10 Exercises to Make in Couple

Couple knitting together stays together? This we can not know, however, does not it seem much cooler and pleasant to carry out your training together than alone? Better yet if it is with the loved one.

Besides being an opportunity to spend quality time together with your love - in this rush of life, does not it seem that it takes time even to be with your boyfriend or husband? when exercise is done as a couple, one can encourage the other when it comes to discouragement or laziness.

Research shows that 94% of couples continue their training programs when they work together. So, let's get to know some exercises to do as a couple and enjoy it?

It is worth remembering that simply carrying out exercises or sports with your partner can already be a great motivation and convenience. Calling your partner to run, ride a bike, do weight training, pilates and so many other exercises can be really enjoyable.

10 exercises to do as a couple

What we will see below are exercises in which one really uses the other to practice the activity.

1. Squatting hook

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Stand on your back with your partner and brace your arms in his arms as the picture shows. The two begin with their feet apart at shoulder-width apart. Next, they should do the squat together, flexing the knees slowly until the thighs are parallel to the ground, forming a 90º angle.

Slowly walk clockwise, crouching so as to form a circle. After they circle, the two should pause, count to 20, and then repeat the exercise counterclockwise.

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2. Turning knees

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The two should stand on their knees and stand on their backs with their partner. One should hold a medicinal ball and the two should rotate slowly in the same direction, so that one hand the ball to the other. The next ball pass happens on the opposite side of the previous one, always with the two turning in the same direction.

Continue passing the ball in that direction and then do the exercise in the reverse direction. The spin should be run for 60 to 90 seconds on each side.

3. Dynamic lunge

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The couple should stand in front of each other, at arm's length, and shake hands to each other. The next step is to make the advance: while one goes forward with the right leg, the other should go back with the left leg.

Then the movements should be changed - what went forward with the right leg should go back with the left and vice versa.

4. Squatting

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In this exercise, one option is for the man to do the squat while the woman performs the bending. It works like this: it is placed in the bending position and the partner holds it by the legs. So she does as many push ups as she maintains the proper shape of the body.

Simultaneously, the man descends his body in a squatting, keeping his arms straight and triggering his gluteal muscles.

5. Surfboard with high-five

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The two should start at the board position, facing each other, approximately one foot apart. The next step is to lower yourself on the left forearm, and then on the right forearm. After that, start lifting the body back so that it rests on the left hand and then on the right.

The movements of the two should be equal, but each one must do with the arm or hand opposite the one of the other. At the end of the repetition - when the two are resting with their hands on the ground they should touch their hands (one to the right, one to the left), making aHigh-fiveas the photo shows. In the next repetition, each one must begin the exercise on the reverse side of what he did before.

6. Knee high

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The two should face each other, arms flexed 90 degrees and hands outstretched. The next step is to raise your right knee until it hits the palm of your right hand. Do the same with the left side.

7. Arm lift with resistance

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One should stand in front of the other, both with legs semi-flexed. While the woman extends her arms to the side of the body, the man puts his hands on the woman's hands. Then she must raise her arms while he makes a force in the direction opposite to the movement, offering resistance.

When she can reach shoulder height, she should return her arms to the original position. When finishing the series, change the positions, with the woman offering resistance to the movement of his partner.

8. Exercise in the bank

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The woman sits on a stool like the photo above and flexes the right leg while the left is extended forward. The man stands with his legs semi-flexed, and holds her hands.

Then she lifts the body, keeping her left leg extended without allowing her to touch the ground. After this, she sits slowly and then shifts her position with her partner.

9. Calf Exercise

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Once again the stool kicks in. She begins sitting with her legs bent while he stands with his legs also bent, his torso a little bent and his hands on top of his partner's knees.

Then she lifts her heels, standing on tiptoe while he pushes the woman's knees down. After doing the reps, the two invert their positions.

10. Towel wash

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For this exercise, it is necessary to have two towels that will be crossed as the picture shows. He starts with the two of them standing with their legs semi-flexed and their arms partially extended forward, holding the towel.

As if the towel were a chain with the open link, it holds both ends and flexes the arm, bringing the towel toward the chest, and returns to the original positioning, while holding the other end of the towel with the arms extended.

Finishing the set number of reps, the two should shift positions so that the woman flexes her arm, taking the towel close to her chest.

Caring for couple exercises

All physical training requires care and this does not exclude the couple exercises. Firstly, the two should make a medical appointment to find out if everything is right with the body, whether they are fit to work out and at what level they can train.

Once this has been defined, it is important to choose exercises that fit the level of the two, without someone having to make some movement that still can not or can not and can run the risk of hurt.

It is also worthwhile for the couple to hurt with the help of a physical instructor. The practitioner will be able to teach the movements and ideal techniques of each exercise and provide help in case someone is injured or injured. He will also be able to define the exercises, number of sets and repetitions more appropriate to the purpose of the couple and insurance for the health of both.

However, if they still decide to do the couple exercises on their own, just by watching tutorials on YouTube, the is to pay close attention to the videos and pause scene by scene until you correctly understand how to perform the movement.

The explanations of the couple exercises that we pass above even indicate how the movements can be made, however, working only with them as guidance can be dangerous, especially for those who have doubts or little training experience physicists.

And if one of you suffers an injury or injury, it is essential to get help from a doctor as soon as possible.


What do you think of these couple workout ideas that we've separated above? Want to work out with your partner or partner from now? Comment below!

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