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Home remedy for fleas and ticks - 100% Natural


Fleas and ticks are pests that often appear on pets. It affects their health as well as their owners. Curiously, this type of parasite tends to proliferate more in the heat, being a true torment for the domestic animals.


Among the major diseases that fleas and ticks can bring are babesiosis and canine ehrlichiosis, in addition to spotted fever and Lyme disease, due to the high infectious level of these bites parasites.


But, all is not lost: there is a simple way to end flea infestation and tick. The tip is to invest in home remedies, which do this elimination in a natural way.

Chemical or Natural Products?

The great differential of home remedy versus chemistry is that it is softer. When doing at home you do not harm the health of the pet or the human, avoiding respiratory or allergic problems, for example.

Do not know natural remedies for fleas and ticks? There are no problems. We have prepared a list of the simplest and easiest to make at home, so that it is possible to blow away these unwanted guests once and for all.

Natural and home remedies against fleas and ticks

Use alcohol and oil

Mix alcohol and oil (can be any type) in the same proportion. Wet a gauze in this solution and pass the ticks a few times. If possible, leave the tissue on the parasites. They will fall apart easily. Alcohol also helps cleanse the affected region, reducing the risk of disease;

Invest in chamomile

Prepare a chamomile tea using plant flowers. If you do not find them, you can also use the sachet tea. The correct thing is that this infusion is well concentrated, so use more than one sachet.

Let the tea blend and soak a gauze or cotton in the drink, passing it over the affected areas on the pet. Let the area and hair of the animal be well moistened with tea.

The parasites will begin to loosen from the skin. Chamomile will also help relieve the itchy feeling caused by them, making the animals calmer and quieter quickly.

Use citrus

Citrus fruits are also great allies to combat fleas and ticks. The tip to use them is to make an infusion with half a liter of water, oranges and lemons cut in slices and with bark.

Bring all the ingredients to the heat and allow to boil. When you reach that point, lower the fire to the minimum level and hold for half an hour. Then allow it to cool and place the infusion in a spray bottle.

Apply this material all over the pet's fur, always in good quantity and between the hairs, being careful not to sprinkle the liquid in the animals eyes to not irritate them.

This same infusion can be used to disinfect the house. Use specially the gaps between the floors and the corners, which are places where the parasites usually stay when getting rid of puppies and cats.

Adopt apple cider vinegar

The apple cider vinegar is excellent requested to eliminate ticks. To do this, just mix equal parts of vinegar and water and water the animal with this solution. An important detail is that this procedure should be done as the last rinse of the bath of the pet.

Mint against fleas

Mint is a sure bet if your pet has only fleas. To use it, simply make a tea with enough leaf of the plant, let cool and put the liquid in the spray. Sprinkle the tea in the animal's hair and let it dry.

Use the rosemary

Blend in the blender or multiprocessor leaves of rosemary and pass this powder on the animal's body. If you can not find the seeds, you can substitute them with rosemary oil, just put from five drops in the bath water of the animal.

Care after treatment with home remedy

After using these remedies and scaring off the parasites of the animals it is necessary to disinfect the whole house to avoid a recurrence of the infestation. Therefore, make a general cleaning in the spaces where the animals stay.

Also, put some salt on cushions and bedding of the animals, including on floors, a product that helps fight fleas and ticks that have eventually fallen into these places.

And do not forget to take care of cleaning your dog or cat, which minimizes the risk of infestations. It is also necessary to watch their food, to strengthen their immune system and reduce the possibility of diseases if these parasites settle, even temporarily.