee that we all love.

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What's in the Green Coffee that Lose Weight?

Chlorogenic acid in raw coffee beans is what causes us to lose weight. There is evidence that this polyphenol inhibits pancreatic amylase and lipase, two gastrointestinal tract enzymes that break down starch and fat. This prevents the body's absorption of glucose and lipids, decreasing the absorption of calories and leading to weight loss. Toasting grain eliminates chlorogenic acid and makes coffee useless to lose weight, explains the study's author.

Can you eat raw coffee beans? No one will like the idea of ​​chewing the grains without roasting. Raw coffee beans are not at all tasty, but very bitter. So how did the green coffee get a nice taste to eat?

How it works?

Instead of trying to swallow the bitter coffee extract in liquid form, the study participants drank the coffee powder in a capsule. They had to take the capsules three times a day; since, 50 mg of coffee extract has a large volume, one capsule would be too large to swallow. The ideal dose, according to the study, is a little more than .00mg of green coffee extract per day, as says Dr. Vinson, since no participant left the study and there were no side effects observable. Green coffee is an ingredient to look for in case you are interested in a healthy weight loss supplement.

Where Can I Find Green Coffee?

Even if you can not find green coffee supplements at your local drugstore, promising results Recent studies have made the extract very attractive to food manufacturers and supplements. So far, coffee giant Starbucks has launched its new energy drink based on green coffee, which uses fruit juices to mask the bitter taste of coffee. The Starbucks version of the green coffee drink can be found in a can, so it can be stored in your refrigerator until consumption.

While we do not endorse the use of many weight-loss supplements, even those who advertise "lose weight fast and easily it's cool to see the news about green coffee. The idea of ​​a health supplement that is clinically tested, totally natural and not part of it of the moment, in addition to the fact that green coffee has no nasty side effects is totally commendable.


Do you believe green coffee can help you lose weight and lose weight with health? Do you prefer to use all-natural supplements like it to the other supplements on the market? Because? Comment below!

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