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'I've Arrived at the Bottom of the Well Says Mother Who Changed Life and Lost 42 Kg

In December of 2015, Natalie Moxey was opening her mailbox when she found a Christmas card that really surprised her. The local Indian restaurant, where she and her family ordered many meals, sent her a greeting of Happy Holidays. Although the restaurant probably sent out cards to all its customers, Moxey took it personally.

"It's a pretty scary thing to think you ask for enough food from a delivery company that they even send you a Christmas card for you said Natalie, 31, of England. "I got to the bottom of the pit."

At the time, it weighed 118 kg in its, 0 m high. She had been overweight since she started having children. Like many women, she gained weight in pregnancy and failed to lose it. But it was her two children who made her realize that she had to make healthy changes.

"If I were to live to see my boys grow up the way I wanted to, I'm going to have to lose weight she said.

At the same time, she also received an ad for a weight management plan that focuses on healthy eating habits and portion control. "It seemed a bit like fate she said.

In January 2016, she attended a meeting and wondered if the program could work. In the past, she tried diets and they always failed. But she decided to give it a try. Instead of ordering food, she and her husband started eating at home. In the first week, she lost more than 3 pounds.

"Having a plan where you can still enjoy this wonderful food and losing weight was revolutionary Natalie said. "I really did not believe it."

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At first, Natalie struggled to exercise, but as she continued to lose weight, she became more active.

"I increased my walk she said. "So in three or four months, with 12 or 13 pounds less, I started doing aerobics classes."

To her surprise, she even started to run.

"I'm not a runner she said. "I do 5Ks and 10Ks regularly and I really like that now."

Since January 2016, Natalie lost over 42 kg and weighs 76 kg now, which was her target weight. She recently celebrated this milestone. "It was a pretty incredible feeling she said.

For the past 18 months, she learned that she was stronger than she thought.

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"I took control of what I do for myself and my body she said. "It helped me find my self-esteem again."

More importantly, it has helped her to become the mother she has always wanted to be. "Being healthy and happy is what you need to be a good mother she said. "It's really important to me that (my kids) see that striving to improve themselves is positive."

Natalie provided some tips to help others who also try to lose weight.

1. Take pictures

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Even when Natalie did not like her appearance, she took pictures of herself. Looking at the old images helped her stay focused on her weight loss goals, even when she felt bad.

"It's an incredible motivation to force yourself to continue she said.

2. Enjoy your food

Natalie thought that losing weight meant eliminating macaroni and potatoes from the diet. But she found a plan that taught her to control her portions, which helped her feel satiated while still disliking the food she loved.

"I've followed incredibly restricted diets in the past, and you feel miserable. You can not live with your stomach practically snoring, that's not how it works, "she said. "Do not let anyone tell you that you can not enjoy your food."

3. Reward yourself to achieve the goals

When Natalie started the weight control program, she set lower goals, such as losing 3 or 5 pounds in a month. And when she reached these small goals, she would reward herself.

"If you achieve these mini-goals, go buy new dress or go out to the movies to celebrate she said. "You have to be gentle with yourself or you will not get there."


Do you think you would have the same willpower that Natalie had to lose so much weight? What would you do in her place if you received the letter? Comment below!

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