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Does Mesotherapy Really Work?

Currently there are several options of procedures that help in reducing the uncomfortable localized fats. Countless of them are experienced and few are efficient as they promise. Mesotherapy is one of the alternatives for you to reduce stretch marks and cellulites that are in evidence when the skin does not withstand bodily changes. You will understand next what mesotherapy is and how it works. You will know more about this method, the indications and clarifications to make you recognize the benefits that mesotherapy will provide to your body.

How Does Mesotherapy Work?

Mesotherapy, also called intradermotherapy, is an aesthetic treatment made with combined drug applications. These applications are made on the skin and muscles. It is highly sought after to reduce those hard-to-treat white streaks, localized fats and dermatological deficiencies in general. The combination of drugs is variable according to the goals and particular need of each patient. Mesotherapy can be used for face treatments. The procedure is focused on local treatment, which enhances results and reduces the likelihood of side effects.

Common medications

They are produced by the combination of substances that can offer different results. They are combined according to the goals and needs of the patients. Several parameters are used for the choices, so that complications and consequences for the health of the patient submitted to the procedure will not occur. The most used in the applications of mesotherapy are:

  • Hyaluronidase
  • Tiratricol
  • Xanthine
  • Artichoke Derivatives
  • Sunflower Derivatives
  • Caffeine

Stretch marks

Mesotherapy for stretch marks

Who does not feel uncomfortable with those undesirable skin risks? It is more common to occur in women, but everyone seeks to take care of the aspects of the tissues so that the skin stays uniform and healthy, and mesotherapy works in this case.

The aesthetic procedure not only acts on the recent striations of reddish appearance, but also are effective against those whiter and old ones. If you have those finer stretch marks, you'll get significant results right out of the first few sessions. Striae are ruptured elastic fibers, and hyaluronic acid, buflomedil and asiaticoside may render them less visible.



The holes in the skin not only bother you, but also people's self-esteem. Mesotherapy can help combat and reduce cellulite. Cellulites can be treated with L-carnitine applications. The substance is used as a supplement for athletes but consumed together with food. In the process, the drug is applied where it is desired to note positive reactions, which ensures greater effectiveness.

Localized fat


The medicine is given to the cells, and the liver reabsorbs the treated fat so that it passes through the metabolism and thus is eliminated by urine, feces or even sweat. The localized fat that has been subjected to the procedure will be used as an energy source for your body.

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The needles

Mesotherapy works by the application of needles. By default, its size should range from 1 to 2 mm in diameter. The depth must be between 3 and 8 mm. The applications may be under the skin and in the muscles. In the second case, the drug produced should contain anti-inflammatory, anesthetic and / or relaxing substances. In order to have a control, the applications must contain adequate dosages of the medicines. The depth of the application can extend the reaction through a larger region.


As may be noted, mesotherapy works with the use of needles, so it is important that you watch out for the instruments used to perform the aesthetic treatment. Among the tools used to make the applications, the needle is the only one to be sterilized. Make an evaluation of the equipment so that you submit safely.


Search for professionals who are qualified and capable of delivering mesotherapy. Only dermatologists, plastic surgeons and specialized physiotherapists can administer the apparatus recommended for use.


Sessions last on average 30 minutes. For the treatment to provide high benefits, it should contain 5 to 10 sessions and should be done preferably weekly. The results of mesotherapy can be identified from the third session.

Pre-procedure care

It is important that you keep your skin clean on the day of the procedure, do not use creams or gel. You should not use blood products. The sauna should be avoided so that bleeding or bruising does not occur. Avoid taking aspirin in the previous days as it directly influences the blood.

Post-procedure care

  • Give preference to clothes with cotton fabrics. Avoid wearing jeans and wear clean clothes.
  • Avoid direct skin contact with surfaces for the next 72 hours. Creams should be avoided during the next 48 hours.
  • Do not exfoliate. Baths are indicated for relaxation after bites, but do not use bushings.
  • Hair removal should also not be done within the next 24 hours.
  • Unlike other cosmetic treatments, Mesotherapy does not allow you to undergo other treatments for the same region.
  • You may be exposed to the sun, but it is recommended that you protect the area with high sun protection in case of bruising.
  • In procedures aimed at reducing stretch marks, it is indicated the use of shorts that can keep the region compressed, but comfortably and without damaging the circulatory system. Use should be made during the first 10 days after the session.


Below you can identify the particular cases that may make it impossible to adopt the procedure:

  • Autoimmune diseases (eg Lupus)
  • Skin diseases in the region to be submitted
  • Allergy to medications to be applied
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not undergo treatment as it may be harmful to breast milk and the fetus.

Nutritional education

Do not think that mesotherapy works as a miraculous cosmetic procedure. It, not differing from any other treatment, requires care also outside aesthetic clinics and offices. You aim to change your body, right? So you should build new habits and add healthy foods to your meals.

We are not denying that mesotherapy works, on the contrary, but believe me, the evolution of your body will be more noticeable if you offer a better quality of life to yourself.

Physical activity

Mesotherapy works for people who already practice physical activity and yet can not eliminate those undesirable localized fat. The treatment is not suitable for athletes, you can adopt it as support to conquer the body you dream of, but combine these benefits with the activities. Diet and exercise are always welcome for a healthy and balanced life.

The procedure

Below you will be able to know the basic planning for mesotherapy.

  1. Clean and disinfect the area to be treated.
  2. Manual: small micro-infiltrations made with syringes.
  3. Automatic: small infiltrations carried out with electric gun.
  4. Small massage lymphatic drainage.
  5. Drink plenty of water after treatment.

Have you ever had or would you like to undergo a mesotherapy treatment? What would be your main focus, of the three types? Comment below!

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