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Hard to look at celebrities on television shows, movies and novels, showing off their slim, healed bodies, and not wondering: how do they manage to keep everything in place? For that is exactly what we are going to unveil for you today! Check below some of the exercises done by the famous to always be in good shape.

1. Jessica Alba


The star of films likeFantastic FourandSin City: The City of Sinhas joined a series of training that mixes aerobic and strengthening exercises to get in shape after pregnancy.

One of the exercises similar to the series in Jessica's training predicts that the practitioner will hold a weight of approximately 1 to 2 kg in each hand and position one of the legs in front of the other, bend down to the waist and let the Suspended arms. The next step is to slightly turn your arms until they reach shoulder height.

After 10 repetitions, the leg in the front should be replaced. The indication is to do three sets, with 20 repetitions in each of them.

2. Gracyanne Barbosa


One of the exercises that most mark presence in the routine of model and gym muse Gracyanne Barbosa is the squat. She does four sets of 10 reps of this training and relies on the help of her personal trainer not to miss the technique.

3. Jennifer Garner


The protagonist of the filmSuddenly 30is another that bets on a mix of aerobic exercises and strengthening workout to maintain fitness.

4. Viviane Araújo


The actress Viviane Araújo usually practice the leg press of 45º to give definition to the front of her thighs.

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5. Jennifer Aniston


Since playing her famous character Rachel in the classic American television seriesFriends,Jennifer Aniston presents a great way. And one of the tools she uses to keep herself that way is yoga, which blends techniques that work with posture, breathing, and relaxation.

6. Fernanda Paes Leme


Another Brazilian from the list, actress Fernanda Paes Leme takes advantage of the ballet to define the muscles of her legs.

7. Uma Thurman


The star ofKill Billkeeps the silhouette slim with a training program that includes plenty of running. And one is very certain in its choice, since besides helping to preserve the good form, the sport also health benefits such as reducing the risk of heart disease diabetes.

8. Alessandra Ambrósio

13 hours ago

The international model Alessandra Ambrósio, who is a native of the municipality of Erechim, in Rio Grande do Sul, abdominal bike to leave the belly defined and exercise in the abductor chair to work the region of the buttocks On the day she published this photo in her social network, the top commented:"Starting the day with lots of energy !!".

9. Helen Mirren


At 69, the British actress and best actress of the year for the 2006 filmThe Queen, Helen Mirren continues to impress by its beauty and good form. And one of his secrets is fitness technology. The veteran uses the Wii Fit, game of video game that proposes a series of physical training based on the balance of the user.

The game also features exercise programs that aim to strengthen the abdomen, legs, thighs and butt.

10. Isis Valverde


Something that helps keep the body healed of the actress Isis Valverde are the pilates classes that the girl does. In the photo above it bears all its good form and flexibility.

Some of the benefits that this practice offers to health are: fighting stress, relieving pain, improving breathing, correcting posture, muscular strengthening in general, improvement of flexibility, stimulation of motor coordination and prevention of fracture in the bones.

11. Gwen Stefani


The American singer and star of international music is the mother of three children, she is 45 years old and still lavishes good form. One of Gwen's tricks is to spend time on her agenda to train her arms.

To have arms like Gwen's, the tip is to work the lower part of the muscles of the forearms. One way to do this is to sit on a bench or chair, which offers support on the back and position the arms on the edge of the seat or chair, so that they stand on the outside. The next step is to extend the legs so that only the heels reach the floor. Then sit back, putting the weight on the arms, and make the move to lower and raise the body.

The recommendation is to do two sessions of this training, with 12 repetitions in each of them.

12. Hilary Swank


Hilary won the Oscar for best actress twice, in 1999 for the filmBoys do not Cryand in 2004 byGolden girl. The character who played in the second film that earned her the statuette required the actress to steady her workout to win the body worthy of a boxing fighter.

In addition to practicing the sport two hours a day, Hilary practiced series of strengthening training as exercises in the fixed bar.

The best way to do exercises on the fixed bar is to keep your legs slightly crossed to ensure the stability of the lower body. It is also important to grasp the bar with your palms facing you and return to the starting position only when the chin reaches the same level as the bar. The return to the starting position should be done slowly to avoid falls.

13. Demi Moore


Known for her role inGhost across the life, the 52-year-old actress has a body of envy in a 20-year-old girl out there. And one of the things she does to keep her good form is Bikram Yoga, a yoga strand that happens in a room with fairly high temperature.

Fans of this practice ensure that it improves physical fitness and that sweat caused by high ambient temperature eliminates impurities from the body. However, care must be taken because not everyone can do this kind of class: it is forbidden for pregnant women and people with high blood pressure. If you are interested, check with a doctor first if Bikram Yoga can not harm your health.

14. Christina Hendricks


Famous for her part in the American television seriesMad Men, Chistina keeps your body in shape with series of aerobic exercises on the treadmill, weight-lifting workouts and squats on the bosu, an inflatable ball that is flat on the underside and assists in improving strength and balance.

15. Halle Berry


The Storm of the first film franchise leadsX-Menand winner of the Oscar for best actress of 2002 by the filmThe last supperwaited a few weeks after the birth of her daughter to exercise and get back into shape.

His one-hour workouts, done five days a week, were composed of trainings leg, on the exercise bike, a kickboxing class and Mountain.


Which of these celebrities do you most admire for her body and her work? Were you surprised by any practice different from one of them? Comment below!

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