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Is Blox BPI Good? How It Works, Stories and How to Take

BPI Sports operates in the field of sports nutrition and is well known for its "1.M.R." pre-training supplement. The company created the supplement Blox, which is also considered a pre-workout, which has in its composition the Silk Amino Acids (SAA), known in Brazil as amino acids of the silk, that if consumed in the correct proportion can have diverse benefits, not only in the area of ​​sports, but also for the health in general.

In addition, the supplement promises an increase in performance at the time of physical exercise, consequently helping the athlete to have better resistance, to do more repetitions, to have more strength and an improvement in the growth muscular.

Supplements with Silk Amino Acids (SAA) are much compared to BCAA and promise to be equally beneficial for muscle building. Let's check if Blox BPI is good anyway, how does it work and what are its possible side effects?

How Blox BPI Works

The Blox pre-workout aims to promote energy to improve the performance of athletes who need maximum performance in physical exercises. It has an innovative formula with good amino acids, helping the athlete in preserving lean mass, helping the body to recover quickly, repairing the muscles after training, and is still anticatabolic, promising to raise the anabolic activity considerably, ie, maintain mass gain slim.

In addition, for better results, a balanced diet with a higher protein intake should be established. And for the protein to be better absorbed by the body, the help of amino acids is necessary. Therefore, the increase of them is fundamental.

Amino acids are found in proteins and help in a better synthesis of them. The benefits go straight to the muscle and result in improved strength and increased lean mass.

Benefits of Silk Amino Acids (SAA)

SAA are composed of five amino acids, among them: L-Alanine, Glycine, L-Serine, L-Valine and L-Threonine, which is obtained by itself silkworm and that have been used for some time in cosmetics, mainly hair products, because of their numerous benefits.

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This compound can be highly effective for the skin, hair and nails. In the case of hair, the amino acid compound can create a protective layer maintaining the natural moisture of the wires, brightness and a good looking; Because of these properties, this compound is found in many hair styling products, such as them

In the case of the skin, it works similarly as seen above in hair protection. It is also said to be a good antioxidant, as it fights against aging skin, and also against the effects of UV radiation.

Blox BPI Properties

Below you will find some details of the amino acids present in BPI. It is worth remembering that they can also be indicated in many other situations; the descriptions here are aimed at those who do physical activity and look for a better performance coming from the amino acids:

  • L-Alanine:This compound is crucial for the transformation of glucose into energy; in addition, it eliminates excess toxins from the liver. L-Alanine supplements are often used for users who have hypoglycaemia because they prevent the body from suffering a fall in sugar or insulin in the blood. That is, it rapidly promotes energy, stimulating the immediate release of glucose into the blood. It also has the function of protecting cells from damage caused by physical activity;
  • Glycine:Glycine has several fundamental roles in the body; in general, it is involved in the regulation and support of many essential processes. This amino acid is linked to the central nervous system and digestive system. In addition, it also contributes to fat breakage;
  • L-Valine:This amino acid helps in the process of improving energy. It also plays a key role in building muscle mass and physical strength. Foods that contain this amino acid are very popular among athletes, especially those seeking muscle hypertrophy and who want to perfect themselves in strength, power and speed;
  • L-Threonine:It is an essential amino acid that helps maintain the balance of protein within the body. It even helps maintain strong connective tissue and muscles and strengthens bones, tooth enamel and accelerating wound healing or recovering from an injury.

How to take

The supplement can be found at an average of $ 15, 0 with 150 grams.

It is indicated to take a scoop of Blox BPI (5 grams) with a glass of cold or cold water of 250ml, before, during or after the training, or as your doctor prescribes. It can also be mixed with milk, cereal or food of your choice.

On non-workout days, take a scoop before breakfast, on an empty stomach, or as your doctor prescribes.

Blox BPI Consumer Reports

The reports of the product are well divided. Many people say Blox BPI is good for them, but others point out some bad points. See below the pros and cons of the product:

The advantages were:

  • Flavor: Most users were surprised to note that the taste of Blox BPI is actually good, unlike other supplements that have a flavor that is often strong and distinctive;
  • Excellent pre-workout that greatly increases strength, strength and muscle recovery;
  • Mix easily: when mixed in water, the product dissolved quickly without getting supplemental acorns.

Disadvantages reported:

  • Some users found that the pre-workout worked as an energy boost only in the first few weeks, and felt no effect after some time of use;
  • Some users have not felt any change in what the product promises;
  • High Price;
  • Many compared the Blox BPI supplement with the BCAA and found the latter much more efficient.

Side effects

One point considered very positive is that the supplement has high precision in its composition and hardly causes side effects and allergic.

BPI Sports

The supplement maker is BPI Sports, a company that started with only two people and became one of the fastest growing in the nutritional area. In addition, the company is already among one of the largest sports nutrition companies in the world, thanks to its differentiated and high quality supplements.

Due to its great growth, BPI Sports is already present in approximately 83 countries.

Consult a physician.

Always remember that the use of the supplement should be combined with a balanced diet and regular physical exercises.

The dosage prescribed by the manufacturer is a tip. The best way is to consult with your nutritionist or health professional who will analyze your data and prescribe a better option for your physical type and based on the results you seek.


Do you know anyone who uses and claims that the Blox BPI supplement is good? Do you want to try this supplementation to get more energy? Comment below!

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